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$148,544.00                                   Levittown PA

On February 1, 2011, the Levittown dog bite attorney received court approval to settle a Levittown PA dog bite claim for $148,544.00. A four year old boy was visiting his grandparents’ home in Bucks County Pennsylvania in January of 2009. His uncle was also living there with his Rottweiler. As the child was playing with his uncle, the Rottweiler attacked him, causing severe facial lacerations.

The Levittown dog attack victim was taken to St. Mary’s Hospital in Langhorne PA. Surgery was performed by a plastic surgeon who used nearly 30 stitches to close the facial dog attack wound. Nine months later, scar revision surgery was performed on his right cheek to try to lessen the visible appearance of the facial scar. After a follow-up appointment with the specialist, the parents agreed to a third surgical procedure to further minimize the permanent scar.

Due to the catastrophic Rottweiler attack injuries that their son had sustained, his parents knew that it was a must to hire the best Levittown dog bite lawyer. Thomas J. Newell, Esquire immediately provided a free home consultation to the boy’s parents in their Chester County residence. Attorney Newell continuously updated the defense adjuster concerning his client’s medical appointments and surgeries. Once the parents were satisfied with the appearance of the facial scar, the lawyer for dog bites in Levittown PA obtained the medical records, medical bills and photographs.

Attorney Thomas J. Newell forwarded the complete settlement demand package to the homeowners’ insurance company adjuster. The Levittown dog attack attorney strongly advocated his legal position that the conduct of the Rottweiler owner was reckless and would support a punitive damage claim. Ultimately, the dog owner’s insurance carrier agreed to settle the PA dog bite claim.

The attorney for dog bites in Levittown was happy to have obtained such a significant payment without the necessity of having to file a dog bite lawsuit in the Bucks County Court of Common Pleas versus relatives of the young boy. Attorney Newell presented to the court a financial plan which maximized the tax-free payout to the Pennsylvania dog bite victim via a structured settlement annuity policy.

Attack by a dog? Your Levittown dog bite accident attorney has the experience and expertise that commands the respect of homeowners insurance companies. Attorney Newell has been representing Pennsylvania personal injury victims since 1981.

$ 38,500.00                                    Levittown PA

In April of 2013, the Levittown dog attack lawyer obtained approval from the Bucks County PA Court of Common Pleas to settle a girl’s personal injury claim after being an eyewitness to her brother’s mauling by their uncle’s dog. Two years earlier, a Chester County family was attending a family party in Levittown, Pennsylvania. Without any warning, the uncle’s Rottweiler attacked the four year old boy causing severe dog bite wounds.

The young girl suffered serious mental injuries and obtained mental health care from multiple professionals to treat her post-traumatic stress disorder. She suffered from nightmares, flashbacks, panic attacks, and difficulty sleeping. Your Levittown PA dog bite injury attorney filed a lawsuit in Bucks County Pennsylvania averring negligent infliction of emotional distress. Lawyers for the parties exchanged discovery requests, including Interrogatories and Requests for Production of Documents.

Thereafter, the Depositions of the girl and her mother were held near their home in Chester County PA. A short time later, a mediation conference was scheduled in Doylestown PA with Judge Rufe of the Bucks County Court of Common Pleas. The lawyer for dog attacks in Levittown PA was happy to have negotiated the $38,500.00 dog attack settlement payout without the case proceeding to trial. The girl’s parents were pleased that their determination to obtain the best Levittown dog bite lawyer paid off.

$ 19,000.00                                         Levittown PA

In October of 2017, the Levittown dog attack attorney obtained a $19,000.00 settlement for a Levittown PA resident. In the spring of 2017, the man was working as a plumber for a Montgomery County service contractor. His employer received a request from a couple in Villanova PA to send a technician out to their home in Delaware County to examine a potential plumbing case. A specific date and time was set up. The homeowners received a reminder telephone call as the plumber was en route to their residence.

After the repairman rang the front door, the female homeowner asked him to come into their home and inspect the problem. Unbeknownst to the plumber, the family dog had not been restrained and it was running loose inside their home. The mixed breed dog attacked the man without any provocation. He was bitten “below the belt.” Fortunately, he was wearing thick work pants which provided a significant amount of protection. He was able to fight off the dog and end the attack with little help from the property owner.

The Bucks County PA man went to an Urgent Care treatment center. They prescribed Augmentin, gave him a tetanus shot and cleaned the dog attack wound. Later that same day, he went to his family doctor for a more thorough evaluation. Luckily, the dog bite wound did not become infected and there were no permanent injuries or scars. He was also fortunate that the mixed breed dog was up-to-date with its rabies shots.

In less than a week after the animal attack, the Levittown dog bite injury lawyer provided a free consultation to the Pennsylvania dog attack victim. Attorney Newell explained in detail the process he would follow in order to maximize the value of the PA dog bite claim. He promptly ordered the medical bills, medical records and photographs taken soon after the dog attack. Once obtained, all of the documents were sent to the dog owners’ homeowners insurance carrier. Intensive negotiations resulted in a $19,000.00 dog bite settlement. The client of the Levittown dog attack injury attorney was pleased that it was not necessary to file a Pennsylvania dog bite lawsuit.


What traits should I look for in a Levittown dog attack injury attorney?

    Your Levittown dog bite injury lawyer strongly advocates for PA dog attack victims every day. Attorney Thomas J. Newell’s law office focuses on two concepts: 1) maximizing the economic recovery for all of his Pennsylvania dog bite victims and, 2) helping neighborhoods become safer by making dog owners act more responsibly. Receiving a letter of representation from a Bucks County PA dog bite lawyer usually causes negligent dog owners to leash their dogs in the future.
    Shouldn’t you have the opportunity to personally speak with a Levittown dog attack attorney right after you’ve been mauled by an unleashed dog? Attorney Newell will thoroughly review the facts of your case and share with you his honest legal analysis based upon his 39 years of PA personal injury litigation experience.
    Your Levittown dog bite accident lawyer has his main office here in Bucks County PA – just minutes away from your house. Attorney Newell provides a free HOME consultation to all of his Pennsylvania dog attack clients. Normally, he can schedule these visits within 1-3 business days from the date of your initial telephone call.
    There are many large Bucks County personal injury law firms that handle various types of civil litigation claims. Attorney Thomas J. Newell is a solo practitioner, not one employee in a large law office.The attorney for dog attacks in Levittown PA personally guarantees that he will always be your dog bite lawyer and will fight to protect your legal rights versus the reckless dog owner.
    The government officials most qualified to enforce the PA Dog Law would be the PA Dog Wardens. Here in Bucks County, we have two dog wardens. You may contact them at 215-307-8214 or 610-909-5707. The Levittown dog attack injury lawyer suggest that you provide them with photographs and medical records when requested.
    Convictions obtained via the PA Dog Law are useful when making a personal injury claim after a dog attack. Failure to Confine (Section 305) and Harboring a Dangerous Dog (Section 502-A) are the two statutes that the Levittown dog bite attorney aggressively uses to prove legal accountability on the part of negligent PA dog owners. Please provide the Bucks County Dog Warden with your full cooperation, including testifying at the local District Justice office.
    Any lawyer working in Bucks County can claim they are a personal injury attorney. But your lawyer for dog bites in Levittown PA has the experience of handling 100’s of Bucks County personal injury claims over the last three decades. Call Attorney Newell today at 215-257-4842 to put his 39 years of experience to work for you.
    Attorney Newell has obtained dog bite settlements of $100,000.00 or more in 11 different Counties, including animal attack cases settled for $152,000.00 and $148,544.00 here in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.Your Levittown dog attack injury attorney reminds you that results from other Bucks County dog bite cases do not guarantee a specific payout for your dog attack claim. Each and every case must be evaluated by the liability facts and damages unique to it.
    Shouldn’t your Bucks County dog attack case be handled by a PA dog bite attorney with the statewide reputation necessary to have served as legal counsel for dog attack victims in 38 different Pennsylvania Counties? Your Levittown dog bite accident lawyer is eager to put his expertise to work for you. Call Attorney Thomas J. Newell today to schedule your free HOME consultation in the comfort of your Bucks County residence.

We were playing at Falls Township Community Park when our child was attacked by an unleashed pit bull. What should we do first?

  • Please take your son to a nearby Lower Bucks County medical treatment facility to have the dog attack wounds cared for.
  • Levittown PA area emergency medical care providers include:
    • St. Mary’s Medical Center
      1201 Langhorne-Newtown Road
      Langhorne, PA 19047
    • Aria Health-Bucks County
      380 N. Oxford Valley Road
      Langhorne, PA 19047
    • Lower Bucks Hospital
      501 Bath Road
      Bristol, PA 19007
    • Premier Urgent Care
      8919 New Falls Road
      Levittown, PA 19054
    • Patient Care Now
      541 S. Oxford Valley Road
      Fairless Hills, PA 19030
  • Doctors are always worried when a dog bite attack breaks open the skin. In that situation, the physician may give your child a tetanus shot and a rabies vaccine injection, as well as antibiotics to ward off infections.
  • The Levittown dog bite lawyer urges you to photograph your child’s dog attack wounds both before and after the initial medical care. Do not assume photographs taken by medical providers can be easily retrieved.
  • The attorney for dog attacks in Levittown Pennsylvania recommends that you immediately fill any prescriptions given to you by the treating doctors. Infections can quickly spread. Have your child complete the medication prescribed.
  • Not all dog owners follow PA Law and have their pets properly vaccinated for rabies. If you have contact information for the dog owner, the Levittown dog bite accident lawyer encourages you to obtain the facts regarding the status of the dog’s vaccination.
  • Once a dog attacks someone, its owner is automatically put on notice of a 10 day quarantine. Please note that the PA Dog Law does not require the vicious dog to be housed away from its home during those 10 days.
  • Telephone the Levittown dog bite injury attorney at 215-257-4842.
  • Attorney Thomas J. Newell will personally review with you the PA Dog Law and examine how our laws here in Pennsylvania would apply to your Bucks County PA dog bite claim.
  • If the Levittown dog attack injury lawyer believes that your son’s case has legal merit, he will immediately schedule a free HOME consultation in the comfort of your residence. With Attorney Newell’s main office located in Bucks County, he is only minutes away from your home!
  • If you can safely and legally photograph or videotape the attacking dog, please forward that evidence to the attorney for dog bites in Levittown PA at
  • Sometimes neighbors and friends of the dog owner have information regarding past vicious propensities of the attacking dog. If you are able to inquire about the dog’s background and you obtain information concerning prior attacks, please immediately supply that information to your Levittown PA dog bite injury lawyer.
  • Attorney Thomas J. Newell will contact State officials in Harrisburg Pennsylvania to see if there are any reports filed of record regarding past complaints concerning this pit bull.
  • The Levittown dog bite accident attorney suggests you report the unprovoked dog attack to one of the Bucks County Dog Wardens. They can be reached at 215-307-8214 or 610-909-5707.
  • Prosecutions of negligent dog owners under the PA Dog Law can be extremely helpful in your civil litigation case. The Levittown dog attack injury lawyer urges you to provide your complete cooperation to the Pennsylvania Dog Warden.
  • It is important that you keep Attorney Newell current with the status of your son’s medical care. Your lawyer for dog attacks in Levittown PA needs the name, address and phone number for all of your child’s medical providers.
  • At the conclusion of your son’s medical care, Attorney Thomas J. Newell will require current photographs which clearly and accurately depict the permanent scars. Email them to him at
  • The Levittown dog bite accident attorney takes special pride in guaranteeing a high level of personal service. Your calls and emails will receive a prompt and professional response.
  • Part of your child’s economic claim is the total amount of medical bills incurred for his care. Please send to the Levittown dog attack lawyer all of your receipts for co-pays and deductibles that were paid out-of-pocket during the course of his medical treatment.
  • Communications between legal counsel and his/her client can only be protected by the “attorney-client privilege” if the telephone calls, letters and emails are kept private and not disclosed to others. Your attorney for dog bites in Levittown PA mandates that all of his dog attack clients keep this information confidential to help ensure the success of the Pennsylvania dog attack case.
  • Attorney Thomas J. Newell has been litigating Bucks County personal injury cases since 1986. Put his three decades of proven success to work for you. Call the Levittown dog bite accident lawyer today at 215-257-4842.

Is there a distinction worth noting between a personal injury attorney and a lawyer for dog bites in Levittown PA?

  • There are numerous Levittown area attorneys representing Bucks County personal injury victims who have been injured by a negligent doctor or by a defective product.
  • But, knowing the latest Pennsylvania court cases involving medical malpractice liability claims doesn’t give someone the necessary legal background to be a knowledgeable Levittown dog bite injury attorney.
  • The PA Dog Law has nothing in common with the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Act. Your Bucks County dog bite attack lawyer should have numerous years of experience in working with Pennsylvania’s laws regarding dog bite claims.
  • Shouldn’t your Bucks dog bite case be handled by an experienced Levittown PA dog attack injury lawyer?
  • Attorney Newell has represented many dog bite victims throughout Bucks County Pennsylvania – from Quakertown to Perkasie to Doylestown to Bensalem.
  • The focus of Thomas J. Newell’s legal practice is fighting for dog bite victims each and every day. Why not put that dedication to work for you?
  • Your Levittown dog attack injury attorney has been chosen by dog bite victims in 38 different Pennsylvania Counties to serve as their legal representative.
  • In whom do you have more confidence to represent your child – a Bucks County product liability attorney or a Levittown dog bite injury lawyer?
  • Most often, Attorney Newell deals with the same liability adjusters in multiple dog bite cases. This allows your attorney for dog attacks in Levittown PA to use these relationships to minimize delays and expedite prompt resolutions of his Bucks County dog bite attack cases.
  • Unlike other general personal injury attorneys, your lawyer for dog attacks in Levittown Pennsylvania has the ability to use excellent results in other past cases he has handled to maximize settlement payouts for his current clients.
  • Among the numerous results Thomas J. Newell, Esq. has obtained for Bucks County dog attack victims include settlements of $152,000.00 and $148,500.00. Please note that each PA dog bite claim must be evaluated upon its own set of factors. Past results in other claims do not guarantee a specific settlement amount for your Pennsylvania dog attack case.
  • You only have one chance to have your Bucks County dog bite claim handled in a prompt and professional manner. Telephone your Levittown dog bite attorney now at 215-257-4842.
  • If Attorney Newell believes that he can obtain a successful result on your behalf from the dog owner’s homeowners liability coverage, he will promptly set up a free HOME consult at your Bucks County Pennsylvania residence.
  • How to past results inure to the benefit of the clients of your Levittown dog attack lawyer? Since Thomas J. Newell, Esquire has settled over a dozen cases for payouts of over $100,000.00 or more, he has proven to many defense adjusters that he has the experience, knowledge and expertise to maximize the economic value of his PA dog bite attack claims.
  • Attorney Newell strongly suggests to all Pennsylvania dog bite victims that they immediately report their dog attack to the PA Dog Warden for their respective county. Convictions of negligent dog owners under the PA Dog Law allow your Levittown dog bite accident attorney to put significant pressure on the homeowner’s insurance carrier.

Why should I hire a Levittown Pennsylvania dog attack lawyer?

  • What PA dog bite claim litigation experience do you have?
  • Attorney Thomas J. Newell has litigated over a dozen personal injury cases through a jury trial in the Bucks County Court of Common Pleas in Doylestown Pennsylvania.
  • Your child’s Bucks County PA dog attack case deserves to be represented by an aggressive Levittown PA dog attack attorney.
  • Call the Levittown Pennsylvania dog bite attorney now at 215-257-4842. Attorney Newell schedules free home dog attack consultations anywhere in Bucks County Pennsylvania.



The PA dog attack lawyer has aggressively represented PA dog bite victims in 38 Pennsylvania Counties. The content of this website is for informational purposes only and is NOT legal advice for your specific Pennsylvania dog attack claim. Settlements/verdicts in other PA dog bite claims were based upon the unique set of liability and damage facts of each case, as well as the law that existed at that time.

The PA Dog Law and the legal decisions regarding Pennsylvania dog bite lawsuits can change at any time. Attorney Newell strongly advises you to immediately consult with an experienced Pennsylvania dog bite lawyer to review the facts of your dog attack and the injuries you sustained. The PA dog attack attorney provides free home consultations to all PA dog bite victims whose cases he believes have legal and economic merit.


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Levittown Dog Bite Attorney Gives Free Consult

On 1/30/21, your lawyer for dog attacks in Levittown PA provided a free consultation to a woman who was attacked by a dog while making an Amazon delivery. She left a package at the Bucks County residence and then made another delivery at a neighbor’s home. As the young lady was returning to her Amazon truck, an unleashed and unsupervised Golden Retriever pursued her.

The vicious dog growled, barked and jumped up at her. The Bucks County dog bite lawyer reviewed with the woman the PA Dog Law and her legal options.


Levittown Dog Bite Lawyer Will Represent Dog Attack Victim

On 1/20/21, your Levittown dog attack attorney was hired by a woman who was recently attacked by 2 vicious, unleashed large adult dogs in Bristol, PA. She was making a scheduled delivery and the dog owner’s children opened the front door. The Bucks County dog attack victim was pursued and bitten by the unmuzzled dogs.

The Bristol Twp. Animal Control Officer filed “Failure to Confine” charges vs. the negligent dog owner. Attorney Thomas J. Newell provided a free consultation and reviewed with her in detail the process he will follow to maximize her personal injury recovery.


Bucks County Man Calls Levittown Dog Attack Lawyer

On 5/20/20, a Fairless Hills PA man telephoned Attorney Thomas J. Newell. The Bucks County resident had been walking his dog earlier that day when a neighbor’s dog came running after them. The aggressive canine was not muzzled, restrained, nor on a leash. He fell to the ground trying to separate the 2 dogs.

The lawyer for dog bites in Levittown PA explained to the Bucks County dog attack victim that he had a right to file a claim versus the negligent dog owner for the veterinary expenses he incurred. A Bucks County Animal Control Officer is investigating this unprovoked dog attack.


Pit Bull Attack Victim Contacts Levittown Dog Attack Attorney

On 2/27/20, your attorney for dog bites in Levittown was contacted by a Bucks County man who was working in Philadelphia when an unleashed pit bull attacked him while he was performing home improvements at the request of the property owner.

The Levittown PA resident was bitten on the back of his left knee. He continues to suffer from flashbacks and a fear of dogs, particularly pit bulls. Attorney Thomas J. Newell suggested he receive treatment from a mental health specialist.


Levittown Dog Bite Attorney Consulted After Pit Bull Attack

On 7/7/17, the Levittown dog attack lawyer provided a free consultation to a Buck County PA woman whose Yorkie was badly mauled by a pit bull this past spring. The woman and her husband were walking their 2 dogs on leashes on a Levittown sidewalk. An unleashed pit bull left its property and attacked the tiny dog causing serious injuries which required surgery. The negligent pit bull owner was convicted of multiple PA and Levittown Dog Law Ordinance violations by a Bucks County District Justice.


Levittown Dog Bite Lawyer Analyzes Dog on Dog Attack

On 6/3/17, the Levittown dog attack attorney spoke with a man whose dog was injured several days earlier after being walked by his daughter on a leash in front of their home. An unleashed dog owned by a fellow Levittown Pennsylvania resident attacked their family pet. Attorney Newell reviewed Section 305 of the PA Dog Law with the aggrieved dog owner. The PA dog bite lawyer provided his thoughts regarding various legal options concerning the defendant’s failure to confine his dog. Meanwhile, vet expenses continue to increase for this concerned pet owner.

Levittown Dog Attack Lawyer Provides Free Consult

On 5/17/17, your lawyer for dog attacks in Levittown PA gave a free consultation to a Bucks County PA man. The Levittown resident was calling on a home in Delaware County in order to perform plumbing repairs. The negligent homeowner opened the front door and allowed her mixed breed dog to escape. The vicious animal jumped up and bit the gentleman. Medical care provided at a Bucks County Pennsylvania Urgent Care Center included the administration of a tetanus shot. The Levittown dog bite attorney advised his future client to immediately contact the Delaware County PA Dog Warden.


Levittown Dog Bite Attorney Consulted

On 4/3/17, Attorney Thomas J. Newell provided a free consultation to a man who had been bitten a day earlier in the 200 block of North Park Drive in Levittown PA. A pit bull and Yorkie were fighting and the Bucks County resident tried to separate the two dogs. Unfortunately, the man was bitten on his hand and required medical attention at the nearby Aria Health Medical Center. The attorney for dog bites in Levittown PA provided him with a free legal analysis.