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$ 181,000.00                          Stroudsburg PA

In the summer of 2020, your Stroudsburg dog bite lawyer obtained an agreement to settle a Stroudsburg pit bull attack claim for $181,000.00. In the fall of 2018, Attorney Newell had received a telephone call from the parents of a boy who had just been released from Pocono Lehigh Valley Hospital in East Stroudsburg PA.  Since their son had suffered very serious injuries, they knew that it was necessary that they hire the best Stroudsburg dog bite lawyer. They explained to Thomas J. Newell, Esquire that their son had been bicycling on a public alleyway behind their backyard.

This roadway was used by many of their Monroe County neighbors, including a family who owned an adult pit bull mix that was known in the community to have an aggressive temperament. The dog was frequently tethered to a stake and left outside alone. By chaining a dog, the owners had created a dog that was more anxious and aggressive. According to the Centers for Disease Control, chained dogs are 2.8x more likely to bite. Tragically, the victims of chained dog attacks are usually children.

The Humane Society of the United States is totally against tethering. They believe it to be a high-risk factor in serious dog bites and attacks. Dogs unable to retreat from perceived or real threats can act out aggressively when approached. A tied dog unable to take flight resorts to fighting and attacking any unfamiliar animal or person who unwittingly wanders into its territory.

On the date of question, the pit bull mix apparently broke its chain and was now totally free to run wherever it wanted. Unfortunately, when tethered dogs finally do get loose from their chains, they almost always chase and attack unsuspecting passersby or pets. They have most likely developed severe behavior problems from long-term intensive confinement.

The pit bull mix viciously attacked the child causing severe injuries to his left leg. He was rushed to the hospital in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. After being put under general anesthesia, the surgeon cut out the dead skin and subcutaneous tissue. He performed a complex layer repair of the left posterior thigh laceration and additional repairs of 3 smaller left thigh lacerations, as well as one on the boy’s right ear.

Two follow-up trips to the Monroe County surgeon resulted in the removal of the sutures and wound evaluation. Fortunately, the medication worked and no additional surgery was needed. The attorney for dog attacks in Stroudsburg PA obtained a complete copy of the medical records and bills. Attorney Thomas J. Newell also paid for professional photos of the permanent dog bite scars. His thorough 15 page case analysis convinced the pit bull owners’ insurance company to end the case with a $181,000.00 Stroudsburg dog attack settlement.

$ 142,045.00                                      Stroudsburg PA

On January 9, 2019, the Stroudsburg dog attack lawyer filed an Affidavit of Annuity Funding with the Orphans’ Court Division of the Court of Common Pleas of Monroe County PA to conclude a $142,045.00 Stroudsburg dog attack settlement. The PA dog bite claim began in the home of a Kunkletown, Pennsylvania couple who were entrusted with the care of their grandson. Housed at their home was a pit bull mix that was owned by their son.

In a serious lapse of judgment, no one segregated the vicious pit mix from the 2 year-old child, nor monitored their interaction. The unleashed, uncontrolled and unrestrained pit mix lunged at the boy and bit his face. He was immediately rushed to the Emergency Room of Palmerton Blue Mountain Hospital. Due to the severe nature of the child’s dog bite wounds, he was transported via ambulance to Lehigh Valley Cedar Crest Hospital.

Multiple facial lacerations were cleansed, the young boy was placed under general anesthesia and surgery was performed. Approximately 3 dozen sutures were required to close the facial dog attack wounds. Augmentin was prescribed to fight off infections. Around two weeks later, the Monroe County PA resident was examined by the plastic surgeon who performed the facial surgery. The stitches were removed, there was no sign of infection and his parents were advised to follow-up as necessary.

Due to the severity of her son’s injuries, the mother of the Poconos pit bull attack victim knew it was important to perform her due diligence to locate the best Stroudsburg dog bite lawyer. She, therefore, telephoned Attorney Thomas J. Newell promptly to set up an appointment to meet with the family at their Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania house. The PA dog attack lawyer ordered, paid for and reviewed all of the boy’s medical records and bills. Photographs taken shortly after the unprovoked pit bull attack, as well as current photos were obtained.

The lawyer for dog attacks in Stroudsburg PA sent all of the evidence, along with a detailed review to the defendant’s homeowners’ insurance carrier. Attorney Thomas J. Newell successfully concluded settlement negotiations which ended in the company’s agreement to fully fund a tax-free structured settlement annuity guaranteeing a total payout of $142,045.00.

$ 135,255.27                                Stroudsburg PA

On November 8, 2011, your Stroudsburg dog bite attorney received permission from the Monroe County Orphans’ Court to conclude a Monroe County PA dog bite claim for a $135,255.27 total payout to a Poconos dog attack victim. The tragic event took place around two years earlier. A woman had agreed to volunteer at a charity event and had dropped off her two year old daughter at her sister’s home in Monroe County Pennsylvania.

Unfortunately, the sister’s mixed breed dog was not properly confined even though it had a history of past aggressive acts. The little girl was left alone with the dog and it bit her in the face. The child was rushed to Pocono Medical Center in East Stroudsburg PA. A plastic surgeon used 40 stitches to repair the dog attack facial wounds. Your attorney for dog attacks in Stroudsburg PA provided a free home consultation to the victim’s parents in their Monroe County PA residence.  Attorney Newell obtained all of the details regarding the past acts of aggression by the aunt’s dog. He also contacted government officials in Harrisburg PA to see if there were any reports filed of record regarding this mixed breed dog.

The lawyer for dog attacks in Stroudsburg Pennsylvania advised the child’s mother to have her daughter evaluated by an experienced board certified plastic surgeon one year after the unprovoked dog attack. The surgeon concluded that the facial scar had healed so well that corrective plastic surgery would not be necessary. Attorney Thomas J. Newell obtained current photographs of the permanent facial scar, along with the child’s medical records and bills.

Since there was a history of prior vicious propensities, the Stroudsburg dog bite accident attorney argued to the defense adjuster that punitive damages would be recovered in the case if it were to proceed to a jury trial. The dog owner’s insurance company relented and agreed to pay its liability policy limit. Judge Linda W. Miller approved the structured settlement annuity plan presented by Attorney Newell that guaranteed a total tax-free payout of $135,255.27. The Stroudsburg dog attack injury lawyer was especially pleased to have obtained this large settlement without having to file a Monroe County PA dog bite lawsuit versus his client’s aunt.

$ 117,460.00                                Stroudsburg PA

On September 7, 2012, Judge Williamson of the Monroe County Orphans’ Court approved a $117,460.00 Monroe County dog bite settlement negotiated by your Stroudsburg dog attack attorney. In June of 2011, an elderly couple in Blakeslee PA agreed to babysit their granddaughter while her mother was hospitalized. The grandparents owned a Labrador Retriever.

Unfortunately, the adult male dog had a history of vicious propensities. It had previously attacked a five year old girl and had also bitten one of its owners two or three times. While some may have questioned the wisdom of even allowing such a vicious dog to remain in the home, no one would dispute the concept that any responsible dog owner would segregate the attacking dog from guests. Shockingly, the grandparents did not take any precautions and the lab bit the two year old girl in the face.

The Monroe County dog attack victim was first taken by ambulance to Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center. A decision was then made to transport the child to Wilkes-Barre General Hospital so a plastic surgeon could operate on her dog bite facial wound. After both the mother and the child recovered from their medical problems, a decision was made to seek an expert legal opinion.

In February of 2012, the Stroudsburg dog bite lawyer met with the dog attack victim and her mother in Monroe County Pennsylvania. Attorney Newell accumulated all of the facts regarding the past dog attacks. He then sent a detailed legal analysis to the homeowners’ insurance company explaining why a punitive damage claim would apply in this case. In the meantime, the child’s facial wound healed so well that was determined that follow-up corrective plastic surgery was not necessary.

The attorney for dog bites in Stroudsburg PA demanded and received the dog owners’ liability policy limit, as well as their med pay limit. By investing the dog bite settlement into a tax-free structured settlement annuity, Attorney Thomas J. Newell was able to obtain the $117,460.00 payout for the little girl. The Stroudsburg dog bite accident lawyer was especially pleased to have obtained this outstanding animal attack settlement without having to file a Monroe County PA dog attack lawsuit versus the child’s grandparents.

$ 65,000.00                                  Stroudsburg PA

On December 28, 2016, Judge David Williamson of the Monroe County Court of Common Pleas, Orphans’ Court Division, signed an Order confirming a $65,000.00 Monroe County dog bite settlement obtained by your attorney for dog bites in Stroudsburg PA. In April of 2015, a young boy was playing in the backyard of his friend’s house. All of the children were jumping on a trampoline.

Inexplicably, the woman who owned the home let out their male bulldog, even though he had a history of prior vicious propensities. The vicious dog pursued the young boy as he was trying to escape into the dog owner’s home. The Monroe County dog bite victim was bitten several times on his right leg and buttocks.

The child was immediately taken to Pocono Medical Center in East Stroudsburg PA. The ER physician used 12 stitches to close the dog bite wounds, antibiotics were prescribed and his mother was instructed to take her son for follow-up medical care with his pediatrician. His doctor gave him a tetanus shot and at a follow-up visit, all of the sutures were removed. Due to ongoing complaints of pain, he was treated three times by a local chiropractor with massage therapy and chiropractic manipulation.

Just 5 days after this vicious dog attack, the Stroudsburg dog bite injury lawyer provided a free home consultation to the boy’s parents in the comfort of their Monroe County residence. Once the child’s medical care had ended, Attorney Newell ordered the medical records, medical bills and current photos. All of the documents and evidence were burned onto a CD and forwarded to the defense adjuster, along with a thorough analysis of all important aspects of this significant case.

The representative for the homeowners insurance company contacted your Stroudsburg dog attack injury attorney and the $65,000.00 dog bite settlement agreement was negotiated. Attorney Thomas J. Newell then filed a nine-page Petition for Minor’s Compromise Settlement per P. R. C. P No. 2039 at the Monroe County Courthouse in Stroudsburg PA. Judge Williamson approved the Petition without requiring a Hearing.

$ 51,000.00                            Stroudsburg PA

In January of 2022, your Stroudsburg PA Dog Bite Injury Attorney successfully mediated a Monroe County dog attack case and obtained a $51,000.00 settlement. In 2019, a volunteer fireman had been attacked by an unleashed pit bull as he was responding to a 911 telephone call.

In March of 2021, your Lawyer for Dog Bites in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania filed an Amended Complaint vs. the negligent pit bull owners. Included among the claims, was an allegation that the defendants had recklessly violated The Pennsylvania Rabies Prevention and Control in Domestic Animals and Wildlife Act by failing to have their vicious pit bull vaccinated for rabies.

In May of 2021, Judge Williamson dismissed most of the defendants’ Preliminary Objections. Attorney Newell‘s success in moving forward with his Punitive Damages Claims put the defense in a very precarious situation and, in reality, forced them into Mediation. Your Monroe County Dog Bite Lawyer was happy to have obtained such a significant award without the necessity of his client testifying at trial.

$ 30,000.00                          East Stroudsburg PA

On September 26, 2017, the Stroudsburg dog attack lawyer finalized a $30,000.00 PA dog attack settlement on behalf of a Monroe County woman. As detailed in Attorney Newell’s legal Complaint, the East Stroudsburg resident was bitten by her CPA’s dog in April of 2014. The woman was directed by her accountant to pick up her tax returns at his residence in Swiftwater, Monroe County PA.

The gentleman and his wife owned a large adult male dog. The normal protocol was to restrain the canine behind a large gate when non-family members were scheduled to arrive. That process had been used by the accountant on previous occasions when she had visited his home. For some unknown reason, that standard protocol was not followed on the fateful day.

The wife of the CPA answered the door and beckoned the East Stroudsburg resident inside the Swiftwater PA house. The homeowner tried to hold the dog by its collar with one hand while holding the tax returns in her other hand. The large adult male dog lunged forward and bit the unsuspecting client in the right hand. The severe dog bite wound required immediate medical treatment.

Medical care was provided at Pocono Medical Center in East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania. Multiple injections were needed, including one tetanus shot. The dog bite wound went deep into her subcutaneous tissue. The laceration was cleansed, medication provided and plans were made for surgery to take place one week post attack. The surgical procedure involved debridement of the right palm and the placement of a skin graft in the injured area. Physical therapy was provided several times a week over the next 3 months.

Five months post dog bite attack, the victim telephoned Attorney Thomas J. Newell. The attorney for dog bites in Stroudsburg PA promptly supplied his client with a free home consultation in the comfort of her Monroe County residence. He immediately filed a Right-To-Know Request with state officials in Harrisburg. Medical records, bills and photographs were obtained, as well as a report from a dog behavior expert.

The insurance carrier representing the accountant and his wife denied liability. They alleged that there was no violation of the PA Dog Law nor any history of prior unprovoked attacks by the family pet. Attorney Newell filed a Complaint with the Monroe County Court of Common Pleas. A trial date was set for November of 2017. The Stroudsburg dog bite accident lawyer was able to negotiate the $30,000.00 dog attack settlement a few weeks before the scheduled Pre-Trial Conference.

$ 22,607.60                                Stroudsburg PA

On August 12, 2019, your lawyer for dog bites in Stroudsburg PA settled a Monroe County Pennsylvania dog attack case for $22,607.60. A woman was walking her family pet dog on a leash in her Stroudsburg neighborhood when a German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever escaped the control of 2 children. These unleashed dogs pursued and attacked the woman and her dog.

The defendant dog owner was charged by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with violating the PA Dog Law – Failure to Confine. On July 19, 2018, a hearing was held before a Monroe County District Justice. The negligent dog owner was found guilty of violating Section 305. She appealed the ruling to the Monroe County Court of Common Pleas. However, she pleaded guilty to violating the PA Dog Law on January 17, 2019.

The Poconos dog bite victim was treated at Lehigh Valley Hospital – Pocono for dog bite lacerations to her left hand, left wrist and left elbow. She was given a tetanus shot, as well as a Lidocaine injection. Ten stitches were used to close the dog bite attack wounds. Follow-up treatment was provided by a local orthopaedic specialist due to ongoing complaints of weakness and numbness in her left hand.

The Stroudsburg dog bite accident attorney traveled to the woman’s home to review her case and lay out a game plan for her Monroe County dog attack claim. Attorney Newell ordered, paid for and obtained all of her medical records and bills. He also acquired photographs identifying permanent scarring to his client’s left hand. After 2-3 months of negotiating, the Monroe County dog attack lawyer procured the $22,607.60 PA dog bite settlement.

$ 16,392.46                            Stroudsburg, PA

On October 29, 2020, the Stroudsburg dog bite attorney resolved a Poconos dog attack case for $16,392.46. Attorney Thomas J. Newell met with the woman at her place of employment in Stroudsburg (18360) to discuss the Wayne County dog attack. In October of 2018, she and her family were driving near Honesdale (18431) when she saw a roadside business that was selling cheese and diary products from a local farm.

After completing her purchase, the woman left the building and began to walk to her motor vehicle. Her version of the story is that she encountered an unleashed Rottweiler that she played with briefly. As she got close to her car, the dog attacked her from behind and knocked her onto the gravel parking lot injuring her arm and scraping her knee. She claimed that a teenage boy told her that the dog “knocks him into the manure pile all the time.”

In contrast, the defense insurance adjusters made contradicting allegations to the Stroudsburg dog attack lawyer. They alleged that the Monroe County resident acted in a negligent fashion by engaging in a tug-of-war with a black lab and its toy. The store owners claimed that the dog playfully tried to respond to her aggressive conduct and accidently knocked her down. Intense settlement negotiations followed. The Stroudsburg dog attack law firm/lawyer succeeded in obtaining a pre-litigation settlement.


My son was riding his bicycle in downtown Stroudsburg when he was bitten by a dog. Who should I report this dog bite attack to?

  • The attorney for dog attacks in Stroudsburg PA suggests that you immediately contact the Monroe County Dog Warden – George Nixon at 570-629-1099.
  • Thomas J. Newell, Esquire has worked with Dog Warden Nixon on numerous cases where negligent dog owners have been prosecuted under the PA Dog Law.
  • It is the opinion of the Stroudsburg dog attack injury lawyer that PA Dog Law violations are usually most aggressively pursued by Pennsylvania Dog Wardens as compared to police officers.
  • It is essential for a successful prosecution of the dog owner that the dog bite victim provide the Monroe County Dog Warden with their prompt and total cooperation.
  • Mr. Nixon may need copies of your medical bills/records and photos of your dog bite wounds.
  • If you can do so safely, the Stroudsburg dog bite injury attorney suggests that you take video/photographs of the attacking dog – especially if it is unleashed and unsupervised.
  • Attorney Newell believes that successful prosecutions of the reckless dog owners frequently results in them changing their bad habits and provides them with a financial incentive to always leash their dog.
  • If you receive a subpoena to attend a District Justice hearing, telephone your Stroudsburg dog bite accident lawyer right away to confirm your availability.
  • Thomas J. Newell, Esq. normally attends D.J. hearings to not only prepare his clients for their testimony, but also to provide legal assistance to the PA Dog Warden, if requested.
  • If the dog owner is convicted of a PA Dog Law violation, Attorney Newell will aggressively use that legal fact against the defendant when negotiating with his/her insurance company.
  • If you have yet to hire legal counsel, call the Stroudsburg dog attack injury attorney today @ 570-421-0893.

What criteria would be appropriate to consider when selecting a Stroudsburg dog bite injury lawyer?

    Your attorney for dog attacks in Stroudsburg PA provides his personal attention to each and every new potential dog bite client. Attorney Newell will review with you all of the details regarding the unprovoked Pennsylvania dog attack and supply you with his analysis of the potential applicability of the PA Dog Law.
    Once it has been determined that you have a viable PA dog attack case, the lawyer for dog bites in Stroudsburg Pennsylvania will immediately schedule a free HOME consultation in the comfort of your Monroe County residence. Normally, he can visit you within one to three days after your first telephone call with Attorney Newell at 570-421-0893.
    One of the most powerful tools that a Pennsylvania dog attack lawyer has when battling defense adjusters is a proven track record of outstanding results. Your Stroudsburg dog bite attorney has successfully represented many Poconos dog attack victims over the course of his 39 year legal career – this includes two recent Monroe County cases with settlement payouts in excess of $100,000.00.Please remember that past results do not guarantee a specific financial recovery in other cases. Each Poconos dog bite claim must be evaluated based upon the unique facts of that case. Attorney Newell takes into account many factors when placing a true settlement value for each dog attack legal claim he makes.
    Your Stroudsburg dog attack injury lawyer has been litigation Monroe County personal injury cases since 1982. Doesn’t your Poconos dog bite case deserve the knowledge of a litigator with over three decades of experience? Attorney Newell awaits your call today @ 570-421-0893.
    Do you believe your legal interests would best be served by a lawyer who handles three or four dog bite cases a year? Don’t settle for a general practice lawyer. Your Stroudsburg dog bite injury attorney passionately fights for Pennsylvania dog attack victims every day. It is the focus of his law practice and he is proud to be an aggressive advocate for those that have been injured by unleashed/unsupervised dogs.
    The Stroudsburg dog bite accident lawyer guarantees that he will ALWAYS personally handle your Monroe County PA dog attack claim. Attorney Thomas J. Newell is a solo practitioner – he is not a member of a large, impersonal law firm. He brings the experience of 36 years of personal injury litigation to benefit each and every one of his Poconos dog bite victims.
    George Nixon is the Monroe County Dog Warden. The Stroudsburg dog attack injury attorney knows that Pennsylvania dog bite lawsuits are always enhanced by successful prosecutions under the PA Dog Law. Attorney Newell has worked with the PA Dog Warden on numerous Monroe County dog attack claims.
    There are to main Statutes under Pennsylvania’s Dog Law which are usually cited against negligent dog owners: Failure to Confine (Section 305) and Harboring a Dangerous Dog (Section 502-A). The lawyer for dog bites in Stroudsburg urges dog attack victims to call the PA Dog Warden at 570-629-1099. Be prepared to give Mr. Nixon your full cooperation, including attending a District Justice Hearing, if necessary.
    You have only one opportunity to present your animal attack case in the best possible light. The Stroudsburg dog attack attorney has represented many Poconos dog bite victims during the course of his 39 year legal career. Attorney Newell is honored to have represented dog bite victims in 38 different Pennsylvania Counties. Call him today to set up your free HOME consultation.

Is there a real difference between a personal injury lawyer and a Stroudsburg PA dog bite lawyer?

  • There are many Monroe County area lawyers representing Stroudsburg Pennsylvania personal injury victims who have been injured by a defective product or by a negligent doctor.
  • However, having knowledge of the latest PA court cases involving product liability claims does not provide the specific legal background necessary to be a knowledgeable Stroudsburg dog attack attorney.
  • The Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Act has nothing in common with the PA Dog Law. Your Monroe County dog attack lawyer should have many years of experience in working with Pennsylvania’s laws regarding dog bite claims.
  • Doesn’t your Poconos dog attack claim deserve to be handled by an experienced Stroudsburg Pennsylvania dog bite attorney?
  • Attorney Thomas J. Newell has been chosen by dog bite victims in 38 different PA Counties to serve as their legal counsel.
  • The focus of Attorney Newell’s law practice is fighting for dog attack victims each and every day. Put that dedication to work for you!
  • Your Stroudsburg PA dog bite injury lawyer has represented the legal interests of Monroe County Pennsylvania personal injury victims since 1982.
  • Whom do you have more confidence in – a Monroe County medical malpractice lawyer or a Stroudsburg dog bite accident attorney?
  • Frequently, the Monroe County dog attack attorney deals with the same homeowners insurance adjusters in case after case. This allows him to use these relationships to minimize delays and expedite successful resolutions to his Poconos dog bite claims.
  • Unlike other general personal injury attorney, your lawyer for dog attacks in Stroudsburg has the ability to use outstanding results in other prior cases he has personally handled to the advantage of his current clients.
  • Among the numerous successful results Attorney Newell has obtained for Monroe County dog bite victims are settlements of $135,255.27 and $117,460.00 Please be mindful that each Pennsylvania dog attack claim must be evaluated upon its own set of facts. Past results in other cases do not guarantee a specific settlement amount for your PA dog bite case.
  • You only have one opportunity to have your Monroe County dog attack claim handled in a professional and prompt manner. Call your Stroudsburg dog bite injury attorney today at 570-421-0893.
  • If Thomas J. Newell, Esq. believes that he can obtain a financial payout on your behalf from the dog owner’s insurance company, he will immediately set up a free HOME consultation at your Monroe County PA residence.
  • How do Attorney Newell’s past results help him in future cases. Having settled over a dozen cases in the last two years alone for $100,000.00 or more, your Stroudsburg dog bite lawyer has proven to many homeowners insurance companies that he has the experience, knowledge and expertise to maximize the value of his Pennsylvania dog bite claims.
  • Of great importance to his Monroe County clients is Attorney Newell’s outstanding working relationship with the Pennsylvania Dog Warden – George Nixon.
  • Your Monroe County dog bite lawyer has assisted Mr. Nixon with the prosecution of numerous reckless dog owners pursuant to the PA Dog Law. Those convictions have been of great help to the attorney for dog bites in Stroudsburg when dealing with the dog owners’ insurance carriers.



The PA dog attack lawyer has aggressively represented PA dog bite victims in 38 Pennsylvania Counties. The content of this website is for informational purposes only and is NOT legal advice for your specific Pennsylvania dog attack claim. Settlements/verdicts in other PA dog bite claims were based upon the unique set of liability and damage facts of each case, as well as the law that existed at that time.

The PA Dog Law and the legal decisions regarding Pennsylvania dog bite lawsuits can change at any time. Attorney Newell strongly advises you to immediately consult with an experienced Pennsylvania dog bite lawyer to review the facts of your dog attack and the injuries you sustained. The PA dog attack attorney provides free home consultations to all PA dog bite victims whose cases he believes have legal and economic merit.


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Dog Attacks


Stroudsburg Dog Bite Attorney Files Lawsuit

On 1/29/21, your attorney for dog bites in Stroudsburg PA filed a 35 page Complaint with the Monroe County Court of Common Pleas. Attorney Thomas J. Newell’s legal pleading contained seven Counts, including a demand for Punitive Damages.

The origin of the case was a pit bull attack in Stroud Township after a Stroud Twp. Volunteer Fire Company Assistant Chief responded to a 911 call. The defendants claimed they smelled smoke in their home. Your Stroudsburg dog bite lawyer will fight and take on any insurance company.


Monroe County Man Receives Free Consult From Stroudsburg Dog Bite Attorney

On 5/12/20, your lawyer for dog attacks in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania gave a free consultation to a Jackson Township man who was attacked by a neighbor’s dog the day before. The Monroe County resident was riding his bicycle on Jackson Road when a large adult male black lab left its property and pursued him.

The vicious dog was unmuzzled, unleashed, unrestrained and unsupervised.  It bit the gentleman’s right ankle. Fortunately, he had on heavy boots and, therefore, did not sustain any physical injuries. Attorney Thomas J. Newell hopes that the Monroe County Dog Warden will file PA Dog Law charges versus the negligent dog owners.


Stroudsburg Dog Attack Attorney Provides Analysis

On 2/28/19, your attorney for dog bite attacks in Stroudsburg PA gave a detailed analysis to a woman whose son had been mauled in East Stroudsburg. The small child was visiting his godmother in the Poconos and was taken to a birthday party. The boy reached down to pick up a piece of candy that had fallen.

Unfortunately, the resident’s family dog was unleashed and unsupervised. It bit the boy in his face. Surgery was performed at Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The Poconos dog bite attorney welcomes the opportunity to represent this young child and present a claim to the dog owner’s homeowners insurance company.


$142,045.00 Stroudsburg Dog Attack Settlement Finalized

On January 29, 2019, a Praecipe to Settle, Discontinue and End was filed with the Orphans’ Court Division of the Monroe County Court of Common Pleas to end the legal process of a $142,045.00 settlement negotiated by the Stroudsburg dog bite attack attorney. Thomas J. Newell, Esquire had obtained the payout necessary to fully fund a tax-free structured settlement annuity for the benefit of a young boy who currently resides in Kunkletown, Pennsylvania.


Stroudsburg Dog Bite Lawyer Contacted

On March 21, 2018, your lawyer for dog attacks in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania received a telephone call from a man whose daughter was attacked by a neighbor’s dog. The aggressive canine was unleashed and unsupervised when it ran across the street and bit her on the thigh. Attorney Newell reviewed the applicable statute from the PA Dog Law and provided his expert analysis regarding her legal options.


Monroe Animal League Helps Raise Money for K-9 Dog

A 9/14/16 article in the Pocono Record highlighted a recent fundraiser for a K-9 dog used by the Stroudsburg Area Regional Police. $452 was raised towards the purchase of a K-9 bullet-and-stab proof vest for the police dog. Additional donations are being sought to purchase a GPS dog tracking system.

The Stroudsburg dog attack injury attorney suggests you call the Monroe Animal League at 570-421-7775 or stop by their office at 112 North 8th Street, Stroudsburg, PA to help out with this worthy cause.

Stroudsburg Dog Attack Lawyer Advises Monroe County Woman

On 9/9/16, the Stroudsburg dog attack attorney provided a free consult to a woman who was knocked to the ground by a neighbor’s unleashed and unsupervised Rottweiler. Attorney Newell advised her to provide Monroe County Dog Warden George Nixon with photographs and video showing the defendant’s Rottweilers running loose in the private community.

PA Dog Law charges are expected to follow, particularly “Failure to Confine.” Testimony from the dog attack victim and her neighbors will be needed at the upcoming District Justice hearing. The Stroudsburg dog attack lawyer has worked with the PA Dog Warden to ensure convictions of negligent dog owners.