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Dog Attack Settlements



$ 215,606.77                                      Bethlehem PA

In June of 2017, the Bethlehem dog bite lawyer obtained approval from Judge Anthony S. Beltrami to finalize a $215,606.77 Northampton County PA dog attack settlement. Attorney Newell presented to the court a 10 page Petition for Minor’s Compromise Settlement under Pennsylvania Rule of Civil Procedure No. 2039. This legal pleading described in detail the unprovoked pit bull attack that took place in the summer of 2015 on Atlantic Street in Bethlehem Pennsylvania.

A young girl was invited to play at her friend’s Lehigh Valley residence. When she arrived, she knocked on the front door which was opened by her friend’s sister. Unfortunately, no one had restrained the family pet. This unleashed and unsupervised pit bull jumped out onto the landing and knocked the visitor to the ground. This vicious dog bit her multiple times in the chest/breast area, as well as the right arm. Somehow, she was able to break free from the animal attack and ran home to safety.

An ambulance transported the Bethlehem dog bite victim to St. Luke’s Hospital. A plastic surgeon was called in to treat the dog attack lacerations. Numerous medications were prescribed to fight off infection and to help relieve the pain. Once the young girl was discharged from the hospital, her mother knew that because her daughter had sustained very serious injuries, it was critical that she hire the top Bethlehem dog attack attorney. After a detailed search, she telephoned Attorney Thomas J. Newell. A free consultation was scheduled and he provided a detailed plan to maximize the settlement value of this Lehigh Valley pit bull attack claim.

Attorney Newell advised his client to have the dog bite scars evaluated by a plastic surgeon the following year. Cosmetic surgery was not considered to be a viable option. The physician did suggest that steroid injections would most likely improve the appearance of the dog bite scars. However, the teenage girl declined that option at the time but may consider it sometime in the future.

Soon thereafter, the lawyer for dog bites in Bethlehem PA ordered, paid for and obtained all of his client’s medical bills and records. Current photographs were supplied by the girl’s mother. All of the evidence was summarized in a 16 page demand letter sent to the homeowner’s insurance company by Attorney Newell. Negotiations with the defense adjuster culminated in a settlement agreement totaling $215,606.77.

In order to maximize his client’s financial recovery, the attorney for dog attacks Bethlehem Pennsylvania used the services of a financial expert to obtain quotes from A+ rated life insurance companies regarding structured settlement annuities. Ultimately, Pacific Life Insurance Company was selected. Tax-free payments at years 18, 19, 20 and 21 will guarantee the Lehigh Valley resident a total payout of $177,881.33.

$ 101,000.00                            Bethlehem PA

In April of 2019, your Bethlehem dog attack law firm concluded a Lehigh Valley dog bite settlement for $101,000.00. A high school student was helping out his friend with some chores at the Defendants’ home in Bethlehem PA 18015. Attorney Thomas J. Newell’s client was requested to retrieve the Defendants’ dog from an outside run leash. As he was unhooking the leash from the Shar Pei’s collar, it bit him on his face without any warning or provocation.

The Allentown PA 18103 resident sustained significant wounds to his face and lower lip. The Lehigh Valley dog bite victim was immediately taken to Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown where facial surgery was performed. Over 3 dozen sutures were needed to repair the dog attack lacerations. Over the next 1-2 months his food consumption was limited to liquids and soft solids such as Jello and pudding. A build-up of scar tissue developed in his lip which caused him to speak with a lisp.

Several days after the vicious dog attack, the teenager’s mother contacted your Bethlehem dog bite law firm. Attorney Thomas J. Newell promptly traveled to their Allentown residence to provide them with a free home consultation. He answered all of the questions posed to him by the young man and his parents. Opinions within the family varied as to whether or not they would pay for elective plastic surgery regarding the victim’s facial scar. Ultimately, the decision was made to delay possible surgical intervention until the victim was in his 20’s.

The dog owners’ insurance carrier wouldn’t make a reasonable settlement offer pre-litigation. Therefore, the Bethlehem dog bite injury lawyer filed a lawsuit in the Lehigh County Court of Common Pleas. After a year’s worth of preliminary matters, the Depositions of all the parties were taken in downtown Allentown. Soon thereafter, the defense came to the bargaining table and the $101,000.00 Bethlehem dog attack settlement was agreed upon.

$ 100,000.00                                Bethlehem PA

In December of 2020, the Bethlehem dog attack lawyer obtained a $100,000.00 Bethlehem dog attack settlement from the homeowners insurance company that represented 2 pit bull owners. The previous year, a Bethlehem PA resident was walking his black lab on a leash on a public alleyway near his home. The defendants owned 2 adult pit bulls and there was no fencing to enclose their property.

Suddenly and without any warning, the defendants’ unleashed, unsupervised and unmuzzled pit bull raced after, pursued and bit the pedestrian and his family pet. The pit bull bit the gentleman and his dog numerous times. While one of the pit bull owners tried to intervene, their leashed pit bull also joined in the unprovoked pit bull attack. The 2 pit bull owners only got their vicious dogs to stop by putting their fingers into the pit bulls’ butts.

The defendants were charged with violating Section 305 of the PA Dog Law by failing to confine their pit bull. On 2/27/20, the pit bull owners were found guilty by the local Bethlehem District Justice. The defendants also could not produce proof that their pit bulls were up-to-date with their rabies vaccinations as required by The Rabies Prevention and Control in Domestic Animals and Wildlife Act. Ultimately, the defendants produced the documentation to the satisfaction of the District Justice.

The Lehigh Valley resident’s first treatment was at a local Urgent Care Center. Multiple pit bull attack wounds to his right arm, left abdomen and left index finger were identified. A tetanus shot was given, as was an injection of Lidocaine. Four stitches were used to close the pit bull attack wounds. Antibiotics to fight off infection were prescribed.

Although the Bethlehem PA resident dutifully took his medicine, the pit bull bite wounds to his right arm became infected. He was admitted to Lehigh Valley Hospital. Sutures were removed and the lacerations were irrigated and thoroughly cleansed. Multiple blood tests and wound cultures were taken. Medications were administered via an IV. Two rabies injections were administered. He was discharged the following day. Three follow-up visits to the hospital were needed in order to receive a rabies injection on each trip.

One week after the pit bull attack, the attorney for dog bites in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania met with the pit bull bite victim at his home in Lehigh County. Attorney Newell not only accumulated his client’s medical bills, records and photographs, but he also attended the District Justice Hearing in Bethlehem. After lengthy and difficult negotiations, the Bethlehem dog bite accident lawyer concluded the victim’s legal claim with a $100,000.00 Lehigh Valley dog bite injury settlement.

$ 71,107.48                                        Bethlehem PA

In April of 2011, the Bethlehem dog attack lawyer obtained a $71,107.48 dog bite claim settlement for a Bethlehem PA resident. In the spring of 2010, a USPS employee was delivering mail in Northampton Pennsylvania. The homeowners owned a boxer which apparently pushed open the front screen door and pursued the startled mail carrier. The boxer bit her once and then the postal worker used her mailbag to knock the dog off her. However, the vicious dog resumed its attack and bit her a second time on her thigh.

The Bethlehem resident was treated twice at Lehigh Valley Hospital. Unfortunately, her dog bite wounds became infected and she was admitted to St. Luke’s Hospital in Bethlehem for three days. Surgery was performed to remove dead tissue and she was given antibiotics via an IV. An orthopedic physician monitored her progress after her discharge. He confirmed that the Bethlehem dog bite victim had diminished sensation and scar tissue formation around the dog bite wounds. She was treated for a problem with cellulitis by going through 17 rigorous physical therapy sessions.

The PA dog bite woman and her husband performed a detailed search in order to hire the top Bethlehem dog attack attorney. The lawyer for dog attacks in Northampton County joined the victim’s husband in urging her to seek mental health care. Not only did she have to deal with nightmares and flashbacks concerning the animal attack, but she also had significant worries regarding the medical complications caused by the infection. Ultimately, the United States Postal employee was able to overcome her physical and mental injuries and returned to delivering mail in August of 2010.

Once a degree of normalcy returned to his client’s life, the Bethlehem dog bite lawyer obtained her Lehigh Valley Hospital medical records, billing statements, wage loss documentation and photographs. Attorney Newell forwarded those documents to the defense adjuster, along with a five-page case summary analysis. A short time later, the Bethlehem dog bite attorney negotiated a $71,107.48 payout for his Lehigh Valley client.

$ 40,000.00                                          Bethlehem PA

In February of 1997, the Bethlehem dog attack attorney obtained court approval to settle a Bethlehem dog bite case for $40,000.00. A family was walking in downtown Bethlehem when a dog owner passed them with his two pets. One of the dogs broke free from his control and attacked a young girl. She was bitten in the face. Her parents rushed her to Muhlenberg Hospital Center.

The emergency room physician gave her an injection of local anesthesia and then used sutures to close the dog bite facial wounds. Fortunately, the prescription medications worked well and she did not develop any infections. A follow-up appointment with an Allentown surgeon confirmed that plastic surgery was not necessary.

The Bethlehem dog bite attorney attempted to negotiate a dog attack settlement before filing a Bethlehem dog bite lawsuit. Unfortunately, the dog owner’s insurance company failed to make a reasonable settlement proposal. Therefore, the lawyer for dog attacks in Bethlehem PA filed a Complaint in Trespass versus the negligent dog owner.

The Bethlehem dog bite injury lawyer exchanged discovery answers with the defense attorney. The lawyers then took the depositions of all the witnesses. Additional information was obtained by Attorney Newell via a private investigator that he had hired. Finally, the defense adjuster accepted the legal analysis of the Bethlehem dog bite accident attorney. The details of the $40,000.00 dog bite compensation payout were explained by the attorney for dog bites in Bethlehem in the Minor’s Compromise Petition he presented to the Northampton County Judge at the Hearing to approve this dog attack settlement.

$$$$$                                                  Bethlehem PA

In March of 2015, the Bethlehem dog bite attorney obtained a pre-litigation settlement for a Bethlehem Township PA dog bite victim. The woman was jogging in her Lehigh Valley neighborhood when she was attacked by a neighbor’s mixed breed dog. The Bethlehem Township dog owner violated the PA Dog Law. Section 305 requires a dog owner to have his/her dog on a leash and under full control when the dog is not confined inside the dog owner’s home. The failure to abide by Pennsylvania’s dog laws resulted in this unprovoked animal attack.

The Bethlehem dog attack victim received medical care at Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown Pennsylvania. The emergency room doctor treated her with antibiotics and a tetanus shot. The dog bite wounds to her buttocks were cleansed and the Bethlehem Township resident was warned about the signs of a rabies infection since the mixed breed dog was not up-to-date with its shots.

The Bethlehem dog attack lawyer obtained his client’s medical records, bills and photographs of the dog bite wounds. Attorney Newell send a detailed four-page demand letter to the dog owner’s homeowners insurance company adjuster. The lawyer for dog bites in Bethlehem alleged that the negligent dog owner was legally responsible for both compensatory damages, as well as punitive damages.

The Lehigh Valley dog bite victim needlessly underwent additional stress worrying that she might contract rabies as a result of the dog owner’s decision to not keep his mixed breed dog up-to-date with its rabies shots. Soon thereafter, the insurance company agreed to settle the PA dog bite claim without the necessity of the Bethlehem dog bite accident attorney filing a PA dog bite lawsuit.

$$$$$                                           Bethlehem PA

In February of 2011, the Bethlehem dog attack injury attorney settled a Bethlehem dog attack case. A Freemansburg PA woman was visiting a friend in Bethlehem PA when she saw a man and his boxer. She asked if the dog was friendly and the animal owner assured her that it was. The Lehigh Valley resident knelt down next to the boxer and began to pet/scratch the adult male dog.

As the woman got up to leave, she leaned over to give the boxer a kiss. Her actions apparently startled the dog and it reacted by biting her in the face. The Bethlehem dog bite victim received medical care at St. Luke’s Hospital in Fountain Hill. The ER physician injected her face with Lodocaine and then used several stitches to close the facial dog bite wound. A second laceration on her nose was cleansed and closed using Steri-strips. She was given Augmentin to prevent infection.

The Bethlehem dog bite accident lawyer forwarded the Lehigh Valley resident’s medical records and photographs to the defense adjuster. She took the legal position that the dog bite victim “assumed the risk by invading the dog’s space.” After multiple communications, a compromise was reached. The lawyer for dog bites in Bethlehem PA counseled his client to accept the final settlement offer. Attorney Newell had previously advised her that a Bethlehem dog attack lawsuit would most likely be unsuccessful due to the liability issues.


What traits should I expect my Bethlehem PA dog bite lawyer to possess?

    Dog attack victims from 38 different Pennsylvania Counties (including Lehigh County and Northampton County) have chosen your Bethlehem dog attack injury lawyer to represent them. Shouldn’t your Lehigh Valley dog bite claim be handled by a lawyer with that level of statewide respect? Attorney Newell receives calls from personal injury lawyers from all over Pennsylvania seeking his advice on PA dog attack claims.
    The Bethlehem dog attack injury attorney fights for Pennsylvania dog bite victims every day. Attorney Thomas J. Newell focuses on two goals each work day: 1) maximizing the financial payout for his PA dog bite victims and 2) helping to create safer neighborhoods by causing negligent dog owners to act more responsibly. Increases in insurance premiums for homeowners’ policies oftentimes coincide with improved vigilance by dog owners.
    Your Bethlehem dog bite accident lawyer will provide you with a personal analysis of your Lehigh Valley dog attack claim. Attorney Thomas J. Newell will review all of the facts with you and discuss how your dog bite accident claim can maximize the use of the standards set forth in the PA Dog Law.
    If the attorney for dog bites in Bethlehem PA believes you have a credible dog bite claim, he will promptly set up a free HOME consultation in the comfort of your Lehigh Valley residence. Don’t delay. Call Attorney Newell today at 610-866-0469. What could be better than having a Lehigh County dog bite attorney with 36 years of experience sitting in your kitchen reviewing your dog attack case with you?
    There are numerous large law firms in the Bethlehem area that professionally represent Lehigh Valley personal injury victims. Your lawyer for dog attacks in Bethlehem PA is a solo practitioner whose focus is fighting for PA dog bite victims. Attorney Newell does not, nor will he ever, represent insurance companies. Put his 36 years of personal injury litigation experience to work for you!
    The Bethlehem PA dog bite injury attorney aggressively uses the PA Dog Law to allege legal liability on the part of negligent dog owners. Whether it’s Harboring a Dangerous Dog (Section 502-A) or Failing to Confine (Section 305), Attorney Newell believes the PA Dog Law is an outstanding tool that he can use to maximize the financial recovery for your Lehigh County dog bite lawsuit.
    The Bethlehem dog attack injury lawyer has been litigating Pennsylvania personal injury claims since 1981. Having significant courtroom experience is essential in making sure the negligent dog owner’s insurance company fully values your Lehigh Valley dog attack claim.
    Your Bethlehem dog bite injury lawyer has obtained dog attack settlement payouts of $100,000.00 or more for other Lehigh Valley dog attack clients. In fact, Attorney Newell has garnered six-figure payments for dog bite victims in the following Pennsylvania Counties: Lehigh County, Berks County, Monroe County, Carbon County, Bucks County, Montgomery County, Lebanon County, York County, Adams County, Northumberland County and Erie County. Please be reminded that past results in other PA dog bite claims do not guarantee a specific payout for your Lehigh Valley dog attack case. The Bethlehem dog attack lawyer will evaluate the liability facts, as well as your damages, upon the conclusion of your medical care. It is only then that he can make an accurate assessment of the value of your PA dog bite claim.
    The Lehigh County Dog Warden is Orlando Aguirre (484-223-9107). The Northampton County Dog Warden is Kathy Andrews (610-909-5720). The attorney for dog bites in Bethlehem PA has worked with both of these PA Dog Wardens on many Lehigh Valley dog bite cases over the years.Attorney Newell attends District Justice Hearings for PA dog bite cases that his clients are required to testify at. Not only does the Lehigh Valley dog attack lawyer fully prepare the witnesses, he also supplies the dog wardens with judicial opinions helpful in gaining convictions of the negligent dog owners pursuant to the PA Dog Law.

My child was attacked by a Rottweiler while riding his bicycle on Broad Street in Bethlehem PA. Which PA Dog Warden should I telephone?

  • The Bethlehem dog bite accident lawyer suggests you first obtain the necessary medical treatment for your son, as well as take several photos of his injuries.
  • After that, you should call the appropriate PA Dog Warden.
  • If the Rottweiler attack happened on West Broad Street in Bethlehem, telephone Northampton County Dog Warden Kathy Andrews at 610-909-5720.
  • If your son was on East Broad Street in the City of Bethlehem, call Lehigh County Dog Warden Orlando Aguirre @ 484-223-9107.
  • Your Bethlehem dog attack attorney has worked with both of those PA Dog Wardens to obtain convictions of PA Dog Law violations on the part of reckless/negligent dog owners.
  • Provide the Pennsylvania Dog Wardens with your prompt and complete cooperation. Your assistance may result in an increase in the value of your Lehigh Valley dog bite attack claim.

I was jogging in Saucon Park when I was attacked by an unleashed dog. What should I do first?

  • You should immediately go to a nearby Lehigh Valley medical center to have your dog attack wounds treated by a physician.
  • Bethlehem PA area medical facilities:
    • St. Luke’s Hospital
      801 Ostrum Street
      Bethlehem, PA 18015
    • Lehigh Valley Hospital
      2545 Schoenersville Road
      Bethlehem, PA 18017
    • Patient First
      2310 Schoenersville Road
      Bethlehem, PA 18017
    • Health Center at Bethlehem Township
      2101 Emrick Blvd.
      Bethlehem, PA 18020
    • Express Care – Muhlenberg
      2649 Schoenersville Road, Suite 100
      Bethlehem, PA 18017
    • Premier Urgent Care
      15 Main Street
      Hellertown, PA 18055
  • Physicians are always concerned if the dog bites have broken the skin of their patients. The treating doctor may give you a tetanus shot, a rabies vaccine injection and antibiotics to fight off infections.
  • The Bethlehem dog attack attorney strongly recommends that you promptly fill the prescriptions recommended by your medical providers. Please read the discharge instructions as they will give you a detailed description of what symptoms to be on the lookout for regarding infections.
  • The attorney for dog bites in Bethlehem PA recommends that you photograph your dog attack wounds both before and after you receive your initial medical treatment. Do not rely on medical providers to take and keep photos.
  • If you can, the Bethlehem PA dog bite injury lawyer suggests you obtain rabies vaccination information from the negligent dog owner.
  • Call 610-866-0469 to speak with the Bethlehem dog bite attorney today.
  • Attorney Newell will thoroughly analyze the facts of your PA dog bite case and apply them to the PA Dog Law.
  • If your Lehigh Valley dog attack claim has legal merit, the attorney for dog attacks in Bethlehem PA will schedule a free HOME consultation at your Lehigh Valley residence. Attorney Thomas J. Newell can normally meet with a new animal attack client within one to three days after the initial telephone call.
  • In the meantime, you should receive information in the mail from a government agency regarding the 10-day quarantine period imposed on any dog after it attacks a human being in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
  • As soon as you can, please email photographs of your dog attack wounds to the Bethlehem dog bite accident lawyer at
  • Call one of the Lehigh Valley area PA Dog Wardens at 484-223-9107 (Orlando Aguirre) or 610-909-5720 (Kathy Andrews).
  • The Bethlehem PA dog attack injury attorney has worked on multiple dog bite cases with both the Lehigh County Dog Warden and the Northampton County Dog Warden.
  • The Lehigh Valley dog bite lawyer believes that prosecutions of the negligent dog owners under the PA Dog Law makes neighborhoods safer. It almost always results in the defendants becoming more responsible dog owners.
  • Photographs/video of the attacking dog may be helpful to your lawyer for dog attacks in Bethlehem PA. Please remember to follow the law regarding the property rights of others and never put yourself in harm’s way.
  • If you know anyone who is familiar with this dog/its owner, please inquire as to whether they are aware of prior aggressive acts/attacks by the vicious dog.
  • The Bethlehem dog bite accident attorney will file an official request with the state agency in Harrisburg to see if there are any reports of previous attacks by this dog.
  • It is essential that you continuously communicate with your Bethlehem dog attack injury lawyer regarding upcoming doctor visits and the contact information for all of your medical providers.
  • Please send to the Bethlehem dog bite injury attorney copies of all of your receipts for deductibles and co-pays.
  • Attorney Newell guarantees that he will timely respond to your telephone calls, letters and email. Your Lehigh Valley dog attack attorney is eager to show you what type of personal service you should expect from your lawyer.

What is the difference between a Bethlehem personal injury lawyer and an attorney for dog bites in Bethlehem PA?

  • There are many experienced Lehigh Valley car crash attorneys. Possessing knowledge of the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law does very little to help someone become an experienced Bethlehem dog attack injury lawyer.
  • The PA Motor Vehicle Code has nothing in common with the PA Dog Law. Shouldn’t your Bethlehem PA dog bite accident attorney have a detailed knowledge of the important court decisions which have interpreted PA’s laws regarding duties of Pennsylvania dog owners?
  • Attorney Newell does not believe that your Northampton County dog bite claim should be used as on-the-job training for an inexperienced associate in a large law firm.
  • Your Bethlehem animal attack lawyer fights for Pennsylvania dog attack victims every day!
  • The Lehigh Valley dog bite lawyer has been selected to serve as legal counsel for dog bite victims in 38 different PA Counties.
  • Do you really believe that a Lehigh County malpractice lawyer could represent you with the same degree of proficiency as your Bethlehem dog attack injury attorney?
  • The Lehigh Valley dog bite attorney has 36 years of personal injury litigation experience. Attorney Thomas J. Newell welcomes the opportunity to put his expertise to work for you regarding your Northampton County dog bite case.
  • The Bethlehem dog bite injury lawyer provides a free HOME consultation to all of his Pennsylvania dog attack clients.
  • Telephone the Lehigh Valley dog attack attorney today at 610-866-0469.
  • It is critical that you receive a detailed analysis of your PA dog bite claim by a knowledgeable and experienced attorney for dog attacks in Bethlehem Pennsylvania.
  • If the Lehigh Valley dog bite accident attorney believes that he can obtain a financial payout for your case as per Pennsylvania’s dog laws, he will immediately set up a free visit to your residence.
  • The Bethlehem animal bite attorney has obtained Pennsylvania dog bite case settlements of $100,000.00 or more in 11 different Counties, including two in Lehigh County. Successful conclusions in other dog bite claims do not guarantee you a specific result in your PA dog attack case. However, Attorney Newell does use his settlements in other animal attack claims to aggressively fight for maximum value in current PA dog bite cases.
  • Attorney Thomas J. Newell puts great emphasis in expediting his dog bite claims so as to conclude them as soon as possible for the right settlement amount. Since the lawyer for dog bites in Bethlehem PA routinely deals with many of the same defense adjusters, he can usually cut through the “red tape” and minimize delays in concluding the animal attack litigation.
  • The Bethlehem dog bite injury attorney has frequently worked with the Lehigh Valley Dog Wardens – Orlando Aguirre (Lehigh County) and Kathy Andrews (Northampton County). He believes that they are consummate professionals and strongly encourages all Lehigh Valley dog attack victims to cooperate with the Pennsylvania Dog Wardens.

Why do I need to hire a Bethlehem PA dog attack attorney?

  • The negligent Bethlehem dog owners are represented by an experienced Pennsylvania homeowner’s insurance company adjuster.
  • That insurance co. employee is evaluated on how quickly he/she can settle your Bethlehem PA dog bite claim and for as little money as possible!
  • Are you qualified to serve as a Bethlehem dog bite lawyer on behalf of your injured child?
  • The Bethlehem dog bite injury attorney handles dog bite claims in the Lehigh Valley every day.
  • Call the lawyer for dog bites in Bethlehem today at 610-866-0469. Don’t delay, schedule your free home consultation with Attorney Newell.



The PA dog attack lawyer has aggressively represented PA dog bite victims in 38 Pennsylvania Counties. The content of this website is for informational purposes only and is NOT legal advice for your specific Pennsylvania dog attack claim. Settlements/verdicts in other PA dog bite claims were based upon the unique set of liability and damage facts of each case, as well as the law that existed at that time.

The PA Dog Law and the legal decisions regarding Pennsylvania dog bite lawsuits can change at any time. Attorney Newell strongly advises you to immediately consult with an experienced Pennsylvania dog bite lawyer to review the facts of your dog attack and the injuries you sustained. The PA dog attack attorney provides free home consultations to all PA dog bite victims whose cases he believes have legal and economic merit.


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Dog Attacks


Bethlehem Pit Bull Owners Charged

On 10/1/19, the Bethlehem dog bite attorney obtained from Pennsylvania government officials in Harrisburg the Lehigh County Dog Warden’s Report on a June 2019 pit bull attack in Bethlehem. Attorney Newell’s client was attacked by 2 pit bulls. He and his dog received multiple dog attack wounds.

The pit bull owners were charged with violating the PA Dog Law – “Failure to Confine” and the Rabies Prevention and Control in Domestic Animals and Wildlife Act by failing to have their aggressive dogs up-to-date with their shots.


Bethlehem Dog Bite Lawyer Sues Rottweiler Owners Again

On 9/4/19, your attorney for dog bite attacks in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania filed a lawsuit versus Rottweiler owners for the second time in a week. The Northampton County Court of Common Pleas Complaint alleges that the Defendants’ Rottweiler attacked a Bethlehem man and his lab mix as they were walking on 11th Street on September 12, 2017.

Just last week, Attorney Newell had filed a lawsuit versus those same Rottweiler owners on behalf of a woman who had been attacked on September 7,2017.


Bethlehem Dog Attack Attorney Files a Lawsuit vs. Owners of Rottweiler

A twenty-four page legal Complaint was filed on August 28, 2019 by your Bethlehem dog bite attorney. Thomas J. Newell, Esquire sued negligent Rottweiler owners whose aggressive dog was roaming about their Bethlehem PA neighborhood. A woman and her Shih Tzu mix both sustained significant injuries due to the unprovoked Rottweiler attack.

The adult male property owner was charged with failing to confine his Rottweiler, harboring a dangerous dog, failing to muzzle his Rottweiler and failing to have his dog vaccinated for rabies. The Bethlehem dog attack lawyer attended the 10/17/17 District Justice hearing where the Rottweiler owner was found guilty of all charges.


Bethlehem Dog Bite Attorney Retained

On 6/18/19, your lawyer for dog attacks in Bethlehem PA was hired by a man who was attacked a week earlier by 2 pit bulls as he was walking his Labrador Retriever on a leash on a public alleyway. The Lehigh County resident suffered dog attack wounds to his right arm, left side and left pointer finger. Initial medical treatment was rendered at a Lehigh Valley area Urgent Care Center.

Unfortunately, his arm became infected and he was admitted to a local hospital. Rabies injections were also administered because the pit bulls were not up-to-date with their shots. After his discharge, the Lehigh Valley pit bull attack victim called Attorney Newell. The Bethlehem dog attack lawyer immediately scheduled a free home consultation which was accomplished just days after the attack.


Bethlehem Dog Bite Attorney Contacted

On 11/14/18, your Bethlehem dog bite lawyer received a call from a contractor who was attacked in Bethlehem PA on the previous day. The gentleman was installing a gutter for the homeowner when the property owner’s unleashed dog attacked him.

Medical care was provided at a Lehigh Valley area medical center. Rabies injections were needed because the aggressive dog was not up-to-date with its shots. Attorney Thomas J. Newell is hopeful that the PA Dog Warden will charge the negligent dog owner with PA Dog Law violation – Failure to Confine his dog.


Bethlehem Dog Bite Lawyer Attends District Justice Hearing

On 10/4/17, the Bethlehem dog attack attorney was present to assist his clients with their testimony versus 3 defendants who were charged with harboring a dangerous dog in violation of the PA Dog Law. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania alleged that on 6/3/17, a pit bull attacked 4 women in Hellertown PA.

Attorney Newell represents 2 of those pit bull attack victims. He consulted with PA Dog Wardens Kathy Andrews and Orlando Aguirre and, was very happy that the Bethlehem PA District Justice convicted all three of the defendants of violating Section 502-A of the Pennsylvania Dog Law.


Bethlehem Dog Bite Lawyer Hired

On 9/22/17, the Bethlehem dog bite attorney was hired by a Bethlehem Pennsylvania man who was recently attacked by an unleashed and unrestrained Rottweiler. The gentleman was walking his lab mix on a leash when the vicious Rottweiler left its property and attempted to maul the lab.

The Lehigh Valley resident suffered a severe injury to his hand which required surgery and 15 sutures.  He also received a tetanus shot. The Bethlehem dog attack attorney provided a free home consultation shortly after speaking with the Lehigh County dog attack victim. PA Dog Law charges are pending.


Bethlehem Dog Bite Attorney Finalizes $215,606.77 Settlement

On 8/18/17, your attorney for dog attacks in Bethlehem PA concluded a $215,606.77 pit bull attack settlement by filing an Affidavit of Annuity Funding with the Northampton County Court of Common Pleas in Easton Pennsylvania. Attorney Newell had represented a young girl who was mauled on Atlantic Street in Bethlehem two years earlier. The Pennsylvania dog bite lawyer provided Judge Beltram with details of a tax-free structured settlement annuity plan at the June 27, 2017 hearing. Guaranteed payments will be made at ages 18, 19, 20 & 21.


Bethlehem Pit Bull Owners Attempt To Eschew Responsibility For Dog Attack

On 5/9/17, your lawyer for dog attacks in Bethlehem PA received notification from the United States Postal Service that two pit bull owners had fled the area and left no forwarding address. Back in December of 2016, their pit bull had launched an unprovoked dog bite attack upon an innocent Bethlehem resident. Attorney Thomas J. Newell sent them initial letters of representation which they ignored. Follow-up letters to those two individuals, who rented a house on the 1200 block of Railroad Street, were returned by the USPS with a notation of “moved, unable to forward.” The pit bull owners may only be brought to justice if a private investigator is used to track them down.


Bethlehem Dog Bite Lawyer Hired

On December 30, 2016, the Bethlehem dog attack attorney was hired by a Bethlehem PA resident who was recently attacked by an unleashed and unsupervised pit bull. The middle-aged man was walking on a street in Bethlehem when the pit bull bit him on the back of both legs.

When the City of Bethlehem Police arrived to help, the pit bull charged them. The vicious dog was subdued by bean bags that were shot by the police. The son of the pit bull owner admitted that this “was not the first time the pit bull had attacked someone.” The Bethlehem dog bite lawyer provided a free home consultation to the pit bull attack victim. Attorney Newell will be working with government officials to ensure that PA Dog Law charges will be filed versus the pit bull owner.