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$ 21,000.00                                               Hazleton PA

In the summer of 2015, the Hazleton dog bite attorney settled a Luzerne County dog attack claim for $21,000.00. In 2014, a woman pulled into the parking lot of a grocery store in Hazleton Pennsylvania. As she was walking past some cars on her way into the store, she was suddenly knocked to the ground by a Chinese Shar Pei. Astonishingly, a man had decided to tie the dog to the rear of the bumper of his truck while he sat inside.

The Hazleton dog attack victim was bitten multiple times on her left arm and hand. It took several people to pull the vicious dog off her. A friend drove her to Geisinger Careworks. The ER physicians cut away the damaged skin, cleaned all of the dog bite wounds and gave her antibiotics. The Luzerne County dog bite victim returned to Geisinger 10 days later because the dog attack wounds had become infected. The doctor changed her medication and had her undergo an ultrasound.

Coinciding with her mother’s medical care, her daughter read a number of Luzerne County dog attack law firms’ websites in order to choose the top Hazleton dog attack attorney. Attorney Thomas J. Newell was called and immediately provided a free home consultation to the Luzerne County dog attack victim. Once her medical care ended, Attorney Newell ordered and received the medical records, medical bills and payout logs from the health insurance coverage, as well as current photographs. The attorney for dog bites in Hazleton forcefully argued to the defense adjuster that her client would be responsible for both compensatory damages and punitive damages. Attorney Thomas J. Newell averred that the dog owner’s conduct was reckless and would be severely punished by a jury if the case went to trial in Luzerne County PA.

The lawyer for dog attacks in Hazleton PA was pleased to have negotiated a settlement of the Hazleton dog bite case without having to file a dog attack lawsuit. If you or a loved one were bitten by a dog in Luzerne County, call the Hazleton dog bite accident attorney today for a free home consultation. Attorney Newell usually can visit you in the comfort of your residence with 2-3 business days.


What criteria should I use in choosing a Hazleton dog attack lawyer?

    Would you like your Luzerne County PA dog bite claim to be handled by a Hazleton dog bite lawyer who has fought for Pennsylvania personal injury victims for 39 years? Put Attorney Newell’s experience to work for you.
    The attorney for dog attack in Hazleton PA fights for Pennsylvania dog bite victims every day. His law practice centers around protecting the legal rights of victims who have been injured due to the negligence of PA dog owners.
    Call 800-980-4842 today to speak personally with your Hazleton dog bite attorney. Thomas J. Newell, Esquire will analyze the facts of your Luzerne County dog attack case. Attorney Newell will give you his expert opinion as to whether you have a legal claim via the PA Dog Law.
    If the lawyer for dog bites in Hazleton PA believes that he can successfully settle/litigate your Hazleton dog attack case, he will promptly schedule your free HOME consultation. Attorney Thomas J. Newell can usually come to your Luzerne County Pennsylvania residence within 1-3 business days.
    The Hazleton dog attack attorney has represented PA dog bite victims in 38 different Pennsylvania Counties – including Luzerne County.  Isn’t it crucial for you to conduct some thorough research in order to hire the top Hazleton dog attack attorney?
    There are many law firms that provide legal services to Luzerne County PA personal injury victims. Hiring a large law firm may result in your Luzerne County dog bite claim being transferred from one attorney to another. Your Hazleton PA dog bite injury attorney is a solo practitioner. To Attorney Newell, you are his PA dog bite client, not a file number among hundreds or even thousands of cases at a large law firm.
    The lawyer for dog bites in Hazleton PA has obtained settlements of $100,000.00 or more in Carbon County, Monroe County, Lehigh County, Northumberland County, Lebanon County, York County, Montgomery County, Bucks County, Berks County, Adams County and Erie County. Please remember that PA dog bite settlements in other cases were the result of the specific liability and damage facts in each of those legal claims. Your Hazleton dog bite accident lawyer looks forward to working with you.
    The Pennsylvania Dog Warden who handles dog attack complaints in Luzerne County is Jim Spencer. The Hazleton PA dog bite injury attorney urges you to promptly call the Luzerne County Dog Warden at 570-350-9392.
    The Hazleton dog attack injury lawyer believes that successful prosecutions under the PA Dog Law greatly enhance his ability to maximize the economic value of Luzerne County dog bite claims. Two Sections of the PA Dog Law are frequently cited by Pennsylvania Dog Wardens: Harboring a Dangerous Dog (Section 502-A) and Failing to Confine (Section 305).

My son was bitten by a dog while visiting a friend in Hazleton PA. What should my next course of action be?

  • Please immediately take your son to a nearby medical facility to receive care for his dog bite wounds.
  • Medical providers in the Hazleton Pennsylvania area include:
    • Lehigh Valley Hospital – Hazleton
      700 E. Broad Street
      Hazleton, PA 18201
    • Hazleton General Hospital
      668 N. Church Street
      Hazleton, PA 18201
    • Hazleton Urgent Care Center
      101 S, Church Street
      Hazleton, PA 18201
    • Geisinger Careworks
      6 Diane Lane
      West Hazleton, PA 18202
  • A significant concern is whether the attacking dog broke your son’s skin. The treating physician may give him a tetanus shot, rabies vaccine injections and/or an IV with antibiotics.
  • Your Hazleton dog bite lawyer highly recommends that you follow the specific instructions that come with the medication(s) that is prescribed for your child.
  • Dog bite wounds frequently become infected. Usually, discharge instructions give the patient detailed information as to symptoms you should be on the lookout for.
  • It would be helpful if you could obtain information from the Hazleton dog owner regarding his dog’s rabies shots.
  • The attorney for dog attacks in Hazleton PA recommends that you take pictures of your son’s dog bite wounds both before and after medical care is provided. Do not assume that any photographs taken by medical staff can easily be retrieved by you or your Luzerne County dog bite lawyer.
  • Once you have returned home from the hospital or urgent care center, call the Hazleton dog attack attorney at 800-980-4842.
  • Your Luzerne County PA dog bite attorney will personally review all of the facts regarding the dog attack.
  • If your son’s PA dog bite claim has sufficient legal merit, the Hazleton dog attack lawyer will schedule a free HOME consultation in the comfort of your Luzerne County, Pennsylvania residence.
  • Call the Luzerne County Dog Warden, Jim Spencer, @ 570-350-9392.
  • Provide the Hazleton dog attack injury attorney with any information you can obtain regarding other aggressive actions by the dog that attacked your son.
  • If you can safely and legally photograph and/or videotape that dog, please do so when possible.
  • After he is hired, the Hazleton dog bite injury lawyer will file a formal demand with state officials in Harrisburg PA requesting any documents they may possess proving prior vicious propensities by this aggressive dog.
  • It is essential that you consistently communicate with Attorney Newell. The parent must timely inform the Hazleton dog attack injury lawyer of all medical appointments and the contact information for all medical providers.
  • The PA dog bite lawyer will provide updates to the dog owner’s insurance company during the course of your son’s recuperation. The attorney for dog bites in Hazleton PA will request current photographs of your son from time to time in order to evaluate the status of your son’s scars.
  • Attorney Newell takes great pride in promptly returning his clients’ phone calls and responding to their emails. Call your Hazleton PA dog bite attorney now at 800-980-4842.
  • The Luzerne County Health Department will send out a 10-day notice of a quarantine for the vicious dog to both you and the dog owner.
  • Email scar photographs to your Hazleton PA dog bite injury lawyer at
  • Speak with your neighbors to see if any of them have information regarding prior attacks by this dog.
  • Receipts for co-pays and deductibles are needed by your Hazleton dog bite accident attorney to prove out-of-pocket expenses spent for your child’s medical treatment.
  • Homeowners insurance companies are typically much more inclined to offer a generous pre-litigation settlement after their insured has been convicted of violating Pennsylvania’s laws regarding the duties of dog owners. Your Hazleton dog bite injury lawyer strongly recommends that you give the Luzerne County PA Dog Warden your full cooperation regarding his investigation of your dog attack.
  • If you know anyone who lives near the defendant dog owner, please speak with them to see if they have knowledge of any prior vicious propensities on the part of this aggressive dog.
  • Attorney Newell strongly suggests that you not speak with any friends or neighbors about the status of your son’s legal claim. This is a private matter that should be discussed only with your attorney for dog bites in Hazleton PA.

What is the distinction between a Luzerne County PA personal injury lawyer and a Hazleton dog bite injury attorney?

  • There are many respected Luzerne County car accident attorneys who represent Hazleton car crash victims every day.
  • Knowing the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law does not provide any specialized legal background to have the necessary knowledge critical to be a savvy Hazleton dog attack lawyer.
  • The PA Dog Law has nothing in common with the PA laws regarding automobile insurance and payments of medical bills via PIP coverage. Your Hazleton dog attack injury attorney should have years of experience in using the PA Dog Law to fight for Pennsylvania dog attack victims.
  • You deserve better than hiring an attorney who has to learn on the job while meandering through your Luzerne County animal attack case.
  • Your lawyer for dog attacks in Hazleton PA fights for Pennsylvania dog bite victims each and every day!
  • Attorney Thomas J. Newell has been selected to serve as legal counsel for PA dog attack victims from 38 different Pennsylvania Counties.
  • With 39 years of litigation experience, the Hazleton dog attack injury lawyer looks forward to putting his expertise to work for you.
  • Do you really believe that a products liability lawyer could provide you with the same level of excellence that you would expect from the Hazleton PA dog attack attorney?
  • Frequently, the defense adjuster representing a new negligent dog owner is a person Attorney Newell has worked with in the past. Your Hazleton dog bite accident lawyer is able to use these longstanding relationships to quickly move his dog bite cases forward. Oftentimes, he can arrive at an appropriate settlement amount with a minimum of delay.
  • With PA dog attack case settlements of $100,000.00 or more in 11 different Pennsylvania Counties, Attorney Newell has earned his reputation as a knowledgeable and aggressive PA dog attack lawyer.
  • You only have one opportunity to have your Luzerne County dog bite case resolved to your satisfaction. Call the lawyer for dog bites in Hazleton PA now at 800-980-4842.
  • Attorney Newell provides free HOME consultations to his Luzerne County dog bite victims. He looks forward to providing you with a detailed analysis of your PA animal attack claim.
  • The Hazleton dog attack injury attorney works closely with Pennsylvania Dog Wardens to assist them in the prosecution of negligent dog owners under the PA Dog Law.



The PA dog attack lawyer has aggressively represented PA dog bite victims in 38 Pennsylvania Counties. The content of this website is for informational purposes only and is NOT legal advice for your specific Pennsylvania dog attack claim. Settlements/verdicts in other PA dog bite claims were based upon the unique set of liability and damage facts of each case, as well as the law that existed at that time.

The PA Dog Law and the legal decisions regarding Pennsylvania dog bite lawsuits can change at any time. Attorney Newell strongly advises you to immediately consult with an experienced Pennsylvania dog bite lawyer to review the facts of your dog attack and the injuries you sustained. The PA dog attack attorney provides free home consultations to all PA dog bite victims whose cases he believes have legal and economic merit.


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Bitten by a Dog?

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Dog Attack Lawyer

Dog Attacks


Luzerne County Dog Bite Lawyer Contacted

On 1/14/23, your Lawyer for Dog Attacks near Wilkes-Barre received emails from a woman regarding a 2021 dog attack. The woman had been walking her dog on a leash in Dallas, PA when she was attacked by an unrestrained dog owned by a neighbor.

Both she and her family pet were treated for their injuries. The Luzerne County dog bite victim received mental health care and was treated for post traumatic stress disorder. Unfortunately, Attorney Thomas J. Newell was unable to accept the case.


Hazleton Dog Bite Attorney Contacted

In April of 2022, your Hazleton dog attack lawyer spoke at length with a Hazleton area man who was attacked by an unleashed pit bull while making a home delivery for a pharmacy. He sustained serious pit bull attack wounds to his arm and ankle. Due to the severity of his wounds, he was transferred to Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown, PA to spend 3 days in the Trauma Unit.

The Hazleton dog attack attorney reviewed all of the legal options and discussed the applicable PA Dog Law and Pennsylvania Law statutes and Court Opinion.


Hazleton Dog Bite Lawyer Provides Free Consult

On January 23, 2017, your Hazleton dog bite attorney gave a free consultation to a man who was bitten in the face in Hazleton PA. Last summer the gentleman was jogging on a Luzerne County road when two unleashed mastiffs pursued him and ultimately bit him on the left cheek.

The PA dog bite victim had hired another attorney and was unhappy with the quality of the legal representation. The lawyer for dog bites in Hazleton PA provided the man with his legal options. Attorney Newell was disappointed to learn that the dog attack victim gave a recorded statement to the homeowners insurance company adjuster.