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$ 508,613.84                                           York PA

On 10/1/12, your York dog attack lawyer obtained approval from a York County Orphans’ Court Judge to settle a York County dog bite claim for over $500,000.00. In June of 2010, a young child and his mother were visiting a family friend in Hanover Pennsylvania. The woman’s son owned two pit bulls that were kept in an enclosed area in the backyard.

That evening, the boy went outside to catch fireflies. Apparently, the two pit bulls jumped over the fence and mauled the eight year old child. His mother put herself in harm’s way by jumping on top of the boy. The pit bulls also attacked her. With the help of many Good Samaritans, the mother and child were able to escape the two vicious pit bulls and make it safely into their host’s home.

The York County PA dog attack victim was admitted to Penn State Hershey Medical Center where he was a patient for 7 days. Ultimately, he underwent 17 surgeries to help repair the horrific facial/head dog bite wounds. The boy also received significant medical treatment from the expert physicians at Yale-New Haven Hospital.

Prior to their son’s discharge from Penn State Hershey, the parents evaluated all of their legal options and knew that it was essential to retain the top York dog bite lawyer. The boy’s mother telephoned Attorney Thomas J. Newell and he met with family members in Hershey PA the following day. The lawyer for pit bull attacks in York County also drove to Connecticut to talk to the parents in their home State.

Once he was hired, the York dog attack injury lawyer spoke with the Hanover Police Department and the York County Dog Warden regarding both criminal charges and PA Dog Law citations versus the negligent pit bull owner. Attorney Newell also attended two separate hearings before the local York County District Justice in Hanover, as well as a trial in the City of York before a York County Court of Common Pleas Criminal Trial Judge.

Unfortunately, the pit bull owner was an uninsured renter. The insurance company for the property owner filed a lawsuit versus the innocent victim and its insured claiming it did not owe insurance coverage in this case. The Declaratory Judgment Complaint was filed in both Federal and State Courts. Your York dog bite injury attorney was able to defeat both lawsuits and fully preserve his clients’ legal claims.

Ultimately, the homeowners insurance company agreed to pay its liability policy limit of $500,000.00, plus med-pay payouts of $8,613.84. The lawyer for dog attacks in York County PA prepared a detailed Minor’s Compromise Petition for Judge Blackwell. The Judge was pleased to approve this groundbreaking York County dog bite settlement.

$ 101,000.00                                       York PA

On October 1, 2015, your York dog attack attorney received the maximum York County dog bite settlement possible of $101,000.00, just four months after his client was attacked by a Rottweiler. A woman was invited to a City of York home to celebrate the 2015 Memorial Day Weekend. The couple who were hosting the party owned a Rottweiler that had attacked others in the past.

Initially, the dog owners acted in a prudent fashion and kept their aggressive dog restrained inside their York County house while their guests partied outside. As the party was concluding, one of the homeowners let the dog out of the house without a leash and with only a bark muzzle in place. The Rottweiler pursued and bit the woman as she was standing in the backyard. She was rushed to York Hospital via ambulance.

The PA dog attack victim’s facial wound required surgery and she was admitted to the hospital for several days of recovery.  Once she was discharged and returned home, the City of York resident researched various York dog attack law firms in order to select the top York dog bite lawyer. She telephoned Attorney Thomas J. Newell who promptly provided her with a free home consultation. Attorney Newell immediately filed a Right-To-Know request with Harrisburg to obtain evidence regarding past vicious propensities of this Rottweiler.

The attorney for dog attacks in York County PA obtained a PA Dog Warden Report concerning a 2012 unprovoked dog attack by this Rottweiler. Evidence obtained from social media also indicated that a dog trainer hired by the dog’s owners was unable to improve the temperament of this vicious dog. Attorney Thomas J. Newell informed the homeowners insurance company that he intended to file a York County lawsuit with a punitive damage claim if the City of York dog attack case could not be promptly settled.

In the meantime, the York dog bite injury lawyer was negotiating with the victim’s health insurance carrier concerning its lien in the Pennsylvania personal injury claim. Ultimately, Attorney Newell was able to convince them to accept as full reimbursement less than 50% of the amount of the medical bills they paid for health care rendered as a result of the unprovoked York County dog attack.

The insurance company for the dog owners had a contract which provided $100,000.00 for personal injury liability coverage and $1,000.00 for medical bill expenses. The York dog attack injury attorney promptly sent them medical records, medical bills and photographs. Attorney Thomas J. Newell was happy to have concluded the York County dog bite claim for the maximum economic recovery possible in just four months!

$ 92,268.00                                          York PA

In June of 2012, your York dog bite attorney received permission from Judge Blackwell of the Orphans’ Court Division of the York County Court of Common Pleas to resolve a City of York dog bite claim for a total payment of $92,268.00. One year earlier, a child was playing in her backyard in downtown York. A three foot tall fence separated her yard from that of the neighbors’.

As the two-year old was walking back into her house, the neighbors’ Rottweiler jumped up and bit the little girl in the back of her head. She was taken by ambulance to Memorial Hospital in the City of York. A plastic surgeon was called in to repair the dog attack wounds. A total of 18 stitches were used to repair the damage. Several follow-up appointments were needed to ensure that there were no problems with infections.

The lawyer for dog bites in York PA met with the dog attack victim and her mother in the City of York. Photographs were taken of the inadequate fence. Attorney Newell later returned to the victim’s home to allow the defense adjuster to take current photographs of the victim’s head/scalp. Fortunately, the dog bite wounds were in her hairline.

Attorney Thomas J. Newell initiated multiple contacts with the City of York Animal Control Officer. Ultimately, they filed numerous PA Dog Law charges versus the negligent dog owners, including Harboring a Dangerous Dog and Failure to Confine. The York dog bite accident attorney provided the animal control officer with information regarding past vicious propensities. The dog owners plead guilty to the PA Dog Law citations, thereby eliminating the necessity of the victim and her mother having to testify about the ordeal at a hearing.

Once the medical records, medical bills and photographs were obtained by the lawyer for dog attacks in York Pennsylvania, Attorney Newell forwarded them, along with a detailed analysis to the homeowners’ adjuster. A tax-free guaranteed structured settlement annuity was agreed to that provided a total payout of $92,268.00 to the York County dog bite victim. Her mother was pleased that she did not have to file a York PA dog attack lawsuit versus their neighbors.


What criteria should you use when choosing a York dog bite accident lawyer?

    Your York dog bite lawyer gives his personal attention to every new potential dog attack client that contacts Attorney Thomas J. Newell. Call him today at 800-980-4842. Attorney Newell would be happy to review the details of your York City dog attack claim and evaluate how to best use the PA Dog Law.
    Once he has concluded that you have a legitimate PA dog attack claim, the attorney for dog bites in York Pennsylvania will promptly schedule a free HOME consultation at your York County PA residence. Usually, Attorney Newell can meet with you within 1 to 3 business days of the date of your initial telephone conference.
    The York dog bite injury lawyer has been representing Pennsylvania personal injury victims since 1981. Doesn’t your York County dog attack case deserve the expertise of a trial lawyer with over three decades of litigation experience? Attorney Newell has been designated a “Super Lawyer” by Thomson Reuters – an honor bestowed on less that 5% of the attorneys in Pennsylvania.
    The attorney for dog attacks in York PA has an established track record of obtaining outstanding dog bite settlements in York County PA. Attorney Newell has obtained dog attack compensation payouts of $508,613.84, $101,000.00 and $92,268.00 for three of his York dog bite clients.Please be reminded that past settlement results do NOT guarantee a specific economic payout in other dog bite cases. Each York City dog attack claim must be analyzed based upon the specific facts of that case. Attorney Thomas J. Newell takes into consideration numerous factors when placing a true settlement value upon each PA dog bite claim he represents.
    The lawyer for dog bites in York PA guarantees that he will always personally represent you with your PA dog attack claim. Attorney Newell is a solo practitioner – not a member of a large law firm. You never have to worry that your dog bite case will be shuffled off to a young associate lawyer fresh out of law school.
    Who do you believe would best serve your legal needs as a York dog bite injury attorney – a general practice lawyer who may have worked on 3 or 4 dog bite cases in his life, or an attorney whose daily focus is on fighting for dog attack victims throughout Pennsylvania? Attorney Newell’s passion in being an aggressive advocate for PA dog bite victims is proven by the outstanding results he has obtained throughout the years for his Pennsylvania dog attack clients.
    Cathy McKinney is the PA Dog Warden in charge of investigating dog attacks in York County. Your York dog attack injury lawyer urges you to immediately report your dog bite case to the Pennsylvania Dog Warden at 717-329-5106. Provide Ms. McKinney with photographs of your dog attack wounds, as well as copies of medical records and bills.
    Attorney Newell hopes that the PA Dog Warden will agree to file charges versus the irresponsible dog owner under the PA Dog Law. Section 305 is entitled “Failure to Confine.” It details the legal obligations of dog owners to safely and properly confine their dogs. Section 502-A is the “Harboring a Dangerous Dog” statute. Convictions under this section of the PA Dog Law carry significant fines, fees and mandate specific modifications in the behavior of reckless dog owners. The York dog bite injury attorney urges you to attend a District Justice hearing, if requested by the PA Dog Warden.
    There are many York County personal injury attorneys who have significant experience in representing slip and fall victims or individuals hurt by a defective product. Dog bite victims in 38 different Pennsylvania Counties have chosen Attorney Newell to serve as their legal counsel. Call your York dog bite accident lawyer today at 1-800-980-4842 to set up your free home consultation.

Is there a difference between a City of York personal injury lawyer and a York dog bite accident attorney?

  • There are numerous York County attorneys who represent Pennsylvania personal injury victims harmed by a negligent physician or defective product.
  • However, understanding the latest PA judicial decisions on medical malpractice claims does not provide counsel with the specific legal knowledge necessary to have expertise as a York dog attack lawyer.
  • The PA Dog Law bears nothing in common with the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Act. Your York dog attack injury attorney has years of experience in working with PA laws concerning dog bite cases.
  • Attorney Newell has been honored to represent dog attack victims in 38 different Pennsylvania Counties.
  • Doesn’t your child’s dog attack claim deserve to be handled by an experienced York dog bite accident lawyer?
  • The focus of Thomas J. Newell’s law practice is aggressively serving the legal needs of PA dog bite victims on a daily basis. You deserve that level of dedication and hard work.
  • The attorney for dog bites in York PA has represented numerous York County dog attack victims throughout his lengthy legal career.
  • Would you rather have a local product liability attorney serve as your child’s legal counsel or an experienced and knowledgeable York City dog bite injury lawyer?
  • Frequently, Thomas J. Newell, Esq. deals with the same insurance company representative in case after case. This permits the York dog attack attorney to use these relationships to cut to the chase and expedite prompt and successful settlements of Pennsylvania dog bite cases.
  • Other attorneys read about Attorney Newell’s successful results and try to apply them to their cases. Your lawyer for dog attacks in York City uses the power of his own results to the advantage of his current and future clients.
  • Over the last few years, Thomas J. Newell, Esq. has obtained dog bite settlement results of $508,613.84, $101,000.00 and $92,268.00 for three of his York County dog bite clients. Your York dog bite injury attorney’s results are well known to homeowners insurance company representatives who must deal with this track record of proven results.
  • Notwithstanding that past history, each York dog bite victim must comprehend that their case must be evaluated on the merits of the individual facts regarding their dog bite claim. Outstanding past results obtained by your lawyer for dog bites in York Pennsylvania do not guarantee a specific settlement amount in your case.
  • You have just one opportunity to have your dog bite claim handled by an experienced, aggressive and results-oriented York dog attack injury attorney. Telephone Attorney Newell now at 800-980-4842.
  • Thomas J. Newell, Esquire will personally review the facts of your case – not a staff member! If the York dog attack injury lawyer believes he can prove negligence on the part of the dog owner, he will schedule a free HOME consultation at your York County home.
  • Your child’s dog attack claim deserves to be handled by a York dog bite accident attorney with the passion, dedication to personal service and experience necessary to maximize the settlement value of this PA dog bite case.
  • Once the initial medical care has concluded, Attorney Newell encourages all York dog bite victims to call the PA Dog Warden responsible to investigate York dog attacks – Cathy McKinney 717-329-5106.
  • The lawyer for dog bites in York PA usually attends District Justice Hearings scheduled after negligent dog owners have been charged with violating the PA Dog Law after their dog has attacked one of his clients.



The PA dog attack lawyer has aggressively represented PA dog bite victims in 38 Pennsylvania Counties. The content of this website is for informational purposes only and is NOT legal advice for your specific Pennsylvania dog attack claim. Settlements/verdicts in other PA dog bite claims were based upon the unique set of liability and damage facts of each case, as well as the law that existed at that time.

The PA Dog Law and the legal decisions regarding Pennsylvania dog bite lawsuits can change at any time. Attorney Newell strongly advises you to immediately consult with an experienced Pennsylvania dog bite lawyer to review the facts of your dog attack and the injuries you sustained. The PA dog attack attorney provides free home consultations to all PA dog bite victims whose cases he believes have legal and economic merit.


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Dog Attacks


Red Lion Akita Attack Injures Child

On 2/23/23, your Lawyer for Dog Attacks in York PA received a telephone call from a woman whose young son was attacked by a relative’s Akita. The boy’s head was bitten so severely that the laceration required 13 stitches to close. The doctors at York Hospital prescribed antibiotics and thoroughly cleaned the dog bite wound.

Attorney Thomas J. Newell reviewed the key provisions of the PA Dog Law and other relevant legal issues with her.


Your Dog Bite Lawyer Gives Free Home Consult

On 1/28/22, your attorney for dog bites in York County, Pennsylvania provided a free home visit to a Red Lion, PA dog attack victim. In the summer of 2021, she had been jogging on a road near her home when 4 unleashed, unsupervised, uncontrolled and unmuzzled dogs pursued and attacked her. A large adult German Shepherd bit her leg.  One of its owners stood by and did nothing.

Attorney Thomas J. Newell will be aggressively pursuing every possible civil personal injury remedy available to the York County dog bite victim.


York Dog Attack Attorney Contacted

On 11/19/18, the York dog attack lawyer gave a free consult to a York County woman who was attacked over the weekend by a pack of 4 dogs. She was visiting a relative and knocked on the front door. The homeowner told her to come inside.  Almost instantaneously, the 4 unleashed dogs started to bite her.

An ambulance was called to the York PA dog attack scene. The woman was rushed to a local hospital. The dog bite wounds to her lower extremity were cleaned and anti-infection medication was prescribed.


York Dog Bite Attorney Provides Free Consultation

On 8/14/17, your York dog attack lawyer provided a free consultation to a Dover PA woman whose poodle was mauled by a pit bull two days earlier. The little dog was being walked on a leash when a pit bull jumped thru a window and viciously assaulted her pet. The poodle was rushed to the local veterinarian and thousands of dollars have been spent to save its life.

The lawyer for dog bites in York County urged the woman to immediately report the unprovoked pit bull attack to the York County Dog Warden. Hopefully, PA Dog Law charges will be filed vs. the pit bull owner.


York Dog Bite Lawyer Consulted

On 4/27/17, your attorney for dog attacks in York County was contacted by a man whose dog was attacked by a neighbor’s unleashed beagle. His pet was bitten in the leg. The dog attack wound became infected and the dog’s leg had to be amputated. The negligent dog owner had refused to pay the $8,000.00 in vet bills incurred as a result of this unprovoked dog attack. Attorney Newell advised the victim to immediately contact the York County Dog Warden and request that PA Dog Law charges be filed.

Another Irresponsible City of York Dog Owner

On 3/29/17, your York dog attack attorney informed the mother of a 9 year old York PA dog bite victim that a negligent dog owner continues to ignore Attorney Newell’s letters of representation. In the fall of 2016, her son was playing with a friend who lived down the street. Suddenly and without any warning, a neighbor’s unleashed rottweiler attacked the child.

The lawyer for dog bites in York Pennsylvania provided a free home consultation just 7 days post attack. Thomas J. Newell, Esq. then promptly contacted government officials in Harrisburg to see if there were any reports of prior attacks. In the meantime, the rottweiler owner has ignored 3 letters sent to him by Attorney Newell. It appears that the negligent dog owner is uninsured. Therefore, the only remaining legal recourse for the mother would be to file a York County dog bite lawsuit versus the defendant.


York Dog Attack Lawyer Speaks With Pit Bull Attack Victim

On 3/2/17, the York dog bite attorney provided a free consultation to a York City man who had been attacked by a pit bull in 2016. The gentleman had been visiting an acquaintance on West Mason Avenue when one of the 2 pit bulls owned by the tenant bit his hand.

The York resident was rushed to York Hospital where he was admitted. Surgery was required to repair his fractured hand. The attorney for dog attacks in York City reviewed with the victim Pennsylvania laws regarding liability of tenants and owners due to a PA dog attack.


York Dog Bite Lawyer Provides Free Consult

On 12/16/16, your attorney for dog attacks in York PA provided a free consultation to a City of York man who was mauled by a friend’s pit bull. The gentleman was an invited guest who was suddenly and without warning attacked by this vicious dog inside his friend’s residence.

The dog bite victim was rushed to a local York County hospital where he underwent surgery to his left hand. The York dog attack lawyer reviewed various factors in analyzing whether the out-of-possession landlord would be responsible for the unprovoked attack by his tenant’s dog.

York Dog Attack Attorney Contacted After Pit Bull Attack

On 9/13/16, your York City dog bite lawyer provided a free consultation to the mother of a nine year old boy who was recently mauled by a Rottweiler. The child was playing with some friends on Lexington Street in York PA when the unleashed Rottweiler ran off its property and attacked the boy biting him several times in the buttocks. The York dog bite victim was rushed to Memorial Hospital for emergency medical treatment. The York City Animal Control Office is investigating this unprovoked animal attack and is considering filing PA Dog Law charges.