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$ 300,000.00                                           Poconos PA

In April of 2018, the lawyer for dog bites in the Poconos obtained a $300,000.00 Poconos dog attack settlement for a Shohola PA woman. Several months earlier, she was with her boyfriend at his Dingmans Ferry home when suddenly and without any provocation, she was viciously attacked by his adult female blue-nosed pit bull. Medical care was first rendered at Newton Memorial Hospital. Due to the severity of her dog bite wounds, she was promptly transferred to Morristown Hospital in New Jersey.

The facial operation required dozens of stitches to close the large facial dog attack wounds. Her parents drove her home and she remained inside, fearful of leaving the residence, with the exception of receiving medical treatment. The Pike County resident dealt with numerous flashbacks and nightmares. Her parents evaluated their legal options. There were many Pike County dog bite law firms to choose from. Hiring the best Poconos dog attack attorney was foremost in their minds. The pit bull victim’s parents telephoned the Poconos dog attack injury attorney. Thomas J. Newell, Esquire arranged to meet with the young woman and her mother at a convenient place a few minutes from their home.

Attorney Newell answered their question: “Why do we need a Poconos dog bite lawyer?” He explained that he has represented PA personal injury victims in the Poconos since 1981. The emphasis of his legal practice is serving as an attorney dedicated to protecting the rights of Pennsylvania dog attack victims. Thomas J. Newell, Esquire is a solo practitioner – everyone who retains his legal services for their Pike County dog bite case is guaranteed that his 39 years of experience will be serving their interests every day.

The most significant immediate problem facing the attorney for dog attacks in the Poconos was how to obtain a quick settlement while maximizing the final payout. The Pike County resident’s severe facial scar prevented her from returning to her position as a customer service rep for a well-known retain chain. Therefore, she was under great economic stress.  Attorney Newell swiftly obtained her medical records, bills, photographs and a subrogation lien statement.

The Poconos animal attack lawyer forwarded a detailed settlement demand letter to the defense adjuster. Settlement negotiations began soon thereafter. The Pennsylvania dog attack attorney used the past relationship he had in successful settlements with the insurance carrier’s representative to obtain the maximum insurance payout available in this Pike County dog bite injury case – $300,000.00.

Just 4 months after the vicious pit bull attack, the Poconos resident was sent the final paperwork to complete the settlement. This enabled her to begin the process of turning the page and starting a new chapter for her life.

$ 181,000.00                                     Poconos PA

In June of 2020, the Poconos dog bite injury attorney notified the defendant’s homeowners insurance carrier that the parents of a pit bull attack victim had agreed to a final Monroe County dog attack settlement of $181,000.00. In September of 2018, Attorney Thomas J. Newell had provided a free home consultation to a Stroudsburg PA family. Several days earlier, their son had been attacked by an unleashed, unmuzzled and unsupervised pit bull.

The boy had been bicycling on an alleyway behind his parents’ Monroe County property. Occupants from multiple homes use the alleyway. The defendants lived at the end of the road and owned an adult pit bull mix that was routinely chained to a stake in the ground. Allegedly, the chain snapped allowing the pit bull mix to escape.

The vicious dog went after the boy in a single-minded approach with one thing in mind – to attack him. The boy fell off the bicycle and the pit bull mix bit his left leg multiple times, as well as his right ear. Finally, the pit bull owners showed up and dragged their aggressive canine away.

The Poconos dog bite victim was taken to Pocono Medical Center a/k/a Pocono Lehigh Valley Hospital. While in this Monroe County Hospital, the boy was quickly transported to the operating room. After being placed under general anesthesia, four distinct leg lacerations were sutured and also one by his right ear. The Stroudsburg resident was admitted and received numerous medications via IV’s.

After his discharge, the boy was kept home from school while the pit bull attack wounds healed. In the meantime, the attorney from a Poconos dog bite law firm spoke with an eyewitness and began a thorough investigation of the unprovoked Stroudsburg pit bull mix attack. Attorney Thomas J. Newell discovered that the police decided not to charge the pit bull owners with any violation of the PA Dog Law because of their claim that they exclusively owned the whole alleyway.

The Poconos dog bite lawyer proved that this allegation was false. He successfully established that the Monroe County property owners violated Section 305 of the Pennsylvania Dog Law by failing to properly contain their vicious animal. The insurance company agreed with Attorney Newell and made the $181,000.00 PA dog bite payout. The Monroe County residents were pleased that their determination to obtain the best Poconos dog attack attorney was so successful.

$ 142,045.00                                       Poconos PA

In January of 2019, the Poconos dog attack attorney successfully concluded a Monroe County dog bite settlement by filing proof that the structured settlement annuity previously approved by Judge Williamson had been fully funded by the pit bull owners’ insurance company. The Poconos dog bite accident lawyer had earlier filed a 9 page Petition for Minor’s Compromise Settlement Under Pennsylvania Rule of Civil Procedure 2039.

The detailed legal pleading outlined the facts of this completely avoidable pit bull mix attack. A two year-old boy was dropped off at this grandparents’ house to be babysat. Unfortunately, the pit mix was not separated from the unsupervised child and it bit the boy’s face without any provocation. The child was initially treated at Palmerton Hospital. Given the gravity of the facial dog attack wounds, the decision was made to transfer the boy to Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

A high respected plastic surgeon was called in to perform emergency facial surgery. Due to the complex nature of the dog bite wounds, it was necessary to place the young child under general anesthesia. 37 stitches were required to close the facial lacerations. Daily follow-up care was necessary to ensure that no infection would set in. Two weeks later, the sutures were removed and the wounds healed without incident.

The Poconos dog bite injury lawyer was contacted soon thereafter and immediately scheduled a free home consult. Attorney Newell visited with the family at their Monroe County PA residence. Plans were formulated to obtain all of the necessary evidence and aggressively move forward with the settlement process. The Poconos animal bite attorney had previously established a positive relationship with the defense adjuster in other litigation matters.

Once Thomas J. Newell, Esquire and the dog owners’ representative agreed on a settlement amount, the technical aspects of the structured settlement annuity funding needed to be agreed to and completed. After the attorney for dog attacks in the Poconos obtained court approval from the Monroe County Judge, Attorney Newell supervised the final documentation completion.

$ 135,255.27                                           Poconos PA

In the fall of 2011, the Poconos dog bite attorney obtained approval from Monroe County Judge Linda W. Miller to settle a Monroe County Pennsylvania dog attack claim for $135,255.27. A Poconos resident had agreed to volunteer for a charity event and dropped her daughter off at her sister’s home near Stroudsburg PA.

The homeowner owned a mixed breed dog that had a history of past aggressive acts. Unfortunately, the aunt did not properly restrain the vicious dog. It got loose and bit the little girl in the face. The Monroe County dog bite victim was rushed to Pocono Medical Center in East Stroudsburg PA.

The Poconos dog attack lawyer provided a free home consultation to the Monroe County PA family. Attorney Thomas J. Newell advised the girl’s mother to have the young child evaluated by a respected board certified plastic surgeon. This expert had performed corrective facial surgery on many other Pennsylvania dog attack victims represented by the Poconos dog bite injury attorney. Ultimately, it was decided that the initial surgery was expertly performed. Therefore, no follow-up plastic surgery was necessary.

Medical records and billing statements, as well as past and current photographs were assembled and formatted in a detailed settlement demand package prepared by your Poconos dog bite accident lawyer. Attorney Newell was very happy to have obtained this large PA dog bite settlement without having to file a Monroe County dog attack lawsuit versus his client’s aunt.

The Poconos dog attack attorney presented a detailed Minor’s Compromise Petition to the Monroe County Orphans’ Court. Judge Miller approved the tax-free structured settlement annuity proposed by Attorney Newell. This financial plan maximized the total economic benefit available to the Monroe County PA dog bite victim.

$ 117,460.00                                           Poconos PA

In the fall of 2012, your Poconos dog bite lawyer received permission from Judge Williamson of the Monroe County Orphans’ Court to conclude a $117,460.00 Poconos dog attack settlement through a guaranteed tax-free structured settlement annuity. In the summer of 2011, a two-year old girl was being babysat by her grandparents in Monroe County Pennsylvania.

The girl’s mother was in the hospital being treated for a medical emergency. The homeowners owned a Lab that had bitten people several times in the past. The vicious dog had even bitten the grandmother two to three times earlier. Despite this past history of vicious propensities, the grandparents did not lock the dog up or take any steps to separate it from the young child.

While unsupervised and unrestrained, the aggressive dog attacked the little girl and bit her in the face. The Monroe County PA dog attack victim was first taken to Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center. The child was then transferred to Wilkes-Barre General Hospital where she was placed under general anesthesia. Surgery was performed on her facial dog bite wounds. Fortunately, she was able to recover without any infections setting in.

Your Poconos dog attack attorney met with the little girl and her mother in the Poconos in February of 2012. After Attorney Thomas J. Newell was hired, he provided the defense adjuster with a lengthy and detailed legal analysis of the applicability of the PA Dog Law, as well as a potential punitive damage claim. The Monroe County PA dog bite lawyer obtained all of the child’s medical records, billing statements and photographs and sent them to the homeowners insurance company.

Several months later, the parties agreed that the defense would pay their liability policy limit and the lawyer for dog bites in the Poconos filed a Petition for Minor’s Compromise with the Monroe County Court of Common Pleas in Stroudsburg Pennsylvania. Attorney Newell was happy to have obtained the maximum settlement amount possible without the need to sue the girl’s grandparents. In addition, the Poconos dog bite accident attorney was able to structure the annuity so as to allow tax-free payments to be disbursed to the PA dog attack victim at ages 18, 19, 20 and 21 – just in time for college expenses.

$ 65,000.00                                       Poconos PA

On 12/28/16, The Honorable David J. Williamson of the Monroe County Court of Common Pleas signed an Order approving a $65,000.00 Monroe County dog attack settlement.  On the previous day, the Poconos dog bite injury attorney had filed a detailed 9 page Minor’s Compromise Petition setting forth the facts of this unprovoked dog attack and the injuries sustained by the innocent victim.

In the spring of 2015, a young child was invited to his friend’s house to play on their trampoline. The homeowner owned a male bulldog that had previously attacked a family member on at least 3 prior occasions. Notwithstanding this undisputed history of prior aggressive acts, the owner of the bulldog decided to let it outside while the kids were jumping on the trampoline. The unrestrained vicious dog immediately pursued and bit the boy on his right leg and buttocks.

Given the severity of the attack, the child was rushed to Pocono Medical Center in East Stroudsburg PA. He was injected with Lidocaine. Ten stitches were needed to close one dog bite wound and two sutures were applied to another. His mother was given prescriptions for several medicines and was warned about being ever vigilant for any signs of infections.

The lawyer for dog bites in the Poconos was called several days later. Attorney Newell immediately traveled to their Stroudsburg Pennsylvania home and laid out a detailed plan to aggressively represent the child’s personal injury claim. In the meantime, 2 follow-up appointments took place with the boy’s pediatrician. He was given a tetanus shot and all of the stitches were removed. A Poconos chiropractor also treated him on 3 occasions with massage therapy and chiropractic manipulations.

Once Attorney Newell had concluded settlement negotiations, he did everything possible to maximize his client’s financial recovery. He insisted that the boy’s settlement money be placed in a tax-free structured settlement with an A+XV financial company as rated by Best Company. The Poconos dog attack injury attorney provided Judge Williamson with all of the documents necessary to show the financial merit of this plan.

$ 55,000.00                                      Poconos PA

On 4/25/17, your Poconos dog attack lawyer obtained a $55,000.00 dog bite settlement for a man who was attacked by a mixed breed dog in Mount Pocono PA. He was delivering heating oil to a regular customer when their unsupervised and unleashed family pet attacked him. The vicious dog jumped up and bit him multiple times in his chest and abdomen. The only way this assault was stopped was when the homeowner grabbed a large branch and used it to move the dog off of the innocent victim.

Upon his arrival at an area Redi-Care Center, the medical personnel identified six separate dog bite wounds. A tetanus shot was administered and anti-infection medication was prescribed. Follow-up medical care was required when the service technician had problems with nausea, vomiting and numbness/pain in the area of the dog bite wounds. When he returned several days later, the medical staff was concerned that he might have developed an infection. He was immediately transferred to Easton Hospital.

The ER physician ordered a CT Scan to be taken of his abdomen and pelvis, as well as various blood tests. Multiple medications were administered, including Percocet, Morphine and Keflex. After several more visits to the Red-Care Center, the Monroe County dog bite victim was discharged from all future medical care. Issues regarding nightmares and flashbacks slowly lessened with the passage of time.

The attorney for dog bites in the Poconos promptly ordered his client’s medical records, medical bills and current photographs depicting some residual scarring. Attorney Newell forwarded all of the evidence, along with a 12 page settlement demand letter detailing the myriad of legal claims available to the Monroe County dog attack victim. The Bangor PA resident was extremely happy that the Poconos dog attack injury lawyer was able to obtain a substantial dog bite settlement within six months of this vicious animal attack.

$ 50,000.00                                         Poconos PA

In the summer of 2017, your Poconos dog bite attorney concluded a $50,000.00 Poconos dog attack settlement without having to file a lawsuit versus his client’s neighbor. The horrific ordeal began two years earlier when the two women agreed to meet to go walking in their Brodheadsville PA community. One of the woman decided to bring along her two dogs – a boxer and a black lab. The boxer was undisciplined and began to jump up onto the dog owner’s friend.

Suddenly, and without any warning whatsoever, the black lab lunged at the Monroe County resident and bit her on the thigh resulting in large gaping wounds. She was rushed to PMC in East Stroudsburg PA. One of the most respected plastic surgeons in NE Pennsylvania was called in to treat the significant dog attack wounds. Necrotic tissue was removed and around 25 stitches were used to close the dog bite wounds.

The physician was very concerned with the possibility that infection would set in. He provided her with antibiotics and literature which detailed the warning signs of infection. She was reminded to fully consume all of the prescribed medication. Too often, dog attack victims end the use of their prescriptions and, as a result, suffer a relapse that sometimes causes the necessity of hospital admission and surgical intervention.

Several follow-up appointments took place in the next 10 days. The surgeon removed the sutures and checked on the progress of the healing process. Fortunately, no infections set in and the dog attack wounds healed without incident. Soon thereafter, the Monroe County PA resident contacted Attorney Newell. The Poconos dog attack lawyer immediately scheduled a free consultation at the victim’s place of work.

Thomas J. Newell, Esquire explained to the woman that her surgeon had treated many of his past dog attack clients and that she should totally follow all of his instructions. A year later, the dog bite wounds had fully healed and a follow-up visit took place with the treating physician. Ultimately, a decision was made to not undergo elective plastic surgery because the odds of a noticeable improvement in the scars’ appearance were quite small.

The Poconos animal attack attorney obtained the necessary medical bills, medical records and photos to completely document the severity of his client’s personal injuries. The defendant’s homeowners insurance carrier was eager to work with Attorney Newell given his track record of success. The Monroe County dog bite victim was ecstatic the he was able to procure the $50,000.00 Poconos dog attack settlement without having to file a dog bite lawsuit versus her friend.

$ 42,500.00                                         Poconos PA

In the spring of 2014, the Poconos dog attack attorney settled a Monroe County Pennsylvania dog bite claim for $42,500.00. The previous summer, a woman was walking her Golden Retriever in a public park near Route 611. An older woman with allegedly serious health problems was walking her two adult Akitas. She was unable to control her dogs and they broke free and began to attack the Golden Retriever.

In the meantime, the owner of the Akitas stood by and did nothing to stop/prevent this vicious mauling. The owner of the Retriever was knocked down by the aggressive dogs and was bitten by the Akitas when she tried to rescue her dog. The assault was only ended due to the intervention of a neighbor who was able to grab the leashes of the Akitas and take them back to the dog owner’s garage.

The Poconos resident was rushed to Pocono Medical Center in East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania. The Emergency Room doctor used one-half dozen stitches to close the dog bite wounds to her arm and hand. He also administered a tetanus shot and prescribed anti-infection antibiotics. The Poconos dog bite injury lawyer received a telephone call from the Monroe County dog attack victim several days after the horrific ordeal.

Attorney Newell met with the Poconos dog bite victim in the comfort of her Monroe County PA residence. During the course of this free home consultation, the attorney for dog attacks in the Poconos outlined all of the steps he would take to maximize the economic value of this PA dog bite claim. He promptly spoke with the Pennsylvania Dog Warden who agreed to prosecute the defendant dog owner pursuant to the PA Dog Law.

A detailed three-page Affidavit was prepared by the Poconos dog attack injury lawyer. The information provided in this legal document allowed the PA Dog Warden to file charges of Harboring a Dangerous Dog and Failure to Confine versus the owner of the Akitas. A guilty plea in response to the PA Dog Law citations was entered by the defendant just weeks after the unprovoked animal attack.

Attorney Newell used these convictions to buttress his allegation that the dog owner’s conduct was reckless and would support a punitive damage claim if the homeowners insurance company failed to provide a generous settlement offer. The attorney for dog attacks in the Poconos was pleased to have obtained the $42,500.00 dog bite settlement without having to file a Monroe County PA dog attack lawsuit versus one of his client’s neighbors.

$ 32,806.00                                       Poconos PA

In March of 2017, the Poconos dog bite lawyer obtained a $32,806.00 dog attack settlement for a Pike County resident. The woman was walking outside of her townhouse community when she was mauled by a neighbor’s pit bull. This dog had a history of prior aggressive acts. However, on the day of this unprovoked animal attack, it was able to shake off its muzzle and leash and attack the helpless victim without any restraints.

The PA dog attack victim received medical care for dog bite wounds to her chest/abdomen, arm and hands. She was given a tetanus shot and various medications were prescribed. When the pit bull’s teeth penetrated her skin in multiple areas, it greatly increased the possibility of her dog attack lacerations becoming infected. She received follow-up medical attention from an area nephrologist.

Soon thereafter, the woman telephoned the Poconos dog bite injury attorney to schedule a free home consultation. Attorney Newell immediately made plans to meet with her in the comfort of her Pike County residence. He detailed the process by which he would assume full responsibility for all insurance-related issues. Thomas J. Newell, Esquire urged his client to continue to treat with her mental health specialist. The woman was experiencing problems with nightmares and flashbacks regarding the dog bite attack.

Once all of the medical treatment had concluded, the lawyer for dog attacks in the Poconos ordered and paid for copies of all of her medical documents, records and bills. He also obtained current photos proving the existence of some permanent scarring. A detailed settlement demand package was sent to the homeowners insurance company that insured the negligent dog owner. Attorney Thomas J. Newell argued that proof of prior vicious propensities increased the value of the PA dog bite case.

After a series of telephone calls and letters, the Poconos dog attack injury attorney was able to convince the defendant’s insurance carrier to settle the Pike County PA dog attack claim for $32,806.00. The innocent animal bite victim was very happy not only with the settlement amount, but also pleased that Attorney Newell concluded the case without having to file a lawsuit against her neighbor.

$ 30,000.00                                     Poconos PA

On September 26, 2017, the Poconos dog attack attorney concluded litigation regarding an April 2014 Poconos dog bite by obtaining a $30,000.00 dog bite attack settlement from the homeowners insurance carrier representing a Swiftwater PA couple. A resident of East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania employed a CPA from Monroe County to prepare her tax returns.

As detailed in Attorney Thomas J. Newell’s 9 page Complaint filed in Stroudsburg PA with the Monroe County Court of Common Pleas, the woman arrived at her accountant’s home on 4/12/14. The man had suggested that she pick up her tax returns at his residence. His wife was expecting the woman at said place and date. Normally, their large adult male dog was kept behind a gate, shielded from visitors.

Inexplicably, the accountant’s wife tried to give the client her tax returns while also attempting to hold the dog by its collar. The aggressive canine was not controlled by its owner and bit the unsuspecting customer on her hand. A friend of the woman was called to the CPA’s home and she drove the victim to East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania.

The staff at Pocono Medical Center cut away dead tissue, gave her 3 injections and administered multiple medications. The wound was properly bandaged and she was provided with instructions concerning the necessary steps to take to avoid infections from setting in. Unfortunately, the dog bite wound would not stop bleeding and she was required to return to Pocono Medical Center for additional treatment.

One week post attack, she underwent surgery in the Poconos which was performed by a plastic surgeon. A skin graft was required due to the significant loss of tissue caused by the dog attack. The recovery from the dog bite wound was enhanced by an intensive course of p.t. over the next 3 months. The Poconos physical therapists focused their work on modalities designed to both strengthen the hand and desensitize it.

Soon thereafter, the lawyer for dog bites in the Poconos supplied a free home consultation to the East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania resident. Attorney Newell ordered, paid for and obtained his client’s medical records and bills. Updated photographs showed a permanent scar remaining on her right hand. Pre-litigation settlement negotiations were not fruitful.

The accountant’s lawyer averred that there was no violation of the PA Dog Law nor any evidence of prior vicious propensities. Nonetheless, the Poconos dog bite lawyer was able to negotiate a $30,000.00 Monroe County dog bite attack settlement payout prior to the scheduled trial date in November of 2017. Undoubtedly, both the CPA and his customer were relieved that they would not have to testify against each other.

$ 25,000.00                                  Poconos PA

In June of 2020, the Poconos animal attack lawyer filed a Proof of Deposit with the Court of Common Pleas of Monroe County, PA Orphans’ Court Division to conclude a $25,000.00 Poconos dog attack settlement. Several years earlier, a young boy was playing basketball with his friend at his Kunkletown Pennsylvania residence. The next door neighbors’ pit bull got loose, pursued and attacked the child.

The pit bull mix was not muzzled, was unleashed and without any supervision. The Poconos resident was bitten on his left calf. His parents took him to Palmerton Hospital in Carbon County. Due to the severity of the pit bull attack wounds, around 12 sutures were needed to treat the injury. He was first given a Lidocaine shot to numb the area. The emergency room doctor also gave him a tetanus shot. His parents filled a prescription for Augmentin. The stitches were removed 10 days later at a local Urgent Care Center.

After realizing they weren’t capable of performing their son’s legal needs, his parents phoned the Poconos dog bite accident attorney. Thomas J. Newell, Esquire gave them a free home consult and discussed his strategic plan to maximize the value of the Poconos pit bull attack claim. Attorney Newell spoke with a neighbor who was aware of the pit bull mix’s aggressive nature.

In his detailed demand letter, the Poconos animal bite lawyer provided his legal analysis with an emphasis on the negative impact electric fence systems can have on dogs with an aggressive temperament. Ultimately, the dog owners’ insurance carrier relented and agreed to a $25,000.00 payout for the pit bull attack case. The Monroe County dog bite injury attorney filed a Petition for Minor’s Compromise Settlement which was promptly approved by Judge Williamson.

$ 23,828.00                                      Poconos PA

In January of 2017, your lawyer for dog attacks in the Poconos finalized a $23,838.00 PA dog bite settlement with the homeowners insurance company of a Milford Pennsylvania man. The negligent defendant was temporarily housing a friend’s pit bull. He took the dog in – even though he knew the pit bull had bitten someone just two months earlier. Nonetheless, a prudent person would lock the pit bull up if any guests were expected at the home.

The defendant’s father came over to his home for a planned visit. His son failed to properly secure the pit bull and it lunged at the elderly man biting his face. The Poconos resident was rushed to Port Jervis, New York where he received medical care at Bon Secours Hospital. The doctor cleaned out the facial wounds and used ten stitches to close the lacerations. Various antibiotics were prescribed as well. There was a significant concern that the dog bite wounds might become infected.

The Poconos dog bite attorney spoke over the telephone with the Pike County PA dog attack victim. Attorney Newell promptly scheduled a free home consultation at which time he explained the legal process and the steps he would take to obtain a fair and appropriate Poconos dog attack settlement. In the meantime, the dog bite victim had the ten sutures removed by his family doctor. Fortunately, the medication worked wonders and no infections developed.

Once all of the medical treatment had ended, the Poconos dog bite injury lawyer ordered the medical records, medical bills and current photographs of the elderly gentleman. The only remaining vestige of the unprovoked dog attack was a tiny lump of scar tissue remaining in the victim’s lower lip. No mental health care treatment was required.

Attorney Newell then sent the evidence to the defense adjuster, along with a lengthy legal analysis. He laid out a legal basis for a punitive damage claim as a result of the defendant’s reckless decision to not crate or otherwise contain the vicious pit bull. Ultimately, the homeowner’s insurance company accepted the analysis of the Poconos dog bite accident attorney and a $23,828.00 dog attack payout was agreed upon.

$ 22,607.60                                    Poconos PA

In August of 2019, your Poconos animal bite lawyer concluded a Stroudsburg PA dog attack claim by way of a $22,607.60 settlement. In May of 2018, Thomas J. Newell, Esquire provided a free home consultation to a Monroe County, Pennsylvania woman. Several months earlier, she had been walking her dog on a leash in her Jackson Township PA neighborhood.

Two children who lived near her were trying to control an adult German Shepherd and an adult Labrador Retriever. They were not capable of doing so which was a mistake in judgment made by their parents. Unfortunately, it was Attorney Newell’s client who paid the price for this lapse in judgment by her neighbors.

Both dogs broke free, pursued and attacked the woman and her dog as they were walking on the street. Instead of owning up to their mistake, the dog owners somehow tried to blame the victim! When the husband was charged with violating the PA Dog Law, he plead “not guilty” and demanded a hearing before a local District Justice. The woman had to testify in open court and relive the Poconos dog attack nightmare.

Justice was served as the dog owner was found guilty of “Failing to Confine” his dogs. He inexplicably appealed to the Monroe County Court of Common Pleas. As his non-jury trial was about to begin, he had a change of heart and pleaded guilty to the PA Dog Law charge. In the meantime, the attorney for dog bites in the Poconos was dealing with his homeowners insurance company. Attorney Newell put together a detailed demand packet outlining why a substantial payout was due the Monroe County, Pennsylvania resident.

Ultimately, the dog owners’ insurance carrier came to the negotiating table with a fair settlement offer and the Poconos dog attack case was settled for $22,607.60. The PA dog bite attack victim was pleased that Thomas J. Newell, Esquire was able to settle the case without having to sue her neighbors.


What criteria should I use to evaluate when selecting a Poconos dog attack injury attorney?

    Your Poconos dog attack lawyer has been handling Monroe County personal injury claims since 1982. Doesn’t your Poconos dog bite case deserve to be litigated by an attorney with over three decades of trial experience? Call today at 570-421-0893.
    The attorney for dog bites in the Poconos is a firm believer in aggressively using the PA Dog Law to establish legal responsibility on the part of negligent Monroe County PA dog owners. The Failure to Confine Statute (Section 305) and Harboring a Dangerous Dog Statute (Section 502-A) are outstanding tools to use against the reckless Pennsylvania dog owners.
    Attorney Thomas J. Newell has successfully represented many Monroe County dog bite victims over the course of his lengthy legal career. The lawyer for dog attacks in the Poconos has resolved dog bite claims for $100,000.00 or more in 11 different Pennsylvania Counties, including dog attack settlements of $135,255.27 and $117,460.00 here in Monroe County PA.Never forget that settlement results in other PA dog bite claims do not guarantee a specific settlement payout for your Poconos dog attack case. Each Pennsylvania dog bite legal claim must be evaluated based upon the specific damage and liability facts unique to that dog attack.
    The Poconos dog bite accident attorney has served as legal counsel for dog attack victims in 29 different Pennsylvania Counties. Isn’t that the type of experience your Monroe County dog attack case deserves? Attorney Newell has been contacted by personal injury attorneys from all over Pennsylvania requesting that he accept a dog bite case they would like to refer to him.
    Shouldn’t you be able to personally speak with an experienced attorney regarding your legal claim? The Poconos dog attack injury lawyer will thoroughly review the facts of your case with you. He will apply the PA Dog Law to arrive at a legal conclusion regarding the validity of your PA dog bite claim.
    Once it has been established that Attorney Thomas J. Newell is willing to proceed with your legal claim, he will promptly schedule a free HOME consultation in the comfort of your Monroe County residence. Normally, the Poconos dog bite injury attorney is able to visit a new PA dog attack client within 1 to 3 days of the initial telephone call. Speak with Attorney Newell today at 570-421-0893.
    There are numerous personal injury firms that represent Monroe County personal injury victims. They may have hundreds, if not thousands of clients. In contrast, the lawyer for dog bites in the Poconos is a solo practitioner who will personally handle your case. You’re a valuable dog attack client to Attorney Newell, not a number in a large impersonal law office file room.
    Your Poconos dog attack injury attorney knows that PA dog bite legal claims are always enhanced by successful prosecutions under the PA Dog Law. Attorney Thomas J. Newell has extensive experience in working with the Monroe County Dog Warden, George Nixon, to obtain convictions before local District Justices.
    Any Pennsylvania licensed attorney can claim they are a “dog attack lawyer.” But few, if any, can match Attorney Newell’s experience and passion when representing PA dog bite victims. Your Poconos dog bite accident lawyer fights for dog attack victims daily. His law practice focuses on 2 goals: 1) Promptly and successfully negotiating with the homeowners insurance company to maximize the dog bite settlement amount and, 2) Making neighborhoods safer by changing the habits of negligent dog owners.

Our family was walking near the Monroe County Courthouse in Stroudsburg PA when our son was bitten by an unleashed dog. What should we do?

  • Please promptly take your child to receive medical care for his dog attack wounds.
  • The closest hospital is:
    • Pocono Medical Center
      206 East Brown Street
      East Stroudsburg, PA 18301
  • Dog bite wounds that break the skin can frequently become infected. The ER doctor could administer a tetanus shot and/or rabies shot, along with antibiotics to improve the odds of fighting off infections.
  • Saliva from a dog’s mouth can contain up to 30 different viruses. It is critical that you take all the steps recommended by the physician to prevent infection.
  • The attorney for dog bites in the Poconos urges you to quickly fill all the prescriptions recommended by the doctor. Discharge instructions are very helpful in explaining what symptoms you should be on the lookout for.
  • Attorney Thomas J. Newell suggests that you take photographs of your son’s dog bite wounds both before and after he obtains medical attention at Pocono Medical Center. Do not assume that your Poconos dog bite injury lawyer will be able to easily obtain the photos that may have been taken at the hospital.
  • If you notice any signs of infection, please take your son back to PMC or any area urgent care center.  Possible options include:
    • Pocono Urgent Care
      101 Pocono Commons Shopping Center
      Suite 101, Route 611
      Stroudsburg, PA 18360
    • Pocono Urgent Care
      Route 209 – Price Chopper Plaza
      4545 Milford Road
      Marshalls Creek, PA 18302
    • Mount Pocono Family Care
      100 Community Drive, Suite 102
      Tobyhanna, PA 18466
  • If possible, obtain vet information and rabies documents from the negligent dog owner. Provide that info to the PA Health Department and the Monroe County Dog Warden. It is important that someone confirm the rabies vaccination information with the dog owner’s veterinarian office.
  • Your attorney for dog attacks in the Poconos suggests you contact your son’s pediatrician’s office to set up a follow-up appointment. An experienced medical provider should be keeping a close eye on your son’s condition.
  • There is a required 10 day quarantine period after a dog attack that has resulted in a dog bite injury to a person. The quarantine process can be served at the dog owner’s home so long as the dog is kept indoors. The PA Dog Warden will examine the dog during those 10 days to ensure that it is not rabid.
  • Telephone the Poconos dog bite lawyer at 570-421-0893 as soon as you return home after your child’s initial medical care.
  • Attorney Thomas J. Newell will personally review the facts of the Monroe County dog bite  claim and explain to you how the PA Dog Law impacts your son’s legal claim.
  • If the Poconos dog bite accident attorney believes that he can successfully litigate your child’s case, he will immediately schedule a free HOME consultation no matter where you live in Monroe County. Usually, he is able to meet with a new client within 1 to 3 days of the initial telephone call.
  • Please call the Monroe County Dog Warden, George Nixon @ 570-629-1099. Give him the details regarding the unprovoked dog attack.
  • Provide the Pennsylvania Dog Warden with photographs, medical records, medical bills and any other relevant information you possess.
  • The lawyer for dog attacks in the Poconos has worked with George Nixon on many occasions to ensure that a full and complete investigation takes place.
  • If the Monroe County Dog Warden requests that you attend a District Justice hearing, please make sure you arrive at least 30 minutes before the court appearance. Your Monroe County dog bite attorney will be there to fully prepare you for your testimony.
  • Attorney Newell believes that convictions of reckless dog owners pursuant to the PA Dog Law are very helpful in allowing him to maximize his bargaining position when dealing with the dog owner’s homeowners insurance company.
  • If you were able to safely photograph or videotape the defendant’s dog on the day of the attack, supply that critical evidence to both Dog Warden Nixon and the Poconos dog attack injury lawyer.
  • Also email Attorney Thomas J. Newell the photographs you took of your son in the days immediately after this unprovoked PA dog bite attack.
  • If you happen to know any of the dog owner’s neighbors, contact them to see if they have any information regarding past attacks by this dog.
  • The Poconos dog bite attorney will file a formal request with government officials in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to obtain any records on file which may prove prior vicious propensities by the defendant’s dog.
  • Attorney Newell needs ongoing updates regarding your son’s medical care and the complete contact information regarding all of his medical providers, including phone numbers and addresses.
  • Please send copies of receipts for any expenses incurred for deductibles and co-pays for your son’s medical bills to your Poconos dog bite accident lawyer.
  • Thomas J. Newell, Esquire guarantees that he will timely return your telephone calls, letters and emails. He is committed to providing each and every one of his dog attack clients with a high level of personal service combined with a unique level of expertise in representing Pennsylvania dog bite victims.
  • Contact between an attorney and his client can only be protected by the “attorney-client privilege” if those conversations, emails and letters are kept private between them. Your attorney for dog attacks in the Poconos mandates that all of his dog bite clients maintain strict confidentiality regarding their communications.
  • Once your son’s medical care has ended, forward clear photographs of his permanent scars to:

What would be the benefit of hiring a Poconos dog attack lawyer?

  • The negligent Monroe County PA dog owner is represented by a defense adjuster who wants to quickly settle your Poconos dog bite claim for the smallest amount possible.
  • By hiring an experienced Poconos Pennsylvania dog attack lawyer, you can be assured that your PA dog attack case will be settled at the right time and for a fair amount.
  • Your Poconos dog bite attorney will schedule your free home consultation anywhere in Monroe County Pennsylvania.
  • Call your Poconos PA dog attack attorney today at 570-421-0893. Attorney Newell looks forward to hearing from you.



The PA dog attack lawyer has aggressively represented PA dog bite victims in 33 Pennsylvania Counties. The content of this website is for informational purposes only and is NOT legal advice for your specific Pennsylvania dog attack claim. Settlements/verdicts in other PA dog bite claims were based upon the unique set of liability and damage facts of each case, as well as the law that existed at that time.

The PA Dog Law and the legal decisions regarding Pennsylvania dog bite lawsuits can change at any time. Attorney Newell strongly advises you to immediately consult with an experienced Pennsylvania dog bite lawyer to review the facts of your dog attack and the injuries you sustained. The PA dog attack attorney provides free home consultations to all PA dog bite victims whose cases he believes have legal and economic merit.

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Dog Attacks


Bushkill Woman Hires Poconos Dog Bite Lawyer

On 1/31/20, your lawyer for dog attacks in the Poconos was hired by a Monroe County resident. The woman went to a job interview in Cresco PA when the business owner’s dog came at her from the side and bit her leg.

Medical treatment was rendered for the Bushkill resident at St. Luke’s Hospital in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. She was given a tetanus shot and prescribed medications. After the unprovoked dog attack, the dog owner laughed and said, “He bites everybody.” He’s not laughing anymore after receiving Attorney Thomas J. Newell’s letter of representation.


Poconos Dog Bite Attorney Provides Consult

On 7/29/19, your attorney for dog attacks in the Poconos gave a free consultation to a Monroe County PA man. He had been delivering propane in Tannersville, Pennsylvania when the property owners’ unleashed beagle bit him on his left leg.

Medical treatment was rendered at a Pocono Urgent Care Center. The dog attack wound was cleansed and Neosporin was used to prevent infection. The Poconos dog bite lawyer provided his legal analysis.

If you or a loved one has been attacked by an unleashed dog, call Attorney Thomas J. Newell at 800-980-4842.


Poconos Dog Attack Lawyer Contacted

On 6/5/18, the attorney for dog bites in the Poconos was contacted by a family member of a teenager who was attacked by a Rottweiler in Monroe County, Pennsylvania. She was bitten on the arm at an acquaintance’s residence in Effort PA. Medical care was provided at St. Luke’s Hospital in Bartonsville.

Attorney Thomas J. Newell discussed legal issues concerning the PA Dog Law. He also addressed his concerns regarding potential infections and the need to take all of the prescribed medication in a timely fashion.


Poconos Dog Attack Attorney Hired

On 2/2/18, the Poconos dog bite lawyer was retained by the parents of a 10 year old boy attacked by his neighbor’s pit bull mix. The Kunkletown Pennsylvania resident was playing on his driveway when the male mixed breed pit bull pursued and attacked him. He was bitten multiple times on the leg.

The Poconos resident was taken to Palmerton Hospital where physicians used at least a dozen stitches to close the wounds. A tetanus shot, as well as a Lidocaine injection were given to the young boy. Attorney Newell is aggressively pursuing this dog attack case.


$50,000.00 Poconos Dog Bite Settlement

On 7/10/17, your Poconos dog bite attorney obtained a $50,000.00 Monroe County dog attack settlement payout. In the summer of of 2015, a woman agreed to go for a walk with a neighbor in Bartonsville PA. This friend brought along her two dogs – a Boxer and a black Lab. The former jumped up onto the plaintiff while the latter bit her on the right leg.

The Monroe County resident was driven to Pocono Medical Center in East Stroudsburg PA. A plastic surgeon was called in. Dead tissue was cut away and approximately two dozen stitches were used to close the dog bite wound. The Poconos dog attack lawyer provided a free consultation and promptly went to work to obtain all of the necessary evidence and medical documents. The PA dog bite victim was pleased that she did not have to sue her neighbor.


Poconos Dog Attack Attorney Hired

On 1/13/17, the Poconos dog bite lawyer was hired to represent a Pike County PA dog attack victim. A German Shepherd with a history of prior aggressive acts, bit her multiple times on her left arm. The child was rushed to Bon Secours Hospital in Port Jervis, New York. The ER doctor used 18 stitches to close the dog bite wounds. A tetanus shot was also administered.

Attorney Thomas J. Newell met with the little girl and her mother at their residence. During the course of the interview, he discovered that the representative of the negligent dog owner had tried to convince the mother not to hire a lawyer to represent the legal interests of her daughter! The Poconos dog attack lawyer looks forward to doing battle with the defense insurance company.


Poconos Dog Bite Lawyer Provides Free Consultation

On 9/7/16, your Poconos dog attack attorney provided a free legal analysis to an East Stroudsburg PA man whose private development is being terrorized by dogs owned by a reckless man. His two large dogs are never confined to his property and constantly defecate all over the community.

When the man tried to videotape this blatant violation of the PA Dog Law, the dog owner attacked him. The Pennsylvania State Police were called to the scene. Hopefully, criminal charges and PA Dog Law citations will be issued to the dog owner. Monroe County Dog Warden George Nixon is also investigating this horrific situation.