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Montgomery County PA

Your Montgomery County dog bite lawyer obtained approval from the Montgomery County Orphan’s Court Judge to settle a Montco dog bite claim for a total payout of $479,000.00. A boy was playing in Worcester PA when an unleashed German Shepherd attacked him. The Montco PA dog bite victim sustained severe facial wounds which twice required surgery at Montgomery Hospital in Norristown, Pennsylvania.

The Montco dog attack victim was required to wear 3 different types of facial splints in the 18 months after this unprovoked PA dog attack. The plastic surgeon was able to successfully restore the boy’s mouth to minimize the dog bite wounds.

The Montgomery County dog attack attorney presented evidence to the dog owner’s insurance company that his client was the 5th victim attacked by this vicious dog. The Montco dog bite lawyer was able to convince the defense that the multiple violations of the PA Dog Law committed by their insured would lead a jury to award punitive damages vs. the reckless dog owners. Not only did they continue to allow this dangerous dog to live in the Worcester PA neighborhood, they failed to take appropriate steps to guarantee its confinement.

The Montgomery County dog attack lawyer put together a structured settlement annuity plan that made payments to the Montco dog bite victim at ages 18, 19, 20, 21, & 25. Attorney Newell filed a Minor’s Compromise Petition with the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas Orphans’ Court Division. Judge Ott held a hearing in Norristown PA and approved the Montco dog attack claim settlement obtained by the Montco dog bite attorney.

$ 150,000.00                 Montgomery County PA

On February 21, 2017, your Montgomery County dog bite injury attorney received permission from Senior Judge Stanley R. Ott to settle a Montco dog bite claim for $150,000.00. Previously, Attorney Newell’s client had been playing at a friend’s house in North Wales, Montgomery County PA. Despite a history of prior vicious propensities, the family dog was permitted to mingle with the young girl without a muzzle or any restraints. With neither a warning, nor any provocation, the dog attacked the unsuspecting child.

The Montco resident was bitten on the face and right arm. She was immediately taken to Doylestown Hospital. A plastic surgeon treated the dog bite wounds by using sutures and antibiotics. Follow-up visits were needed to ensure that no infection had set in. Given the appearance of the permanent facial scar, the decision was made to have scar revision surgery performed on her right upper lip.

At the same time, the girl’s parents hired a Philadelphia personal injury firm to represent their daughter. After several years, they decided that new legal counsel was required. Your lawyer for dog attacks in Montgomery County PA provided a free home consultation and Attorney Newell was selected to be the legal representative for this innocent PA dog bite victim.

Thomas J. Newell, Esquire initially focused his attention on the past history of this vicious dog. In his 11 page demand letter, he identified three separate prior attacks made by this aggressive dog. He also discussed the dog owners’ negligent decision to deviate from their normal procedure on the day his client was attacked. Due to their pet’s past vicious propensities, the defendants usually crated their dog to prevent injury to their visitors. No justification was available by the defense to explain the reasoning behind their fateful decision on that date.

The Montco dog attack attorney strenuously argued that a jury would award his client punitive damages as a result of the defendants’ decision to not properly provide his client with a safe environment. The dog owners’ insurance company relented and agreed to pay Attorney Newell’s client a payout which he was quite pleased with and which avoided the necessity of filing a Montco dog bite lawsuit.

Attorney Newell filed a 10 page Petition for Minor’s Compromise Settlement under Pennsylvania Rule of Civil Procedure 2039 in the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown PA. He presented for the Orphans’ Court Judge’s review a detailed plan to invest his client’s net proceeds into a tax-free structured settlement annuity that would pay the North Wales resident a total of $115,000.00. Guaranteed payments would be made at ages 18, 19, 20 and 21.

The Montgomery County dog bite accident lawyer supplied Judge Ott with documentation which established that Pacific Life Insurance Company would issue the contract and was rated A+XV by A.M. Best Company. At the Minor’s Compromise Hearing, the Judge congratulated Attorney Newell for obtaining an outstanding result. The Orphans’ Court Judge graciously agreed not to require the young girl’s testimony.

$ 101,472.00                  Montgomery County PA

In May of 2016, your Montgomery County dog attack lawyer received permission from Judge Ott of the Montgomery County Orphans’ Court to obtain a $101,472.00 dog bite settlement on behalf of a Montco dog attack victim. Attorney Newell had filed a nine-page Petition for Minor’s Compromise Settlement with the Court. This legal pleading provided the details of a July 2013 unprovoked dog attack in Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania.

A five-year old boy was invited by his friends in the neighborhood to come and play inside their home. Once he arrived, the child was mauled by the homeowners’ Doberman. The dog bit him in the upper lip resulting in a significant facial laceration. The Pennsylvania dog attack victim was rushed to the Emergency Department of the Pottstown Memorial Medical Center. A plastic surgeon was called in to repair the facial dog bite wound.

Once the stitches were applied to close the laceration and antibiotics were administered, the child was released to return home. Fortunately, the surgeon did an excellent job as no infections developed and the wound healed without any complications. Medical care concluded just eight days after the PA unprovoked dog attack.

The boy’s parents ultimately decided that they were not qualified to serve as their son’s legal counsel. The attorney for dog attacks in Montgomery County PA provided a free home consultation to them in the comfort of their Gilbertsville PA residence. Once Attorney Thomas J. Newell was hired, he obtained information regarding previous unprovoked dog attacks by the defendants’ Doberman.

In his demand packet, Attorney Newell argued that the Doberman’s prior attacks would support a claim that its owners were harboring a dangerous dog. The Montgomery County dog attack injury lawyer alleged that the previous unprovoked dog bites would also serve as a legal basis for a claim of punitive damages versus the reckless dog owners. Soon thereafter, the defense agreed to pay $100,000.00 from its liability coverage and $1,472.00 for medical expenses.

Once the parties had agreed to the settlement, the Montgomery County dog bite accident attorney put together a financial plan to maximize the tax-free benefits for his PA dog attack client. A structured settlement annuity play was approved by Judge Stanley Ott that will provide guaranteed payments to the dog bite victim of $18,000.00 at age 18, $23,000.00 at age 19, $27,419.00 at age 20 and, $34,000.00 at age 21 for a total payout of $102,419.00.

$ 101,000.00                          Montgomery County PA

On October 9, 2012, the Montgomery County dog bite attorney concluded a Montco dog attack case settlement for the insurance policy limit of $101,000.00. In April of 2011, a woman was invited to a neighborhood party in Hatfield PA. The host brought her mixed breed dog up from the basement to mingle with her guests. The dog owner specifically told her friends that “the dog doesn’t bite.” The Montco resident sat on the floor and began to pet the dog.

Suddenly, and without any provocation, the mixed breed dog bit the Hatfield resident in the face. The Montgomery County dog attack victim was rushed to Abington Health/Lansdale Hospital. A plastic surgeon was called in to perform surgery on four different lacerations on the Montco dog bite victim’s face: lower lip, upper lip, nose and right eyelid. Due to the severe pain that she was experiencing, the woman was given an IV of morphine. The Pennsylvania dog bite victim was instructed to remain at home and to miss the next four weeks of work.

The Montgomery County dog attack attorney was hired two weeks after this unprovoked animal attack. Attorney Newell immediately communicated with the dog owner’s insurance company and advised his client on the appropriate steps for her future medical care and the coordination of payments for her medical bills.

In July of 2011, the Montco dog attack victim was given three cortisone injections which were intended to help break up the scar tissue surround the dog bite facial sounds. Follow-up plastic surgery was performed in January of 2012 to help minimize the visibility of the facial scars. The Montgomery County dog bite lawyer then arranged a meeting with the defense adjuster and his client at her Hatfield Pennsylvania residence. This demonstrated to the homeowner’s insurance company representative the severity of the permanent facial scars and the impact that they had on the woman’s life.

The Montco dog bite lawyer then obtained the complete surgical records, medical documents, billing statements and photographs. In August of 2012, Attorney Thomas J. Newell sent those documents, along with a detailed six-page legal demand letter, to the dog owner’s insurance carrier. In less than 60 days, the Montco dog bite attorney had reached a pre-litigation agreement with the defense adjuster that resulted in the Montco dog attack settlement maximum payout of $101,000.00.

$ 20,000.00                       Montgomery County PA

In December of 2015, the Montgomery County dog attack attorney settled a Montgomery County bite claim for $20,000.00. On 5/22/14, a Montco resident stopped by his friend’s home in Gilbertsville PA. As the man exited from his car, he was attacked by the defendant’s German Shepherd. The Montgomery County dog attack victim instinctively put up his left arm to block the vicious dog from biting his face. The dog tore open his left arm and it bled profusely.

The Montgomery County resident was taken to Pottstown Memorial Hospital. The dog bite wound was eight centimeters long and eight sutures were required to close the laceration. A tetanus shot was administered and antibiotics were prescribed.

The dog attack wound became infected and additional antibiotics were needed. A plastic surgeon examined the permanent scar left on his arm. He recommended daily scar massaging and the use of moisturizing lotion. No follow-up surgery was suggested nor required.

The insurance company for the homeowner initially made a claim that their dog owner was not responsible for the Montco dog attack because the alleged victim had not been an invited guest on May 22nd. In response, the Montco dog attack lawyer made a compelling argument to the defense adjuster that the German Shepherd owner violated Section 305 of the PA Dog Law. The vicious dog was not confined within the home or on a collar and leash at the time of the unprovoked dog attack, thereby violating the Dog Law of Pennsylvania.

The lawyer for dog bites in Montco was pleased to have obtained the $20,000.00 Montgomery County dog bite compensation without having to file a Montco dog attack lawsuit versus his client’s friend. As a resident of Montgomery County Pennsylvania, Attorney Thomas J. Newell is versed in the procedures of the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas and would be happy to provide you with a free home consultation regarding your Montgomery County PA dog bite claim.

$ 14,465.00                            Montgomery County PA

In July of 2015, your lawyer for dog bites in Montgomery County PA settled a Montgomery County dog bite claim for $14,465.00. On 2/11/15, a Lansdale PA man was walking down a public alley by Walnut Street. Suddenly, and without any warning, a pit bull mix ran towards him and bit his right calf. The mixed breed dog was attached to a wire cable that was long enough to permit it to run off its property and into the public alley.

Fortunately, the Montco dog attack victim was wearing blue jeans at the time of the unprovoked pit bull attack. This protected his leg from potentially serious injuries. The Montgomery County PA resident was treated that evening at a hospital. His dog bite wounds were cleansed and irrigated with saline. Antibacterial ointment was applied and bandages were used to cover the open wounds. The ER doctors gave the Montco dog bite victim a tetanus shot and prescriptions for various medications.

The attorney for dog bites in Montgomery County was hired within 10 days of the Montco dog attack and quickly began his investigation. Attorney Newell forwarded the police report to the negligent dog owner’s insurance company. The Montgomery County dog injury attorney argued that since his client was the 5th victim attacked by this pit bull, the pit bull owner would be subject to a potential punitive damage claim at trial.

The Montco dog attack attorney forwarded to the defense adjuster a detailed six-page demand letter with attached photographs, medical bills and medical records. Attorney Thomas J. Newell convinced the homeowner’s insurance company representative that a settlement before filing a Montgomery County PA dog bite lawsuit would be in the best interests of the reckless pit bull owner. The Montgomery County pit bull attack attorney settled the Montco dog bite claim within two weeks of forwarding the settlement demand documentation to the defense adjuster.


Why should I hire a Montgomery County dog bite Attorney?

  • The negligent Montco dog owner has a billion dollar insurance defense industry supporting him.
  • Doesn’t your Montco dog attack claim deserve to be handled by a Montgomery County dog bite lawyer who fights for Pennsylvania dog bite victims every day?
  • Your Montgomery County PA dog bite injury lawyer has represented Pa dog attack victims in 25 different Pennsylvania Counties.
  • As a solo practitioner, the Montco dog attack lawyer personally handles each PA dog attack case in his office.



The PA dog attack lawyer has aggressively represented PA dog bite victims in 29 Pennsylvania Counties. The content of this website is for informational purposes only and is NOT legal advice for your specific Pennsylvania dog attack claim. Settlements/verdicts in other PA dog bite claims were based upon the unique set of liability and damage facts of each case, as well as the law that existed at that time.

The PA Dog Law and the legal decisions regarding Pennsylvania dog bite lawsuits can change at any time. Attorney Newell strongly advises you to immediately consult with an experienced Pennsylvania dog bite lawyer to review the facts of your dog attack and the injuries you sustained. The PA dog attack attorney provides free home consultations to all PA dog bite victims whose cases he believes have legal and economic merit.

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Montgomery County Dog Attack Lawyer Contacted

On 6/14/17, the Montco dog attack attorney provided a free consult to a woman whose small dog was attacked by a neighbor’s unleashed pit bull mix. The Chihuahua was playing in its own backyard when the vicious mixed breed dog went through a hole in the fence and mauled the helpless canine. Multiple vet visits have been needed in order to care for the dog’s wounds.

Inexplicably, the pit bull mix’s owner has refused to pay for any of the veterinarian bills. The Montgomery County dog bite lawyer advised the woman to immediately report the unprovoked pit bull attack to the Montgomery County Dog Warden. Hopefully, PA Dog Law charges will be filed.


Montgomery County Dog Bite Attorney to Pursue Schwenksville PA Dog Owner

On 5/19/17, your lawyer for dog attacks in Montgomery County Pennsylvania obtained information regarding the identity of a Schwenksville PA dog owner whose dog attacked one of Attorney Newell’s clients. A month earlier, a woman had been the customer of a Bucks County veterinarian’s office when an aggressive dog bit her left leg. The dog bite wound was treated at a Quakertown PA medical practice. Antibiotics were prescribed. Attorney Thomas J. Newell will now begin the process to identify the negligent dog owner’s insurance carrier.


Montgomery County Dog Bite Lawyer Provides Free Consult

On 4/13/17, your attorney for dog bites in Montgomery County PA gave a free consultation to a man whose son was bitten by an unleashed dog in Green Lane Pennsylvania. The young man was walking on the street when the mixed breed dog left its driveway and attacked him. Fortunately, the dog bite wound was minimal and no medical care was required. Attorney Newell hopes that the investigating police officer charges the negligent dog owner with “Failure to Confine” pursuant to Section 305 of the PA Dog Law.


Montgomery County Dog Bite Attorney Obtains $150,000.00 Settlement

On 2/21/17, your Montgomery County dog attack injury lawyer was granted consent from Orphans’ Court Judge Stanley R. Ott to conclude a Montco dog attack case for a $150,000.00 settlement. Attorney Newell had provided a free home consultation to the teenager and her parents in the comfort of their North Wales PA home.

Thomas J. Newell, Esquire obtained a detailed description of not only the dog attack upon this young lady, but also information regarding 3 prior acts of vicious propensities by the defendants’ dog. Your Montco dog bite attorney presented to Senior Judge Ott a detailed structured settlement annuity plan that guaranteed $115,000.0 in tax-free benefits to the PA dog bite victim.


Montco Dog Attack Attorney Speaks With Dog Bite Victim

On 9/8/16, your Montgomery County PA dog bite lawyer spoke with a woman who was mauled by a mixed breed dog this past summer in Abington PA. The negligent dog owner lost control of his 3 husky/malamute dogs and they were running unleashed throughout the neighborhood.

One of the mixed breed dogs jumped up and bit the woman on the face and left arm. The medical staff at Abington Hospital cleansed her wounds and gave her a tetanus shot. Despite the dog owner’s claims to the contrary, the dog’s vet confirmed that the animal was not up-to-date with its rabies shots.