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$ 152,000.00                                  Quakertown PA

In May of 2015, your Quakertown dog bite attorney obtained approval from the Bucks County Court of Common Pleas to settle a PA dog attack claim after a boy was mauled in Richlandtown Pennsylvania in 2013. The child was riding his bike on a street near his home while talking to his friends. Suddenly, and without any warning, an unleashed Golden Retriever pursued and attacked him.

The Bucks County PA dog attack victim was rushed to St. Luke’s Hospital in Quakertown Pennsylvania. A plastic surgeon was called in to perform surgery on the facial dog bite wounds. Due to a lack of timely cooperation on the part of the dog owners, the boy also endured receiving rabies injections on four different occasions. In addition to dealing with his physical wounds, the boy suffered from nightmares, flashbacks and difficulty sleeping.

After the child’s dog bite injuries stabilized, his father evaluated various Bucks County dog bite law firms. His highest priority was to choose the top Quakertown dog attack lawyer. Attorney Thomas J. Newell provided the boy’s family with a free home consultation at their Bucks County residence. After he was hired, Attorney Newell obtained a copy of all the medical records, medical billing statements and photographs of the facial dog attack wounds. The lawyer for dog bites in Quakertown PA requested that the boy be examined by a board certified plastic surgeon one year after the unprovoked animal attack to ensure that no further plastic surgery was required.

Once Attorney Newell had reached a settlement agreement with the dog owner’s homeowners insurance company, he employed the services of a financial expert to formulate a structured settlement annuity package that would provide tax-free payments at ages 18, 19, 20 and 21. The attorney for dog attacks in Quakertown Pennsylvania presented a detailed Petition for Minor’s Compromise to Judge McMaster of the Bucks County Orphans’ Court. The judge approved the settlement on 5/21/15. The Quakertown dog bite injury lawyer was especially happy to have settled the Bucks County dog attack claim without having his young client relive the ordeal by testifying at trial in Doylestown PA.

$ 128,000.00                      Quakertown PA

In January of 2021, your Quakertown dog attack lawyer obtained a $128,000.00 Bucks County dog attack settlement. Several years earlier, a high school student who lived near Quakertown was at a party hosted by one of her classmates. The homeowners had an Akita which they knew had previously bitten 2 other teenagers. Instead of locking the vicious dog up in another room, they exercised very poor judgment in allowing the dog to roam freely about the party.

The inevitable did happen. The aggressive Akita initiated an unprovoked attack and bit her on the upper lip. The dog owners called the girl’s parents. They picked her up at the defendants’ Telford PA residence and rushed her to Grandview Hospital in Sellersville, PA. An ER physician injected her face in 2 different areas in order to numb the locations. Four sutures were used to close one dog attack laceration, 3 stitches were needed to close the second wound.

Antibiotics were prescribed. She was evaluated by the staff at her pediatrician’s office three times over the next month. Fortunately, no infections set in. She followed their recommendation to have an expert evaluate the facial wounds.  Two different plastic surgeons provided their evaluations. Both opined that plastic surgery at this time was not medically necessary as they could not guarantee any substantial improvement regarding the appearance of the scar.

In the meantime, your Quakertown dog attack injury lawyer provided a free home consultation. Attorney Thomas J. Newell met with the young woman, as well as her 2 parents. Once it was clear that no additional medical treatment was required, he ordered her medical records and bills. Current facial scar photos were also obtained.

The dog owners’ homeowners insurance company took the bizarre legal position that their insureds did nothing wrong and refused to pay even a penny in settlement for this personal injury claim. Your Quakertown dog bite law firm filed a lawsuit versus the Akita owners in the Bucks County Court of Common Pleas. After going through the initial aspects of litigation, the attorneys agreed to a Mediation.

A seasoned personal injury litigator from Doylestown PA was chosen to meet with the parties and their lawyers to attempt to come up with a settlement all could accept. Ultimately, the defense agreed to make a total payout of $128,000.00. In need of a Quakertown dog attack law firm? Call Attorney Thomas J. Newell today at 215-538-5350.

$ 33,500.00                                        Quakertown PA

In October of 2016, the Quakertown dog attack lawyer obtained a $33,500.00 dog attack settlement after an unprovoked dog bite settlement for a man who was living in Quakertown Pennsylvania. The gentleman was working in Philadelphia laying cable lines in a public alleyway. One of the residents owned a pit bull that was unleashed and unsupervised while running around in its backyard.

The pit bull jumped up over the fence and bit the Bucks County worker on his right arm. He was treated at St. Luke’s Hospital in Quakertown. The ER physician noted three areas of full thickness lacerations over his right upper arm and biceps. The dog attack wounds were thoroughly cleansed and irrigated. Antibiotic ointment was applied to help ward off infection. A tetanus shot was also given to the pit bull attack victim.

Two days later, the worker returned to St. Luke’s Quakertown Hospital where he was admitted because an infection had developed in his right arm. Various medications were administered intravenously. He was also injected with Enoxaparin sodium and released the following day. As his recuperation was proceeding, the Bucks County man knew how important it was to identify the top Quakertown dog attack lawyer. The attorney for dog bites in Quakertown Pennsylvania met with the dog attack victim at his Bucks County residence and laid out a detailed plan to maximize the value of his PA dog bite claim.

Attorney Thomas J. Newell obtained video of the pit bull jumping up and over the dog owner’s fence. He forwarded that evidence to the homeowner’s insurance company, along with his client’s medical records and scar photographs. The Quakertown dog bite accident lawyer strenuously argued that his client would be entitled to a punitive damage recovery. Attorney Newell averred that if the case went to trial due to the pit bull owner’s failure to have her dog up-to-date with its rabies shots, the jury could award the gentleman punitive damages. The pit bull victim was very happy to have received the $32,500.00 settlement without having to to through the ordeal of a personal injury lawsuit.

$ 18,099.50                                 Quakertown PA

In June of 2018, your Quakertown dog bite attorney obtained a pre-litigation Bucks County dog attack settlement of $18,099.50. A woman was a customer at a Quakertown (18951) area Veterinary office. She was at the counter checking-in her Cock-a-Poo for her grooming. Another patron walked by with his black Labrador Retriever. This dog became very aggressive.

The Bucks County, Pennsylvania resident instinctively put her body between the 2 dogs in order to protect her family pet. The man’s dog suddenly and without any warning bit her on her leg. The vicious dog’s owner neither acknowledged the attack, nor offered an apology. The vet staff supplied her with ice and advised her to immediately seek medical treatment. They gave the dog bite victim their insurance information, however their insurance carrier refused to pay any of her medical bills.

The Richlandtown PA (18955) native obtained medical treatment that day from her family doctor. She had sustained several puncture wounds that broke the skin on her left leg. The dog bite wounds were cleaned and she was given a prescription for Augmentin. Several weeks later, she had a follow-up visit after developing a yeast infection due to the antibiotics that she was taking. Her medication was changed and she was instructed to use wet compresses on the wounds.

In the meantime, your Quakertown dog bite injury lawyer provided her with a free consultation. She was quite distraught over how everyone handled the situation. The vet office charged her $50.00 to examine her dog following the attack. After her protests, they refunded the fee. The dog owner never apologized, never showed any compassion toward her and did not offer to help her in any way with her bleeding leg.

Attorney Thomas J. Newell ordered, paid for and reviewed his client’s medical bills and records. The Quakertown dog bite accident attorney relayed to the defense adjuster how distraught his client was regarding the callous attitude of the negligent dog owner. He made it very clear that the Defendant’s post attack actions would be a pivotal part of his evidence at trial if no settlement could be reached. Ultimately, the homeowners insurance carrier relented and your Quakertown dog attack law firm settled the case for $18,099.50.

Live in the 18951 zip code or surrounding Bucks County towns? Call Attorney Newell ASAP at 215-538-5350.

$ 17,500.00                                    Quakertown PA

In July of 2017, the attorney for dog bites in Quakertown PA concluded a Bucks County dog attack legal claim for a $17,500.00 settlement. A Lehigh Valley woman decided to go to a Bucks County animal rescue shelter to see if she could adopt a mixed breed dog. The rescue organization assured her that the Cane Corso/Mastiff mix was “sweet.” She made a specific appointment to meet the dog and was greeted by a volunteer upon her arrival.

The woman was instructed to enter the dog pen where the mixed breed canine was on a leash controlled by a handler. The Northampton County resident was told to offer the dog a treat. Without moving forward or taking any sudden movement, the victim was nonetheless attacked by the Cane Corso/Mastiff mix. She was rushed to the Emergency Room Department of St. Luke’s Quakertown Hospital. A large laceration to her right wrist/palm was examined by the ER doctor.

The dog bite wound required immediate care which included: irrigating the laceration, an injection of Lidocaine, the application of seven stitches and a tetanus shot. Prescriptions for pain and anti-infection were given to the Bath PA resident. Follow-up medical care was rendered by her family doctor who referred the woman to an orthopedic specialist. The expert applied a splint and advised his client to continue taking the antibiotics and pain medication.

In the meantime, Attorney Newell received a call regarding this unprovoked dog attack. The Quakertown dog bite lawyer provided a free home consultation just five days post attack. He promptly forwarded a letter of legal representation to the animal rescue facility and monitored his client’s medical treatment. The orthopedic doctor referred his patient to physical therapy sessions which she attended for approximately three weeks.

Unfortunately, a compromise agreement was initially unable to be agreed upon. The Quakertown dog bite injury attorney then filed a Writ of Summons versus the shelter. Attorney Thomas J. Newell entered into settlement negotiations with the defense attorney. Ultimately, the $17,500.00 Quakertown dog attack settlement was then agreed to prior to the filing of the PA dog bite Complaint.

$$$$$                                               Quakertown PA

In January of 2009, your Quakertown dog attack attorney negotiated a Bucks County dog bite settlement for a woman who had been attacked in 2008. The Bucks County resident had visited a farm just outside of Quakertown to spend time with her friend and her friend’s horse that was boarded at the farm. Unfortunately, the owner of the farm had an aggressive German Shepherd mixed breed dog that was unleashed and unsupervised with full access to all areas of the farm.

Without any warning, the vicious dog snuck up from behind and bit the unsuspecting victim on the leg. She was taken to St. Luke’s Hospital in Quakertown, Pennsylvania. The ER doctor administered a tetanus shot and used 4 stitches to close the dog attack wound. The lawyer for dog attacks in Quakertown PA provided a free home consultation to the woman in the comfort of her Bucks County residence.

Attorney Newell obtained all of the medical records, medical bills and dog bite wound photographs. He sent them to the defense adjuster, along with a detailed analysis of the applicability of the PA Dog Law, particularly the Failure to Confine Statute. The Quakertown dog attack injury attorney was pleased to have successfully resolved the Bucks County PA dog bite claim within four months of being hired.

$$$$$                                                Quakertown PA

In the spring of 2009, your Quakertown dog bite lawyer successfully concluded a Bucks County Pennsylvania dog attack case. A woman had traveled to her vet’s office in Quakertown PA to purchase some cat food. As she walked by the front counter, an adult male boxer lunged at her and bit her on the thigh. This dog had a history of aggressive conduct and its owner did not have the boxer under proper control.

The Bucks County dog bite victim was transported to St. Luke’s Hospital in Quakertown. The Emergency Room doctor cut away the dead tissue, cleansed the leg wound and administered a tetanus shot. The woman followed the doctor’s orders and took all of the anti-infection medication that was prescribed.

The Quakertown dog bite injury attorney met with the dog attack victim in her Bucks County PA home and reviewed all of her legal options with her. Attorney Thomas J. Newell then ordered and paid for all of her medical records. He sent them, along with scar photographs, to the dog owner’s insurance company. A short time later, the Quakertown dog bite accident lawyer was able to settle the animal bite case without having to file a Bucks County Pennsylvania dog attack lawsuit.


What characteristics should I consider when choosing a Quakertown dog attack injury lawyer?

    Your Quakertown dog bite accident attorney has been litigating Bucks County PA personal injury claims since 1986. Doesn’t your case deserve to be handled by a lawyer with over three decades of trial experience? Telephone Attorney Thomas J. Newell today at 215-538-5350.
    The Quakertown dog attack lawyer is a firm believer in the aggressive use of Pennsylvania’s Dog Law to prosecute claims versus negligent/reckless dog owners. The Failure to Confine Statute (Section 305) and the Harboring a Dangerous Dog Statute (Section 502-A) are excellent tools that Attorney Newell uses to maximize the value of PA dog bite claims.
    Why speak with an employee of a large law firm when you can have your dog attack claim personally reviewed by the attorney for dog bites in Quakertown Pennsylvania? Attorney Newell will provide you with a complete and honest evaluation of your animal attack case.
    If your Bucks County dog bite claim has legal and economic merit, the Quakertown dog attack injury lawyer will immediately schedule a free HOME consultation in the comfort of your Bucks County PA residence. Usually, he can arrange to meet with you within one to three days after your initial phone consultation.
    Attorney Thomas J. Newell fights for Pennsylvania dog attack victims daily. His law practice focuses on two main priorities: 1) Maximizing the financial payouts for his dog bite clients and, 2) making neighborhoods safer by giving dog owners every possible reason to be more responsible when training and caring for their dogs.
    Your Quakertown dog bite injury attorney has been chosen by dog attack victims in 38 different Pennsylvania Counties (including Bucks County and Montgomery County) to serve as their legal representative. Doesn’t your PA dog bite claim deserve that level of legal expertise and experience?
    There are many large Bucks County PA personal injury law firms that handle product liability cases, medical malpractice claims, etc. The Quakertown dog bite accident lawyer is a solo practitioner with 39 years of experience who will always serve as your legal counsel. You only have one chance to have your Pennsylvania dog bite claim handled professionally and expeditiously.
    Attorney Thomas J. Newell has negotiated dog bite settlements of $100,000.00 or more in the following areas: Bucks County, Montgomery County, Lehigh County, Carbon County, Berks County, Monroe County, Lebanon County, York County, Adams County, Northumberland County and Erie County.Please always remember that past results in other cases do not guarantee a specific settlement amount in your Bucks County dog bite claim. The attorney for dog attacks in Quakertown Pennsylvania will evaluate both the liability and damage facts in your case and compare them to his experience with his other PA dog bite settlements.
    If PA Dog Law charges are filed versus the negligent dog owners, Attorney Newell urges you to give your complete cooperation to the Bucks County Dog Wardens. Convictions in that criminal process can be very advantageous for the Quakertown dog bite injury lawyer when negotiating with homeowners insurance company adjusters.

My daughter was bitten by a neighbor’s dog. When should I call a Quakertown dog bite attorney?

  • Please immediately take your child to a nearby medical center to have her dog attack wounds treated by medical professionals.
  • Your lawyer for dog attacks in Quakertown Pennsylvania encourages you to immediately take your daughter to receive medical care if any sign of infection develops. Area urgent care centers include:
    • East Penn Medical Center
      1003 Chestnut Street
      Emmaus, PA 18049
    • Cedar Crest EmergiCenter
      1101 S. Cedar Crest Blvd.
      Allentown, PA 18103
  • Quakertown PA area medical providers:
    • Saucon Valley Medical Center
      4801 Saucon Creek Road, Suite 10
      Center Valley, PA 18034
    • St. Luke’s Hospital – Quakertown
      102 Park Avenue
      Quakertown, PA 18951
  • If you daughter’s skin was broken in the unprovoked Bucks County dog attack, the treating doctor may administer a tetanus shot, a rabies vaccination and antibiotic medications.
  • Undoubtedly, you will be given a prescription to fill for your daughter. Attorney Newell strongly urges his clients to follow all of the instructions to make sure everything is done to prevent an infection from developing.
  • Any information you can obtain from the Quakertown dog owner regarding rabies vaccination records would be helpful to the doctors, the Bucks County Dog Warden and the lawyer for dog bites in Quakertown PA.
  • There is a mandatory 10 day quarantine period for any dog that bites a human being or another animal. This quarantine is designed to ensure that the vicious dog is isolated in case it is rabid. You should be aware of the fact that the dog owner does not have to house his animal in a government controlled kennel. The dog can be kept at the dog owner’s home so long as it remains inside.
  • Please take photographs of your daughter’s dog bite wounds both prior to and after she receives her medical care. It would not be wise to assume that photos taken by medical staff can be easily retrieved at a later date.
  • Please immediately email the Quakertown dog attack injury attorney all photographs you have of your daughter’s dog bite wounds to:
  • Speak with the Quakertown dog attack attorney today at 215-538-5350.
  • Attorney Newell’s main office is in Perkasie PA – just minutes away from your Bucks County Pennsylvania home.
  • The Quakertown dog attack lawyer will personally speak with you concerning the facts of your daughter’s Bucks County PA dog attack.
  • If the PA dog bite claim has legal merit, the attorney for dog bites in Quakertown Pennsylvania will set up a free home consult in the comfort of your Bucks County PA house.
  • Call a Bucks County Dog Warden at 215-307-8214 or 610-909-5707.
  • If you can safely and legally videotape and/or photograph the dog that bit your daughter, please do so.
  • The Quakertown PA dog bite lawyer suggests that you speak with your friends in the Bucks County Pennsylvania neighborhood regarding this aggressive dog. Any information they may have regarding past vicious propensities would be helpful.
  • Attorney Thomas J. Newell will contact state officials in Harrisburg PA to see if they have anything on file regarding prior attacks by this dog.
  • It is critical that you promptly forward to the Quakertown dog bite accident attorney all information you have/can obtain regarding the dog bite incident, the dog owner(s), their dog and the medical care provided to your daughter.
  • Send to Attorney Newell all receipts you’ve received from medical providers regarding co-pays and deductibles paid by you after the Quakertown PA dog attack.
  • Give the Bucks County Pennsylvania Dog Warden your complete cooperation. Supply all  photographs and medical records as requested. If you are subpoenaed to appear at the District Justice hearing, please make sure you attend.
  • Successful prosecutions of negligent dog owners pursuant to the PA Dog Law are helpful to your civil litigation claim. Your Quakertown dog bite injury lawyer asks that you arrive at the D. J. Hearing 30 minutes early so that he can fully prepare you for your testimony.
  • Attorney Thomas J. Newell guarantees that he will timely respond to your calls, emails and letters. His commitment to personal service has resulted in many clients referring other PA personal injury claims to him.
  • Communications between a lawyer and his/her client can only be protected by the “attorney-client privilege” if those conversations, emails and letters are kept confidential between the two of them. Your Bucks County dog bite lawyer requires all of his clients to keep their communications private to help maximize the value of the PA dog attack claim.
  • Once your daughter’s medical care has concluded, please confirm the same in an email. Then promptly send to your Quakertown dog bite accident attorney updated photographs showing the permanent facial scar.

Choosing between a personal injury law firm and an attorney for dog bites in Quakertown PA?

  • There are many Bucks County PA personal injury lawyers who represent Quakertown residents who have been injured by a defective product or negligent doctor.
  • It’s one thing to know about the latest appellate court decisions regarding product liability claims. It is something completely different to have the necessary legal background to be a quality Quakertown lawyer for dog attacks.
  • Few would dispute that the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Act has no legal connectivity with the PA Dog Law. Your Bucks County dog attack attorney should have multiple years of expertise working with Pennsylvania’s laws regarding dog bite attack claims.
  • Attorney Newell has served as legal counsel for dog bite victims in 38 different Pennsylvania Counties.
  • Shouldn’t your legal interests be represented by a Quakertown dog attack injury lawyer?
  • Attorney Newell fights for dog bite victims every day. Why not put his dedication and focus to work for you?
  • Your Bucks County dog bite attack lawyer has represented Bucks County PA personal injury victims since 1982.
  • Whom do you believe is most qualified to represent you in a Bucks County dog bite claim – a Bucks County medical malpractice lawyer or a Quakertown dog bite injury attorney?
  • Oftentimes, the Bucks County dog attack attorney deals with the same homeowners insurance employees in case after case. This results in Attorney Newell using these relationships to speed up the process and expedite successful resolutions of his Pennsylvania dog bite claims.
  • Unlike general personal injury lawyers who handle many different types of personal injury claims, your lawyer for dog bites in Quakertown Pennsylvania uses his results in other Bucks County claims to buttress his evaluation of the values of current Bucks County dog bite cases.
  • Specifics of other successful Bucks County dog bite claims handled by Attorney Newell are detailed elsewhere in this website. Please note that each Bucks County dog attack case must be evaluated upon its own set of unique facts. Results in other Bucks County dog bite claims do not guarantee a specific settlement payment for your Pennsylvania dog attack claim.
  • You have one chance to hire the best possible lawyer for your Bucks County dog bite case. Call 215-257-4842 today to speak with your attorney for dog attacks in Quakertown PA.
  • Thomas J. Newell, Esquire will personally speak with you when you contact his office. If his analysis concludes that you have a viable possibility of a successful result, he will immediately schedule a free HOME consultation in your Bucks County Pennsylvania residence.
  • Attorney Newell aggressively uses his past results to establish his knowledge and expertise in PA dog bite cases. That track record, along with his level of trial experience, allows him to maximize the potential of current Bucks County dog bite claims.
  • An area of Pennsylvania law that is frequently ignored is the impact of PA Dog Law violations on civil litigation claims.
  • Your Quakertown dog bite accident lawyer always encourages his Bucks County dog attack claimants to work with the Bucks County Dog Wardens regarding evidence production and attendance at District Justice Hearings.

Why should I hire a Quakertown, Pennsylvania dog attack lawyer?

      • An experienced defense adjuster represents the legal interests of the negligent Quakertown dog owner.
      • The homeowner’s insurance company has 2 priorities: Settle your Quakertown PA dog bite injury claim as fast as possible and for as little money as possible.
      • You only have 1 opportunity to hire an experienced Quakertown PA dog attack attorney.



The PA dog attack lawyer has aggressively represented PA dog bite victims in 38 Pennsylvania Counties. The content of this website is for informational purposes only and is NOT legal advice for your specific Pennsylvania dog attack claim. Settlements/verdicts in other PA dog bite claims were based upon the unique set of liability and damage facts of each case, as well as the law that existed at that time.

The PA Dog Law and the legal decisions regarding Pennsylvania dog bite lawsuits can change at any time. Attorney Newell strongly advises you to immediately consult with an experienced Pennsylvania dog bite lawyer to review the facts of your dog attack and the injuries you sustained. The PA dog attack attorney provides free home consultations to all PA dog bite victims whose cases he believes have legal and economic merit.


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Free Analysis Provided by Attorney Thomas J. Newell

On 9/15/22, your attorney for dog bites in Quakertown PA gave a free consult to a woman whose dog was killed by an unleashed vicious canine. Attorney Thomas J. Newell discussed with her the PA Dog Law and her ability to obtain restitution for all vet expenses via a criminal prosecution by the police and/or the Bucks County Dog Warden.

Unfortunately, there is no personal injury claim for the loss of a dog in Pennsylvania as per PA Law.  Hopefully, Failure to Confine and/or Harboring a Dangerous Dog charges will be filed versus the negligent dog owner.


Quakertown Dog Bite Lawyer Provides Free Consultation

On 5/31/22, your lawyer for animal attacks in Bucks County Pennsylvania gave a free consult to a Perkasie area woman. A neighbor’s pit bull got loose again over the Memorial Day weekend and attacked her leashed dog. A Good Samaritan who intervened was bitten on his hands.

The Bucks County Dog Warden is currently investigating. Hopefully, PA Dog Law charges, including Harboring a Dangerous Dog, will be pursued. Attorney Thomas J. Newell supplied the Bucks County resident with her legal options.


Free Consult Given by Quakertown Dog Attack Attorney

On 7/28/21, your attorney for dog attacks in Bucks County provided a free consultation to a Perkasie man whose family members were attacked the night before. They were at a neighborhood party when an unleashed, unmuzzled and unsupervised dog chased and pursued an elderly man.  He fell down and injured his back.

The Quakertown dog bite lawyer advised the gentleman to call the Perkasie Borough Police and report the unprovoked dog attack. Attacked by a dog in Bucks County PA? Call Attorney Thomas J. Newell today at 215-257-4842.


Quakertown Dog Bite Attorney Hired

On 5/21/20, your lawyer for dog attacks in the Quakertown, Pennsylvania area was hired by a Bucks County family. A mother and her children visited a Montgomery County woman who had asked them to consider adopting a pit bull. When they arrived at the East Greenville PA residence, the pit bull started to act very aggressively.

Bizarrely, the pit bull owner gave the leash more slack and the vicious dog attacked a defenseless 6 year old girl. She was rushed to a hospital and surgery was required, as well as an overnight stay. The Pennsylvania State Police are investigating this unprovoked PA pit bull attack. Hopefully, they will file “Harboring a Dangerous Dog” charges.


Quakertown Dog Attack Lawyer Finalizes Settlement

On 7/10/17, your attorney for dog bites in Quakertown Pennsylvania concluded a Bucks County dog attack claim for a $17,500.00 settlement. A woman had gone to a Quakertown area animal rescue shelter to see about possibly adopting a mixed breed dog. While following the explicit orders of the shelter volunteer, she was attacked by the vicious canine.

Physicians at St. Luke’s Hospital in Quakertown Pa gave her a shot of Lidocaine before using multiple sutures to close the dog bite wounds. A tetanus shot was also administered. The Quakertown dog attack attorney provided her with a free home consultation within days of the unprovoked dog bite attack.


Quakertown Dog Bite Lawyer Gives Free Consult

On 4/27/17, your Quakertown PA dog attack attorney provided a free consultation to a woman who was bitten by a vicious dog at her veterinarian’s office. Ten days earlier, she had taken her dog to be groomed at the vet’s office which is located just outside of Quakertown Pennsylvania. As she was standing by the front counter, an aggressive dog approached them. She attempted to shield her dog with her body when, without any warning, the vicious Lab bit her leg. The Bucks County PA resident was treated by her family doctor and took medication to prevent the development of any infections. Incredibly, the veterinarian’s office has shown little sympathy toward the Quakertown PA dog bite victim.