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$ 300,000.00                                 Milford PA

On 4/25/18, the Milford dog attack lawyer concluded a dog bite settlement for a Shohola PA woman. Four months earlier, she had been visiting her boyfriend who lived just outside of Milford, Pennsylvania. He owned an adult female blue nose pit bull. The pit bull was not spayed. The dog owner had imported the pit bull from Puerto Rico. Therefore, there was no way to identify or verify how the pit bull had been raised/treated.

On the date of the vicious and unprovoked pit bull attack, the man, the woman and the adult female canine were all in his bedroom. There were no restraints on the pit bull – even though the defendant later admitted that the pit bull could become “territorial” when it came to both its owner and the bedroom. Additionally, the pit bull had previously attacked 2 other dogs in the household. It was clearly the most dominant, aggressive and territorial dog in the residence. The Pike County dog owner displayed exceptionally poor judgment by allowing this adult female pit bull in the bedroom while he was there with his girlfriend.

Had the defendant put his pit bull into another room or restrained it in its crate, there would not have been any tragic pit bull attack. This young woman will have to live the rest of her life with permanent facial scars. Once her parents had a clear picture of the necessary future medical treatment required for their daughter, they knew the importance of doing their research to hire the top Milford dog bite lawyer.  Therefore, a month after the attack, the attorney for dog bites in Milford PA received a phone call from the woman’s parents. He agreed to immediately provide a free consultation and met them at a location very near their Pike County home. Attorney Thomas J. Newell pledged his immediate and 100% commitment to obtaining the maximum insurance payout in the shortest time possible.

After returning home from her facial surgery at a New Jersey hospital, the Pike County resident dealt with multiple mental health problems, including frequent nightmares and flashbacks. She rarely went out in public as she did not wish to encounter searing stares or rude questions from those she might see or deal with. The Pike County pit bull attack victim had been employed by a retail chain as a customer service rep. She felt that it would have been impossible for her to return to her job with the extremely visible facial lacerations. This situation placed her in dire financial straits.

The Milford dog bite injury lawyer expedited the acquisition of medical records, bills, photographs and the health insurance lien reimbursement statement. Just 3 months after he had been hired, the Pike County animal attack attorney forwarded all of the evidence, along with a detailed legal and factual analysis. Attorney Newell successfully argued that although there was no recognizable violation of the PA Dog Law, the defendant acted in a way that was at least negligent, if not reckless.

By concluding the entire case in just 4 months after this tragedy for the maximum policy limit of $300,000.00 under the defendant’s insurance policy, the attorney for dog attacks in Milford PA was able to provide financial security for his client. In addition, he avoided having to file a Pike County dog bite lawsuit versus her boyfriend. By settling the case so quickly, Thomas J. Newell, Esquire also reduced the repayment amount owed to her health insurance carrier.

$ 32,806.00                                        Milford PA

On 3/27/17, the Milford dog bite attorney produced a $32,806.00 dog attack settlement for a Milford PA resident. Last year, a woman was taking some trash out to place in the community dumpster when she saw a neighbor who was walking a pit bull. Suddenly, and without any warning, the pit bull shook off its muzzle, leash and collar and directly pursued and attacked the helpless victim.

The pit bull bit the woman’s chest, stomach and arm. It latched onto her scarf and dragged her to the ground. The pit bull owner stood nearby and yelled at her dog. She never physically intervened, thereby letting the innocent and defenseless woman fend for herself. Fortunately, a gentleman was nearby and came to her rescue. After multiple kicks to the dog’s body, the pit bull released its grip and the Pike County resident was able to escape.

The Milford Pennsylvania woman was treated at a nearby hospital for multiple dog bite wounds to her arm, both hands and chest/abdomen. After the dog attack lacerations were cleansed, a tetanus shot was administered and anti-infection medication was prescribed. Follow-up care was received from a nephrologist. The Augmentin that she took prevented any infection from developing and the dog bite wounds healed without incident.

In the meantime, the Pike County resident did her due diligence to retain the top Milford dog bite lawyer. She telephoned Attorney Thomas J. Newell to set up a free home consultation in the comfort of her Poconos home. He explained how he would handle all insurance related issues and urged her to continue to receive the mental health care which she had just recently initiated.

After the PA animal attack, the innocent dog bite victim had difficulty sleeping, dealt with stress and anxiety issues, and had serious problems with nightmares and flashbacks where she relived the horrific pit bull attack. The Pike County resident also had to face her own mortality because she feared she was going to be killed while trying to fight off this vicious and uncontrollable animal.

Once his client’s medical and mental health care had concluded. the Milford dog attack injury attorney ordered, paid for and obtained her medical bills and medical records. Current photographs were also sent to him. Attorney Newell then put together a detailed 10-page settlement evaluation letter, in addition to a supplemental 6 page report. These documents detailed the injuries sustained, as well as the legal arguments that supported a significant personal injury recovery. The Milford PA woman was pleased with the amount of the Pike County dog attack settlement. She was also very happy that the homeowner’s insurance company paid the money without a dog attack lawsuit being filed at the Pike County Courthouse in Milford.

$ 23,828.00                                             Milford PA

On 1/23/17, your Milford dog bite lawyer obtained a $23,828.00 Pike County PA dog bite settlement payout on behalf of a man who was bitten by a pit bull. The elderly gentleman was visiting one of his sons in Milford PA. The son was temporarily housing a friend’s pit bull. Without any warning, the vicious dog lunged at the man and bit his face.

The Pike County Pennsylvania resident was driven to Bon Secours Hospital in Port Jervis, New York. The Emergency Room physician cleansed the facial wounds and cut away the dead tissue. Ten sutures were needed to close the dog attack facial lacerations. Antibiotics were prescribed and he was given medical literature which detailed specific signs he should be on the lookout for regarding infections.

The PA dog bite victim followed up with his family doctor around 10 days later. The stitches were removed and the facial wounds appeared to be healing quite nicely. No further medical treatment was required. In the meantime, the elderly gentleman spoke with Attorney Newell regarding the pit bull attack. The Milford dog attack attorney provided the man with a free home consultation in the comfort of his Pike County Pennsylvania residence.

Thomas J. Newell, Esquire then ordered his client’s medical bills, medical records and obtained current photos. Of particular note was a small lump of scar tissue that remained in his client’s lower lip. Information was obtained which identified a prior attack by this pit bull just two months earlier. Soon thereafter, the lawyer for dog bites in Milford PA sent a detailed demand letter to the homeowner’s insurance company adjuster who represented the victim’s son.

Attorney Newell argued that if no pre-litigation settlement was reached, he would file a Complaint in the Pike County Court of Common Pleas. The legal document would include a claim for punitive damages. The failure of the homeowner to keep the vicious pit bull locked up and away from invited guests was both inexcusable and reckless. The Milford dog bite injury attorney was pleased to have reached an out-of-court settlement that benefited both his client and the defendant son.


The PA dog attack lawyer has aggressively represented PA dog bite victims in 38 Pennsylvania Counties. The content of this website is for informational purposes only and is NOT legal advice for your specific Pennsylvania dog attack claim. Settlements/verdicts in other PA dog bite claims were based upon the unique set of liability and damage facts of each case, as well as the law that existed at that time.

The PA Dog Law and the legal decisions regarding Pennsylvania dog bite lawsuits can change at any time. Attorney Newell strongly advises you to immediately consult with an experienced Pennsylvania dog bite lawyer to review the facts of your dog attack and the injuries you sustained. The PA dog attack attorney provides free home consultations to all PA dog bite victims whose cases he believes have legal and economic merit.


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On 6/6/22, your lawyer for dog bites in Pike County, Pennsylvania gave a free analysis to a Milford PA resident. His wife was delivering mail in Milford Township PA when the resident’s German Shepherd attacked her. She sustained multiple dog bite wounds.

Unfortunately, the dog was not up-to-date with its rabies vaccination. Therefore, the Milford woman had to undergo the painful and expensive series of rabies injections. Attorney Thomas J. Newell advised her to call the Pike County Dog Warden for additional assistance.


Milford Dog Attack Attorney Settles Dog Bite Claim

In March of 2017, your attorney for dog attacks in Milford PA obtained a $32,806.00 dog bite settlement for a Pike County resident. The woman was attacked by her neighbor’s unleashed and unsupervised pit bull that had also discarded its muzzle. She sustained multiple dog bite wounds over her body and required immediate medical attention.

The dog bite victim received a tetanus shot and antibiotics, as well as follow-up sessions with a mental health specialist to deal with flashbacks and nightmares. The Milford dog bite injury lawyer settled the case without having to sue her neighbor.