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$251,000.00                                Luzerne County PA

On 10/31/19, your Luzerne County dog attack injury lawyer obtained a payout from the defendants’ insurance carrier to conclude a $251,000.00 Luzerne County dog bite settlement. Three years earlier, a female mail carrier was delivering parcels to Wilkes-Barre residences. After dropping off a package at the patrons’ front door, she turned to return to her USPS truck.

Suddenly, and without any warning, 3 unleashed, unsupervised and unmuzzled dogs came out of a doggie door and pursued the postal employee. As she tried to fend off these vicious dogs, she fell and badly injured her left arm/shoulder when they hit the defendants’ concrete driveway. The negligent dog owners did not give her any warning regarding their uncontrolled dogs nor were there any “Beware of Dogs” signs posted.

Medical treatment was rendered at Wilkes-Barre General Hospital. An MRI of her left elbow identified a radial neck fracture. An MRI of her left shoulder revealed that the Exeter resident had sustained a labral tear, along with a subacromial impingement. Conservative treatment was tried. Unfortunately, physical therapy only caused her symptoms of pain and discomfort to worsen. These significant injuries prevented her from returning to her job as a mail carrier which resulted in significant economic losses.

In the meantime, her daughter suggested she meet with a well-known personal injury attorney from the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area. After reviewing the case, the attorney promptly referred it to the Luzerne County dog bite accident lawyer. Attorney Thomas J. Newell immediately met with the USPS employee and her husband in the comfort of their home. His letter of representation to the dog owners resulted in a nasty telephone call from the husband and a defiant stance from their personal attorney who refused to forward the case to his client’s homeowners insurance company.

The attorney for dog bites in Luzerne County filed a 15 page Complaint versus the negligent and reckless dog owners. Attorney Newell aggressively represented his clients’ interests and rapidly moved the case through the litigation process. After the defense attorney took the Plaintiffs’ depositions, the defense insurance company agreed to come to the negotiating table. The Luzerne County dog bite accident attorney was quite happy to negotiate the $251,000.00 Wiles-Barre dog bite injury settlement.

$ 101,000.00                               Luzerne County PA

On 3/23/17, your Luzerne County dog bite lawyer obtained consent from Judge Amesbury for a $101,000.00 Luzerne County PA dog attack settlement on behalf of a young girl mauled by a dog in Shickshinny PA. She was being babysat by her grandparents when their mixed breed dog attacked her without any warning in the fall of 2015.

The little girl sustained multiple dog bite wounds and lacerations to her chest/breast/shoulder area. She was immediately taken to the Emergency Department of Geisinger Medical Center. All of her dog attack wounds were thoroughly cleansed. Fortunately, the vicious dog was up-to-date with its shots and, therefore, no rabies injections were required. Follow-up medical care was needed in order to ensure that no infections had set in.

About a month later, the girl’s parents called the attorney for dog attacks in Luzerne County PA. Attorney Newell immediately scheduled a free home consultation to meet with both parents and their child in the comfort of their Northumberland County residence. He thoroughly discussed the legal process and explained that he would deal with all of the insurance related issues in a timely and professional manner.

About a year after the unprovoked dog attack, chest scar and mass revision surgery was performed by a plastic surgeon at Geisinger Medical Center. The doctor was pleased with the outcome of the surgery and no additional surgical procedure is anticipated while the child is still growing. Also, during the year after the attack, the young girl experienced nightmares and a fear of dogs. As per the suggestion of the lawyer for dog attacks in Luzerne County PA, the child attended 9 counseling sessions by a child psychologist.

Once all the medical care had ended, Attorney Thomas J. Newell obtained his client’s medical records and current photographs. The insurance company’s adjuster agreed to pay its $1,000.00 med pay limit, as well as the $100,000.00 liability coverage limit. The Luzerne County dog attack injury attorney then began negotiations with 2 lien holders – the parents’ health insurance company and Geisinger Health System. Both agreed with Attorney Newell’s request to reduce their repayment demands by 25%.

Attorney Newell then concentrated his efforts on maximizing his client’s net recovery with assistance from Elana Financial & Settlement Architects in Easton PA. A tax-free structured settlement annuity plan was developed. The Luzerne County dog bite accident lawyer presented a detailed plan to Judge William H. Amesbury that resulted in a guarantee of $27,134.55 in additional payments to the dog attack victim above and beyond the original net amount due to her. As a result of Attorney Newell’s work, the young girl is guaranteed to receive a total tax-free payout of $100,443.76.

$ 21,000,00
Luzerne County PA

On 6/21/15, the Luzerne County dog bite attorney concluded a $21,000.00 dog bite settlement claim for a Luzerne County, Pennsylvania resident. An 84 year old woman drove to Hazleton to go shopping at Aldi’s grocery store. As she was walking through the parking lot, she passed behind an SUV. Inexplicably, the owner of the motor vehicle had tied up a Chinese Shar Pei to the rear bumper.

The Luzerne County dog bite victim had no idea that the dog was there. It jumped up and knocked her to the ground. The Drums PA resident was bit on the left arm as she tried to protect her face. Several Good Samaritans came to her aid and pulled the vicious dog off of her. The Luzerne County dog attack victim was driven to Geisinger Careworks for medical care.

The Luzerne County doctors treated her for multiple dog bite wounds to her left arm, wrist and hand. They cut away the dead tissue and provided her with antibiotics. The Luzerne County resident returned to Geisinger 10 days later because the dog bite wounds became infected. She was given additional medication and later underwent two ultrasounds due to a large lump appearing on her left arm.

The Luzerne County dog attack lawyer sent medical records, photographs, as well as a detailed affidavit providing all the facts regarding the unprovoked PA dog bite attack to the defense adjuster. Attorney Newell successfully argued that a jury would have the right to award punitive damages versus the reckless dog owner. What sane person would tether a dog to a 20 foot leash in a busy parking lot while sitting inside his SUV?

Your lawyer for dog bites in Luzerne County was able to negotiate the PA dog attack settlement without the necessity of filing a Luzerne County dog attack lawsuit. Were you also bit by a dog in Luzerne County? Call the Luzerne County dog bite lawyer at 800-980-4842 to schedule your free home consultation.


Who is the Luzerne County PA Dog Warden?

  • Call Jim Spencer at 570-350-9392.
  • Give the PA Dog Warden all the details, as well as photographs of your injuries and the attacking dog if you have them.
  • The Luzerne County dog bite attorney suggests that you call the Luzerne County Dog Warden as soon as possible so he can initiate his PA dog attack investigation.

Is there a difference between Luzerne County personal injury lawyers and Luzerne County dog attack attorneys?

  • Every year there are thousands of personal injury lawsuits filed with the Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas in Wilkes-Barre PA.
  • Luzerne County car crash attorneys must be fully aware of the specifics of the PA Motor Vehicle Code.
  • Knowing the legal requirements of drivers here in Pennsylvania has no connection to the specific obligations of Pennsylvania dog owners as mandated by the PA Dog Law.
  • Your Luzerne County dog attack attorney focuses his law practice on representing PA dog attack victims.
  • Dog bite victims in 38 different Pennsylvania Counties have entrusted Attorney Thomas J. Newell with their PA dog bite claims.
  • Doesn’t your Luzerne County dog attack case deserve to be handled by a Luzerne County dog bite injury attorney who fights for PA dog attack victims every day?

I was bitten by a dog in Wilkes-Barre PA. What should I do next?

  • If the vicious dog broke your skin, please immediately seek medical care. Wilkes-Barre General Hospital is located at 575 N. River Street, Wilkes-Barre PA 18764.
  • The emergency room physicians will determine if they need to administer a tetanus shot and/or a rabies vaccine injection due to your Luzerne County PA dog attack wounds.
  • After you have photographed the dog bite wounds, call the PA Dog Warden for Luzerne County, Jim Spencer @ 570-350-9392.
  • Be prepared to give the Luzerne County Dog Warden a complete description of the unprovoked dog attack, as well as access to the photographs of your dog bite injuries.
  • Telephone the Luzerne County dog bite attorney at 570-421-0893.
  • The attorney for dog bite attacks in Luzerne County will provide you with a free home visit if he determines that you have a viable Luzerne County dog attack case.

What towns in Luzerne County PA will the Luzerne County dog attack lawyer service?

  • The Luzerne County dog attack attorney provides free home consultations to his clients throughout Luzerne County including:
    • Wilkes-Barre (18701, 18702, 18703), Exeter (18643),
    • Hazleton (18201 – 18202), Plymouth (18651), Dallas (18612),
    • Pittston (18640 – 18644), Nanticoke (18634), Kingston (18704),
    • Harveys Lake (18618), Mountain Top (18707), Avoca (18641),
    • West Hazleton (18202), West Pittston (18643), Dupont (18641),
    • Swoyersville (18704), Duryea (18642),  Edwardsville (18704).
  • The Luzerne County dog bite attorney would be happy to review, in detail, your Luzerne County dog bite compensation claim.

When should I contact a Luzerne County dog bite injury lawyer?

  • Attorney Thomas J. Newell often receives e-mails or telephone calls from PA dog bite victims within several days of the Pennsylvania dog attack.
  • The sooner you contact the Luzerne County dog bite lawyer, the earlier he can request information regarding the attacking dog’s background. This includes information re: prior attacks as well as the statutes of the state required rabies vaccination.
  • The Luzerne County dog bite accident attorney will personally review the facts of your Luzerne County Pennsylvania dog attack when you call him at 570-421-0893.



The PA dog attack lawyer has aggressively represented PA dog bite victims in 38 Pennsylvania Counties. The content of this website is for informational purposes only and is NOT legal advice for your specific Pennsylvania dog attack claim. Settlements/verdicts in other PA dog bite claims were based upon the unique set of liability and damage facts of each case, as well as the law that existed at that time.

The PA Dog Law and the legal decisions regarding Pennsylvania dog bite lawsuits can change at any time. Attorney Newell strongly advises you to immediately consult with an experienced Pennsylvania dog bite lawyer to review the facts of your dog attack and the injuries you sustained. The PA dog attack attorney provides free home consultations to all PA dog bite victims whose cases he believes have legal and economic merit.


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Dog Attacks


Another Luzerne County Pit Bull Attack

On 1/9/23, your Attorney for Dog Attacks in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania spoke with a woman whose young granddaughter was attacked by a pit bull. The PA Dog Attack Lawyer reviewed all of the facts with her.

Attorney Newell analyzed all relevant legal and insurance related issues. It is always a difficult legal problem when the pit bull owner is a renter because almost all of those people do not have renter’s/liability insurance.


Luzerne County Pit Bulls On The Loose Again

On 1/4/23, your Lawyer for Pit Bull Attacks in Luzerne County, PA provided a free consultation to a man whose neighborhood is being terrorized by 2 pit bulls. These vicious dogs are constantly running loose, unrestrained and unmuzzled.

Attorney Thomas J. Newell recommended that the man photograph/video the pit bulls when they are off of their owners’ property. Then, have PA Dog Law charges filed by their local police department.


Luzerne County Dog Bite Lawyer Speaks with Pit Bull Attack Victim

On 9/15/22, your Wilkes Barre dog attack attorney provided a detailed review to a woman who had been attacked by a pit bull, a pit bull mix and another dog in Plains, PA. She had been visiting has aunt’s apartment when a fellow tenant could not control his 3 vicious dogs.

She was bitten on her foot and needed two stitches to close the dog bite wounds. A tetanus shot was administered, as well as 3 rabies shots because the dangerous dogs were not up-to-date with their rabies injections. Multiple PA Dog Law violations are apparent.


Female Victim Contacts Luzerne County Dog Bite Attorney

On 11/15/20, your attorney for dog bites in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania provided a free analysis to a West Pittston PA woman. Earlier that morning, she was walking her dog on a leash on the sidewalk near her residence. Without any warning, 2 of her neighbor’s dogs came running towards her and her family pet. These aggressive canines were unleashed, unmuzzled and without any human supervision.

The PA dog attack caused her to fall to the ground resulting in injuries to her hip, elbow and hands. Medical treatment is being provided by her family physician. The Luzerne County dog bite injury lawyer hopes that the West Pittston Police Department will file PA Dog Law violations versus the negligent dog owner.


Luzerne County Dog Attack Lawyer Obtains Critical Evidence

On 5/8/19, your lawyer for dog bites in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania obtained the PA Dog Warden’s Report from the PA Department of Agriculture. Attorney Newell’s client had been walking on a street in Nanticoke PA when he was surrounded by a pack of 3 unleashed dogs.

The Luzerne County Dog Warden’s Report noted that the dog owners were cited for failing to have one of their dogs properly vaccinated for rabies. The attorney for dog attacks in Luzerne County PA was disappointed that the Dog Warden did not charge them with violating the PA Dog Law, most specifically Section 305 – “Failure to Confine.”


Luzerne County Dog Attack Attorney Consulted

On 11/6/18, your attorney for dog attacks in Luzerne County provided a free consultation to a woman who was attacked on Halloween at a Luzerne County Dog Park. A negligent dog owner permitted his unleashed dog to run around without any control or supervision. The aggressive canine rammed into her leg.

Medical treatment was rendered at Geisinger Medical Center. The Luzerne County dog attack victim is currently experiencing numbness in her foot. Attorney Newell believes the dog owner is in violation of Section 305 of the PA Dog Law – “Failure to Confine.”


Luzerne County Dog Bite Lawyer Advises Owner of Dog Bitten in Petco

On 11/14/17, your lawyer for dog bites in Luzerne County received a telephone call from a Luzerne County resident. She had taken her Coonhound along with her to the Petco in Edwardsville Pennsylvania while she was purchasing dog food. They encountered a dog trainer who was working with a mixed breed dog.

The trainer asked if she would permit her puppy to interact with this dog. After recurring assurances that it would be safe, she brought her Coonhound over. Suddenly, the mixed breed dog launched an unprovoked attack and bit her family pet’s shoulder.


Nanticoke Dog Attack Victim Contacts Luzerne County Dog Bite Attorney

On 9/21/17, your attorney for dog attacks in Luzerne County spoke with a Nanticoke man who was attacked by a pack of unleashed and unsupervised dogs on 9/19/17 in the 700 block of Prospect Street. The 2 German Shepherds and Akita surrounded him and bit his leg and buttock. Medical care was required at a nearby hospital which included stitches, a tetanus shot and antibiotics. The Luzerne County dog bite lawyer urged the Nanticoke resident to provide the PA Dog Warden, Jim Spencer, with all the details re: the unprovoked dog attack.


$101,000.00 Dog Bite Settlement Finalized By Luzerne County Dog Bite Lawyer

On 5/1/17, your lawyer for dog attacks in Luzerne County PA filed of record an Affidavit of Annuity Funding in the Court of Common Pleas of Luzerne County Pennsylvania, Civil Division. This legal pleading provided Judge Amesbury with proof that Attorney Newell completed all of the necessary steps to fund a structured settlement annuity as a result of the $101,000.00 Luzerne County dog attack settlement. The young girl is guaranteed to receive $100,443.76 in tax-free payouts due to this PA dog bite settlement negotiated by her legal counsel.


Luzerne County Dog Attack Lawyer Provides Free Consult

On 4/7/17, your attorney for dog bites in Luzerne County provided a free consultation to a Wilkes-Barre area woman whose son was attacked by a neighbor’s pit bull several days earlier. The boy’s basketball had gone over a neighbor’s fence. After he had jumped the fence to get the ball, the neighbor let out his pit bull. The dog immediately pursued the child and bit his leg. Attorney Thomas J. Newell reviewed the relevant statutory language of the PA Dog Law with the boy’s mother. There was no “Failure to Confine” (Section 305) because the pit bull attack took place within the neighbor’s confined backyard.


Mother of Dog Bite Victim Contacts Luzerne County Dog Attack Attorney

On 2/28/17, your lawyer for dog attacks in Luzerne County received a call from a woman whose son was bitten by 2 unleashed labs the week earlier. The child was walking the family’s mixed breed dog on a leash when they were attacked by the unrestrained dogs in Drums PA.

The PA dog bite victim was treated by his pediatrician with a tetanus shot and antibiotics. The dog attack wounds to his hip and buttock were cleansed. The Luzerne County dog bite injury lawyer suggested that the mother immediately report the unprovoked dog attack to the PA Dog Warden. Hopefully, PA Dog Law citations will be issued, especially “Failure to Confine.”


Unrestrained Pit Bull Attacks In Wilkes-Barre

On 6/20/16, an unrestrained and unsupervised pit bull was running loose on Holland Street in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. The pit bull made an unprovoked attack upon another dog. Shocked bystanders called 911.

Wilkes-Barre Police arrived and were forced to shoot the pit bull twice to stop the dog attack. PA Dog Law charges should be filed versus the negligent pit bull owner – a resident of Nanticoke, Luzerne County, PA.