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 $ 202,695.95                                Carbon County PA

In January of 2015, the Carbon County dog attack lawyer negotiated a $202,695.95 settlement for a Carbon County dog attack case. A young man was skateboarding near his home when an elderly woman was trying to walk two adult pit bulls. The pit bulls broke free from her control and ran across a neighbor’s property and onto the street.

The Carbon County dog attack victim tried to defend himself against the attacking pit bulls. The pit bull owner stood by and did nothing to help the young man as she “had a bad leg.” Finally, the Carbon County dog bite victim was able to control the dogs by grabbing their leashes.

The Albrightsville PA resident was taken by ambulance to Gnaden Heutten Memorial Hospital in Lehighton PA. The Carbon County dog attack victim had multiple dog bite wounds which required stitches to close. He was given several injections of Lidocaine and a tetanus shot.

After the Pennsylvania pit bull attack victim returned home and his dog attack wounds had stabilized, the young man’s parents analyzed their legal options. Whom should they hire? They were adamant that only the best Carbon County dog bite attorney would do. Attorney Thomas J. Newell answered all of their initial questions and promptly provided them with a free consultation in the comfort of their Carbon County residence.

The Carbon County dog attack lawyer obtained evidence regarding prior attacks by the defendants’ pit bulls. In 2013, the defendant husband lost control of the pit bulls and they attacked a jogger in Albrightsville Pennsylvania. The lawyer for dog bites in Carbon County spoke with the jogger’s husband.

Armed with proof of multiple violations of the PA Dog Law, the Carbon County dog bite lawyer argued to the dog owner’s insurance company that punitive damages would be awarded if the PA dog attack case were brought before a Carbon County jury. Less than a year after he was hired, the Carbon County dog bite injury lawyer convinced the homeowner’s insurance company to pay $202,695.95 – all without having to file a Carbon County dog attack lawsuit.

$ 115,000.00                                Carbon County, PA

In March of 2019, the Carbon County dog attack attorney concluded a $115,000.00 dog attack settlement for a Carbon County resident. The Albrightsville PA woman was visiting a friend in Whitehall Pennsylvania at an arranged date and time. She walked up to the front door. At the same time, the negligent dog owner opened a side door thereby allowing her German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever to escape the house. The visitor instinctively put up both arms to protect her face.

The vicious canines bit other arms and hands. The property owner was charged with 2 PA Dog Law violations – Failure to Confine and Harboring a Dangerous Dog. In the meantime, your lawyer for dog attacks in Carbon County PA provided a free home consultation and was hired by the Carbon County resident. Attorney Thomas J. Newell attended the Hearing before District Justice Robert C. Halal on 3/29/18. The defendant bizarrely claimed that the victim was at fault because the dogs noticed a shiny object in her hand and she was wearing a funny hat!

Lehigh County Dog Warden Orlando Aguirre obtained a conviction on both PA Dog Law charges with the assistance of the Carbon County dog attack injury attorney. The defendant is now required to pay an annual maintenance fee, as well as supply proof of liability insurance and post specific signs warning the public of the dangerous dog living in her residence. Past vicious propensities on the part of the German Shepherd were established at the D. J. Hearing.

Medical treatment was rendered at Lehigh Valley Hospital. The numerous severe dog attack wounds required surgery. A local anesthetic was injected into her left arm. 16 stitches were required to close 3 large dog bite wounds. A total of 10 x-rays were taken of her hands and forearms to rule out fractures. A tetanus shot was administered. Hydrocodone, Augmentin and Prednisone were prescribed. Follow-up medical care was provided at Palmerton Hospital and St. Luke’s Anderson Hospital in Easton PA.

Unfortunately, the dog bite wound to her left forearm became infected. There was swelling, puss and a fever. The Carbon County resident was diagnosed with cellulitis of the left upper limb. A new prescription for Augmentin was provided. Fortunately, the infection abated and no further treatment was required. The left arm healed properly but she was left with a large visible scar.

The Carbon County dog bite accident lawyer obtained all of the medical records, bills and photographs, as well as the PA Dog Warden Report. Attorney Newell put forth a detailed 17 page analysis for the defense adjuster. He then dropped off the settlement demand packet at the homeowner’s insurance company’s office and spent 30 minutes analyzing the case for the dog owners’ representative. Ultimately, the attorney for dog attacks in Carbon County Pennsylvania convinced the defense to make a $115,000.00 Carbon County dog attack settlement payout.

$ 40,000.00                            Carbon County PA

In June of 2021, your attorney for dog bites in Carbon County PA successfully completed a Jim Thorpe dog attack settlement for $40,000.00. In the summer of 2018, a man had ended his work for the day at a customer’s home. The work crew was building a detached garage in Carbon County. The homeowner asked him to come inside the home to check on a ceiling fan. As they reached the Defendants’ deck, their vicious boxer mix sprinted towards the worker, jumped up and bit his left hand.

The Carbon County dog attack victim sustained a deep laceration to his left hand. His wife drove him to St. Luke’s Gnaden Huetten Hospital in Lehighton, PA. Two of the dog bite wounds were so deep that they extended into the subcutaneous tissue. The Albrightsville, Pennsylvania resident was given an injection of a local anesthesia. Seven stitches were needed to close the lacerations. A tetanus shot was administered and three x-rays of his hand were taken. He was given a splint, as well as a prescription for Amoxicillin.

Follow-up medical treatment was provided by his family doctor. The 7 sutures were removed and, he was advised to continue to use the hand splint and finish his medication. Due to some ongoing complaints of numbness and diminished strength, the Carbon County resident was referred to an orthopaedic surgeon. He was evaluated by the specialist and underwent some physical therapy. There was some relatively minor scarring left on his hand.

In the meantime, your Carbon County dog attack injury lawyer had met with the gentleman near his Albrightsville residence to conclude the hiring process and began his aggressive advocacy. Attorney Thomas J. Newell filed a lawsuit, fought off the Defendants’ Preliminary Objections and continued the Discovery process. After the Plaintiffs’ Depositions, the attorneys agreed to a Mediation with a Scranton PA Mediator. The Carbon County dog bite lawyer was pleased to conclude the lawsuit with a $40,000.00 dog bite settlement.

 $ 22,880.00                                   Carbon County PA

In November of 2012, the Carbon County dog bite attorney obtained approval from a Carbon County Judge to settle a Carbon County PA dog bite claim for $22,880.00. On April 8, 2010, an Albrightsville PA resident alighted from a school bus in a Carbon County private development community. As she was walking on a pedestrian pathway, she was passed by a person walking the defendants’ German Shepherd.

Suddenly, and without warning, the vicious dog jumped up and tried to bite the girl’s face. The Carbon County dog attack victim instinctively threw up her right arm to protect her face. She sustained puncture wounds to her right arm and right wrist. The Albrightsville PA dog bite victim was rushed to Gnaden Huetten Memorial Hospital in Lehighton Pennsylvania.

Since it could not be determined whether the German Shepherd was properly vaccinated, the Carbon County dog bite victim was given the first of a series of 5 rabies vaccine injections. Her family had to drive her back to Lehighton on 4 other occasions to complete the rabies vaccination sequence.

On June 30, 2010, the Carbon County dog bite injury attorney attended a District Justice hearing in Carbon County where the negligent dog owners were found guilty of violating Section 305 of the PA Dog Law – “Failure to Confine.” They also violated the Pennsylvania Rabies Prevention and Control in Domestic Animals and Wildlife Act by failing to have the German Shepherd properly vaccinated for rabies.

The Carbon County dog bite lawyer obtained a signed Affidavit from a Carbon County resident who described how she was attacked by this same German Shepherd in the summer of 2009. This investigative material, along with the lack of a rabies vaccination allowed the Carbon County dog bite attorney to make a viable claim for punitive damages.

Attorney Newell filed a Minor’s Compromise Petition with the Carbon County Court of Common Pleas. The Carbon County dog attack attorney attended a hearing in Jim Thorpe PA before Senior Judge Richard W. Webb who approved the Carbon County dog attack settlement.


Choosing between Carbon County personal injury attorneys and Carbon County dog attack attorneys?

  • There are many personal injury lawyers who handle car crash claims and slip and fall cases in Carbon County Pennsylvania.
  • The Carbon County dog attack attorney has successfully represented Carbon County dog attack victims. Put his expertise to work for your Carbon County dog bite claim.
  • The attorney for dog bites in Carbon County PA has represented PA dog attack victims in 38 different Pennsylvania Counties.
  • Shouldn’t your PA dog bite case be handled by a Carbon County dog attack attorney with a state-wide reputation as a lawyer who fights every day for PA dog attack victims?
  • Call the Carbon County dog bite attorney @ 610-377-2134 to schedule your free home consultation.

What cities and townships in Carbon County Pennsylvania does the Carbon County dog bite accident attorney serve?

  • Your Carbon County dog bite lawyer will provide a free home consultation to all of his Carbon County dog attack clients, including those who live in:
    • Lehighton (18235), Palmerton (18071), Jim Thorpe (18229)
    • Lansford (18232), Nesquehoning (18240), Summit Hill (18250)
    • Weissport (18235), Weatherly (18255), Towamensing (18071)
    • Mahoning (18235), Albrightsville (18210) and Penn Forest (18229).


The PA dog attack lawyer has aggressively represented PA dog bite victims in 38 Pennsylvania Counties. The content of this website is for informational purposes only and is NOT legal advice for your specific Pennsylvania dog attack claim. Settlements/verdicts in other PA dog bite claims were based upon the unique set of liability and damage facts of each case, as well as the law that existed at that time.

The PA Dog Law and the legal decisions regarding Pennsylvania dog bite lawsuits can change at any time. Attorney Newell strongly advises you to immediately consult with an experienced Pennsylvania dog bite lawyer to review the facts of your dog attack and the injuries you sustained. The PA dog attack attorney provides free home consultations to all PA dog bite victims whose cases he believes have legal and economic merit.


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Mother of Dog Attack Victim Calls the Carbon County Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

On 3/7/23, your Attorney for Dog Bites in Pennsylvania received a telephone call from the mother of a young child who was viciously attacked the prior day in Ashland, PA. The Schuylkill County dog bite victim received significant facial lacerations/wounds that required treatment at Geisinger Hospital in Shamokin, Pennsylvania.

Attorney Thomas J. Newell advised her to immediately call the Schuylkill County Dog Warden – Richard Hine to report this unprovoked dog attack.


Another Pit Bull Attack

On 1/16/23, your Attorney for Dog Attacks in Carbon County and Schuylkill County was contacted by a woman from South Tamaqua.  Her beloved family dog was viciously attacked by a neighbor’s unleashed pit bull in her yard!

Attorney Thomas J. Newell advised her to give her full cooperation to the Schuylkill County Dog Warden – Richard Hine.  Hopefully, PA Dog Law charges – Failure to Confine and Harboring a Dangerous Dog – will be filed vs. the negligent pit bull owner.


Carbon County Dog Attack Attorney Contacted

On 4/2/19, your attorney for dog bite attacks in Carbon County, Pennsylvania received a telephone call from a man who was recently attacked by a pit bull in Perryville, PA. The gentleman was installing a chimney liner for a customer when he was bitten by the homeowner’s pit bull behind his right leg.

Medical treatment was rendered later that day at an Urgent Care Center. The dog bite wounds were cleaned and a tetanus shot was administered. Antibiotics were prescribed. The Carbon County dog bite lawyer will be providing a detailed analysis of the dog bite victim’s legal options.


Carbon County Dog Bite Attorney Consulted

On 11/6/17, the Carbon County dog bite lawyer gave a free consultation to a woman whose mother was recently attacked by an unleashed Rottweiler in Jim Thorpe PA. The elderly lady was visiting her son at his business. They were walking in the parking lot when the landlord’s daughter failed to have her Rottweiler under control as per the PA Dog Law.

The unleashed vicious dog bit her on the side of her head causing a large laceration. Numerous staples were used to close the dog attack wound. Attorney Thomas J. Newell hopes that the police will charge the Rottweiler owner with violating Section 305 of Pennsylvania’s Dog Law.


Carbon County Dog Bite Lawyer Consulted

On 8/2/17, the Carbon County dog attack attorney provided a free initial consultation to an Albrightsville PA dog bite victim. The woman was bitten while she was walking in Indian Mountain Lake Community. Her neighbor was walking her two dogs when they broke free from their owner and attacked the unsuspecting pedestrian.

The Carbon County resident was knocked to the ground and fell into a ditch by the side of the road. She sustained multiple scratches, lacerations and bruises to her arms. Another neighbor drove her to a nearby Urgent Care Center. The lawyer for dog attacks in Carbon County Pennsylvania suggested that the woman give her full cooperation to the PA Dog Warden as PA Dog Law charges were likely to be filed versus the negligent dog owner.


Carbon County Dog Bite Attorney Provides Advice

On February 6, 2017, your Carbon County dog attack lawyer provided an additional free analysis to the Lake Harmony pit bull attack victim. As Attorney Newell recommended, the investigating police officer charged the pit bull owner with “Harboring a Dangerous Dog” in violation of the PA Dog Law. The District Justice Hearing was held last week in Carbon County Pennsylvania.

Unfortunately, the presiding judge did not rule on the criminal charge, but instead informed those present that he desired to do some additional research on the Pennsylvania Dog Law before arriving at a decision. The Carbon County PA dog bite lawyer reviewed with the victim her potential legal options. If an appeal is filed after the D.J. ruling, a trial will be held in Jim Thorpe PA in front of a Carbon County Court of Common Pleas judge.


Carbon County Dog Bite Lawyer Consulted

On Dec. 13, 2016, your lawyer for dog bites in Carbon County PA provided a free consultation to a pit bull attack victim in Lake Harmony PA. Last week, the woman opened her front door to take her dog for a walk when an unleashed pit bull ran into her home and began to viciously attack her family pet.

The startled woman was able to pull the pit bull off her dog but was bitten on her hand in the process. Her Pomapoo sustained fatal injuries and had to be put down. The woman received medical care that included antibiotics and a tetanus shot. The Carbon County dog attack attorney advised her to provide her complete cooperation to the investigating police officer.