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$300,000.00                                    Adams County PA

In November of 2013, the Adams County dog attack attorney attended a Hearing in Gettysburg Pennsylvania and received permission from an Adams County judge to settle an PA dog bite lawsuit for $300,000.00. The case’s origin began when a six year old girl went to visit some friends who lived next door. She knocked on the front door and heard their father invite her in.

As the Adams County resident opened the front door, “Chaos” the pit bull charged onto the porch and bit off a portion of her nose. The Adams County dog attack victim was rushed to Meritus Medical Center. Surgeons re-attached the bitten off portion of her nose and also performed surgery on the dog bite wound to her right cheek.

As soon as their daughter was released from the hospital, her parents researched various Adams County dog attack law firms to select the top Adams County dog bite attorney to handle this complex personal injury case. The Adams County dog attack attorney traveled to Fairfield PA to meet with the family. Several weeks later, the lawyer for dog bites in Adams County returned for a District Justice hearing vs. the pit bull owners. The defendants were found guilty by the Adams County D.J. of harboring a dangerous dog and failing to confine the pit bull.

After plastic surgery was performed a year later, the Adams County dog bite attorney obtained all of the medical records as well as current photos. Originally, the pit bull owners’ insurance company would not pay their liability policy limit of $300,000.00 to settle the Adams County PA dog bite claim.

The Adams County dog bite injury lawyer filed an Adams County dog attack lawsuit in Gettysburg PA. Soon thereafter, the insurance carrier relented and agreed to the terms demanded by the Adams County dog bite injury attorney. A structured settlement annuity plan was approved by the Adams County PA Judge so as to allow a maximum tax-free recovery for the Adams County dog bite victim.

$ 11,004.00                                     Adams County PA

In July of 2017, the Adams County dog bite lawyer obtained an $11,004.00 dog attack settlement for a Biglerville PA resident. The woman had agreed to buy a dishwasher from a Hanover Pennsylvania family. She arrived at the defendant’s home at the agreed upon time and date. The seller showed up a short time later with a pit bull in her car. She said, “I’m going to leave my dog inside the car while I get the dishwasher because I’m not sure how she is going to react to you.”

As the Adams County resident began to put the dishwasher into her pick-up truck, the defendant decided to let her pit bull out of her vehicle. She took it for a walk right next to the pick-up truck. Suddenly, and without any warning, the pit bull bit the woman on her right leg. Had the dog owner kept the pit bull inside her car until after the appliance had been taken away, this unprovoked dog attack never would have happened.

The dog bite victim was driven to Gettysburg Hospital. Bite wounds and puncture marks were observed. A tetanus shot was administered and information was provided on how best to avoid an infection. Soon thereafter, the woman contacted the Adams County dog attack injury attorney who immediately checked on the past history of this aggressive pit bull.

Attorney Newell obtained all of his client’s medical bills, medical records and photographs depicting the permanent dog bite scar on her lower right leg. A detailed settlement demand packet was sent to the defendant’s homeowners insurance company. Ultimately, the $11,004.00 dog bite settlement was agreed to. The lawyer for dog attacks in Adams County Pennsylvania was pleased to have settled the case within months of being hired by the Biglerville PA resident.


When should I call an Adams County dog bite attorney?

  • After an Adams County dog attack, you should promptly seek medical care for your dog bite wounds.
  • If the vicious dog broke your skin, the ER doctors may give you a tetanus shot, rabies vaccine injections and/or medication to fight off infections.
  • Photograph the dog bite wounds before and after receiving medical care.  Photos/video of the attacking dog may also be helpful to your Adams County dog attack attorney.
  • Call the Adams County Dog Warden, Georgia Martin at 717-762-9794 and provide her with all of the facts regarding the Adams County dog attack.
  • Telephone the Adams County dog attack lawyer. Attorney Newell will obtain all of the information necessary to see if the dog owner has violated the PA Dog Law.
  • If your Adams County dog bite claim has legal merit, your Adams County dog bite lawyer will arrange for a free home consultation.
  • If the dog attack took place in your neighborhood, ask some of your friends if they are aware of any other attacks by this dog.
  • The Adams County dog bite attorney may be able to use prior vicious propensities to increase the value of your Adams County dog bite claim.

Will the Adams County dog attack lawyer come visit me at our Adams County Pennsylvania residence?

  • Yes. The Adams County dog bite lawyer will travel anywhere in Adams County PA to meet with his dog attack clients, including those who live at:
    • Gettysburg (17325), Littlestown (17340), Carroll Valley (17320),
    • McSherrystown (17344), Bonneauville (17325), New Oxford (17350),
    • East Berlin (17316), Biglerville (17307), Abbottstown (17301),
    • Hanover (17331) and Cumberland (17325)


The PA dog attack lawyer has aggressively represented PA dog bite victims in 38 Pennsylvania Counties. The content of this website is for informational purposes only and is NOT legal advice for your specific Pennsylvania dog attack claim. Settlements/verdicts in other PA dog bite claims were based upon the unique set of liability and damage facts of each case, as well as the law that existed at that time.

The PA Dog Law and the legal decisions regarding Pennsylvania dog bite lawsuits can change at any time. Attorney Newell strongly advises you to immediately consult with an experienced Pennsylvania dog bite lawyer to review the facts of your dog attack and the injuries you sustained. The PA dog attack attorney provides free home consultations to all PA dog bite victims whose cases he believes have legal and economic merit.


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Franklin County Dog Bite Victim Calls the PA Dog Attack Attorney

On 7/31/2023, your Lawyer for Dog Attacks in Adams County and Franklin County spoke with a woman who had been bitten by a Belgian Malinois.  The vicious canine had escaped its home and a guest was trying to retrieve the dog when it turned on her.  As she screamed for help, multiple neighbors came to her aide.  The aggressive dog then began to attack the Good Samaritans.

The Franklin County Dog Warden is pursuing dangerous dog charges.


Chambersburg Dog Attack Victim Contacts Attorney Newell

On 9/12/22, your Adams County dog attack attorney provided a free consultation to a Franklin County woman who was attacked by a neighbor’s dogs. These vicious canines escaped from their owner’s house and pursued the innocent victim and her leashed dog. She was knocked down by the unrestrained dogs and suffered a broken leg that required surgery.

The negligent dog owner was an uninsured tenant. Attorney Thomas J. Newell reviewed the legal standard of responsibility for an out-of-possession landlord and the PA Dog Law.


Free Consultation Provided by Adams County Dog Attack Lawyer

On 6/27/22, the attorney for dog bites in Adams County was contacted by a Waynesboro PA man regarding a recent dog attack in Franklin County. He was asked by a friend to help move an appliance into her home in Quincy, PA. The Defendant’s pit bull mix attacked and bit him several times on his hand and stomach.

The Pennsylvania dog bite lawyer thoroughly reviewed his medical care and legal options.


Adams County Dog Bite Attorney Contacted

On 7/9/21, the Adams County dog bite lawyer provided a free consultation to a Chambersburg PA man. The gentleman was outside of his rental property when he saw his neighbor’s 3 unleashed English Bulldogs running loose in the area. The Franklin County PA man grabbed an empty feed bowl and filled it with water.

Inexplicably, the 3 ferocious dogs turned on him and attacked him. He suffered dog bite puncture wounds on his legs and arms. The PA dog bite attack lawyer fully vetted his potential personal injury claim. PA Dog Law charges may follow. Call Attorney Thomas J. Newell today at 800-980-4842.


Adams County Dog Attack Attorney Speaks With Pit Bull Attack Victim

On 6/2/17, your attorney for dog attacks in the Greater Adams County Area, provided a free consultation to a Chambersburg PA woman. A week earlier, she was attacked by her neighbor’s unleashed pit bull. She was bitten on the right thigh and left calf. Medical care was provided at Chambersburg Hospital. Attorney Newell requested photographs of the dog bite wounds. Apparently, the pit bull has previously displayed vicious propensities.


Adams County Dog Bite Lawyer Gives Free Consult

On 3/10/17, your Adams County dog attack lawyer provided a free consultation to a New Oxford PA man who was attacked by two unleashed dogs in January of 2017. The elderly gentleman was walking on the street when the vicious dogs launched an unprovoked animal attack. The pit bull bit him on the thigh.

He was given a tetanus shot at a nearby hospital. The attorney for dog attacks in Adams County Pennsylvania urged him to fully cooperate with the PA Dog Warden. The negligent dog owner should promptly pay the out-of-pocket medical expenses for this innocent victim.


Attorney Newell Provides Free Consultation

On July 20, 2016, your Adams County dog attack attorney provided a free consultation to a Fayetteville, Pennsylvania woman who was attacked by an unrestrained dog in Adams County PA. The dog bite victim was bitten on the right hand and received treatment at Wellspan Gettysburg Hospital on Gettys Street in Gettysburg. Since she had recently been given a tetanus shot, she did not need to receive any injections.