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$ 235,000.00                         Armstrong County, PA

In October of 2019, the Armstrong County dog bite attorney successfully obtained a $235,000.00 PA dog attack settlement. Attorney Thomas J. Newell’s client was visiting her friend in Leechburg PA 15656. The women were life-long friends. The visitor departed her Harleysville, Montgomery County PA home and began the long trip out to Western Pennsylvania. The defendant owned a Hungarian Kuvasz. This is a large dog that is bred to guard and protect its owner. The breed is known to be fiercely independent and suspicious of strangers.

The Montco resident called her friend 10-15 minutes before her arrival to provide the Armstrong County resident with ample time and opportunity to restrain and put away the 100 pound canine. Upon her arrival, the Harleysville (19438) native opened the glass storm door and knocked on the wooden front door. The negligent dog owner opened the front door and her 2 large dogs ran out and pursued the visitor. The Hungarian Kuvasz bit her right hand and wouldn’t let go. The dog’s owner had to punch her vicious animal multiple times on its head before it released her friend’s hand.

The Armstrong County dog attack victim was rushed by ambulance to ACMH Hospital in Kittanning PA (16201.) The surgeon identified multiple lacerations to her right hand, including a large 2 cm deep laceration at the base of the 5th MCP. X-rays demonstrated a comminuted, displaced fracture involving the proximal meta-diaphysis of the 5th phalanx. She was injected with Lidocaine. The fracture was reduced and 6 stitches were used to close the dog bite laceration. An ulnar gutter splint was applied.

The following day, she was evaluated at Tri-Rivers Musculoskeletal Center in Butler PA 16001. The Butler County physician informed her that surgery was necessary due to the complexity of the fracture and the likelihood that it would not heal properly. The Montgomery County PA dog attack victim returned home to be evaluated by a local orthopaedic specialist. Five weeks post dog attack, surgery was performed at Einstein Medical Center, East Norriton, PA 19401. The diagnosis was: Right 5th digit ulnar digital nerve neurapraxia. Surgery was described as: Irrigation debridement right 5th digit and closed reduction percutaneous pin fixation of 5th proximal phalanx.

Initially, the Harleysville resident tried to represent herself. She later realized that the needed to hire an Armstrong County dog attack injury attorney. A free home consultation was provided and Attorney Thomas J. Newell quickly began his investigation. He obtained a report from the Armstrong County Dog Warden that identified 2 prior acts of vicious propensities.

In the spring of 2015, the Hungarian Kuvasz bit a woman in a shelter that the defendant was visiting. She sustained a puncture wound to her right arm and scratches about her neck. The following day the vicious dog nipped at a receptionist in a veterinarian’s office. Information was also obtained that the Hungarian Kuvasz was a “rescue dog.” It had been abused and neglected by its previous owner. Chaining a dog outdoors for long periods of time only increases its aggressive tendencies.

Meanwhile, the Armstrong County dog bite victim’s medical problems continued to mount. Physical therapy post-surgery was not effective. Another surgery was required, this time at Suburban Community Hospital. Her diagnosis was significant arthrofibrosis with extensive contracture. Surgery #2 consisted of open capsular release with tenolysis and manipulation. After follow-up physical therapy, a 2nd orthopaedic opinion was obtained. The limited flexion of her 5th digit was caused by a near anatomic alignment. Surgery #3 was declined.

Once his client’s medical care had plateaued, the attorney for dog bites in Armstrong County PA paid for and obtained the voluminous medical records and bills. Recent photographs were used to identify a permanent disability. Attorney Thomas J. Newell’s lengthy settlement demand letter made a persuasive claim that the dog owner’s actions were more than negligent – they were reckless.

The Armstrong County dog bite accident lawyer threated to include a Punitive Damage Count in his Complaint if the defendant’s insurance carrier did not agree to a pre-litigation settlement. Ultimately, they relented and made the $245,000.00 payout. The Montgomery County PA resident was thrilled that the case settled without having to relive the nightmare by testifying in court. An Armstrong County dog attack lawsuit was averted due to this large settlement.

$ 71,187.16                           Clearfield County, PA

In July of 2023, your Lawyer for Dog Attacks in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania obtained a $71,187.16 settlement after a pit bull attack in Clearfield, PA. The Defendants’ pit bull had bitten a teenage boy and their homeowners insurance company failed to provide Attorney Thomas J. Newell with an appropriate pre-litigation settlement offer.

The Armstrong County Dog Bite Injury Attorney filed a lawsuit vs. the negligent pit bull owners in March of 2022 in the Clearfield County Court of Common Pleas. The Depositions of the parties were held in DuBois, PA in June. A Pre-Trial Conference took place with President Judge Fredric J. Ammerman in December of 2022.  A Mediation was held with Attorney Helbig in May of 2023 which concluded with the successful pit bull attack settlement.

Your Law Firm for Pit Bull Attacks in Pennsylvania is always available to schedule your free consultation telephone call.

When should I call the Armstrong County dog attack attorney for a free home consultation?

  • After you have been attacked by a dog in Armstrong County PA, you should immediately obtain medical care.
  • A dog bite laceration that breaks the skin is a serious matter.
  • Rabid dogs are the most common source of rabies infections on human beings in Pennsylvania.
  • The Emergency Room/Urgent Care doctors may need to give you a tetanus shot, rabies injections and/or prescription medication to ward off infections.
  • Make sure you take the complete dosage of Amoxicillin and/or obtain the total number of rabies injections.
  • Document your dog attack wounds by taking photographs/video both before and after your initial treatment.
  • Telephone the Armstrong County Dog Warden, Matthew Patrick at 724-525-6490.
  • Provide the PA Dog Warden with all of the relevant facts and supply him with photos of your wounds, as well as receipts for medical expenses.
  • Call 800-980-4842 to speak personally with your Armstrong County dog bite lawyer.
  • Attorney Thomas J. Newell will review with you the applicable PA Dog Law statutes and outline a plan to follow that best preserves your legal rights and maximizes the potential settlement recovery.
  • The attorney for dog attacks in Armstrong County will come to your home in Kittanning (16201) or any other city/town in the area.
  • Put his 40 years of personal injury litigation experience to work for you!
  • The Armstrong County dog attack injury lawyer has represented 100’s of dog bite victims throughout 38 Pennsylvania Counties.

What characteristics should my Armstrong County dog attack lawyer have?

  • EXPERTISE:  Your attorney for dog bites in Armstrong County PA has been chosen by dog attack victims in 38 different PA Counties to serve as their legal counsel.
  • PERSONAL SERVICE:  Attorney Newell is a solo practitioner, not a large law office. Every person who hires him is guaranteed to be represented by him throughout the entire litigation process.
  • EXPERIENCE:  The lawyer for dog attacks in Armstrong County has represented Pennsylvania personal injury victims for 4 decades!
  • GOOGLE REVIEWS:  There are current 52 ***** Reviews posted on Google. Attorney Newell’s professionalism and dedication to personal service are well documented.
  • YOU DESERVE EXCELLENCE:  You only have one opportunity to hire your Armstrong County dog bite injury lawyer. What lawyer or Armstrong County dog attack law firm can match the credentials of Attorney Thomas J. Newell?

A dog bit me in Kittanning, PA. What symptoms of infection should I be checking for?

  • The discharge documents from ACMH Hospital or your local Urgent Care Center will provide you with details regarding infections.
  • is a website frequently used by dog bite victims to obtain the latest medical advice to follow concerning these symptoms:
    • Feeling sick to your stomach and/or vomiting
    • Difficulty moving the injured area
    • Experiencing chills and/or a fever
    • Red line or streak extending out and away from the wound
    • Area around the laceration is swollen, sore, red and/or warm
    • Bad smell or pus coming from the wound
  • Your Armstrong County injury lawyer strongly suggests that you take every precaution possible to avoid having your dog bite wound develop an infection.

How do I communicate with the Armstrong County Dog Warden?

  • Matthew Patrick is the Armstrong County Dog Warden with a telephone # of 724-525-6490.
  • The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture employs all of the PA Dog Wardens.
  • You should call him after you have finished your medical care at the ER of ACMH Hospital in Kittanning PA 16201 or at an Armstrong County Urgent Care Center.
  • Be ready to supply Matthew Patrick with a brief statement of the facts of your PA dog attack, as well as send him photos of your wounds.
  • After you have spoken with the Dog Warden, call the Armstrong County dog bite accident attorney to obtain your free consultation.
  • Attorney Thomas J. Newell will thoroughly review all relevant aspects of the PA Dog Law with you and set up a convenient time to visit with you in the comfort of your Kittanning home.

Does the Armstrong County dog bite injury attorney provide a full in-home consultation with all Armstrong County dog attack victims?

  • Of course! Your Armstrong County dog bite lawyer travels to all dog attack victims’ homes throughout Armstrong County, including those who live in:
    • Kittanning (16201), Apollo (15613), Ford City (16226)
    • North Apollo (15673), Leechburg (15656),
    • Freeport (16229), West Kittanning (16201)
    • Cowanshannock Twp. (16201)
    • East Franklin Twp. (16201); Kiskiminetas Twp. (16229)


The PA dog attack lawyer has aggressively represented PA dog bite victims in 38 Pennsylvania Counties. The content of this website is for informational purposes only and is NOT legal advice for your specific Pennsylvania dog attack claim. Settlements/verdicts in other PA dog bite claims were based upon the unique set of liability and damage facts of each case, as well as the law that existed at that time.

The PA Dog Law and the legal decisions regarding Pennsylvania dog bite lawsuits can change at any time. Attorney Newell strongly advises you to immediately consult with an experienced Pennsylvania dog bite lawyer to review the facts of your dog attack and the injuries you sustained. The PA dog attack attorney provides free home consultations to all PA dog bite victims whose cases he believes have legal and economic merit.


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Bitten by a Dog?

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Dog Attacks


Lawrence County Dog Attack Victim Calls PA Dog Bite Lawyer

On 8/22/23, your Lawyer for Dog Attacks in Western PA provided a free analysis to an Amazon driver who was attacked by an unleashed dog on 8/18/23. The delivery person was dropping off a package in New Castle, Pennsylvania when he was bitten on his wrist.  His dog attack wounds were treated at a hospital in Ohio near his home.


Allegheny County Mother Calls PA Dog Bite Lawyer After Pit Bull Attack

On 8/2/23, your Lawyer for Dog Attacks in Western Pennsylvania gave a free telephone review to a McKees Rocks woman. Her children witnessed their family dog being killed by 2 unleashed pit bulls. The pit bull owners were found guilty of Harboring a Dangerous Dog by the local Magisterial District Justice.

Unfortunately, PA Law does not require renters to purchase renters liability insurance.


Pittsburgh Area Woman Contacts Attorney Newell

On 3/6/23, your Armstrong County PA Dog Attack Lawyer provided a free consultation to a Sewickley, PA woman whose husband and service dog were attacked by 2 unleashed and unsupervised greyhounds. Their negligent neighbor inexplicably permitted his vicious canines to run loose in this Allegheny County neighborhood.

The victim’s hand was bitten while trying to save his family pet. Attorney Thomas J. Newell advised them to document the PA Dog Law violations identified by neighbors and report them to the local police for criminal prosecution.


Armstrong County Dog Attack Attorney Provides Free Consultation

On 8/12/22, your attorney for dog attacks in Western Pennsylvania gave a free analysis to a Bedford County woman. Her neighbor’s vicious dog got loose and began to chase her cat. In the course of its pursuit of the feline, it knocked over the elderly woman.

She recently had foot surgery and Attorney Thomas J. Newell concurred with her decision to be evaluated by her surgeon. The PA dog attack lawyer also advised her to speak with the Bedford County Dog Warden – Andrew Sgro.


When & How to Contact the Armstrong County Dog Warden

Your lawyer for dog bites in Armstrong County PA firmly supports the idea that you should promptly call the PA Dog Warden after you have received your initial medical care. The Armstrong County PA Dog Warden is Matthew Patrick. His telephone number is 724-525-6490. Provide him with your full cooperation.

You should send him photographs, videos of the defendants’ dog if you have some, copies of out-of-pocket expenses and a verbal statement of the full details of the unprovoked dog attack. Then call your Armstrong County dog bite lawyer to set up your free home consultation.


Armstrong County Dog Bite Lawyer Helps Obtain PA Dog Law Conviction

On 1/19/21, your attorney for dog attacks in Armstrong County traveled to Clearfield, PA (16830) to attend a Magisterial District Justice Hearing. Last summer, a 15 year old was visiting his grandparents in their Clearfield County home. His uncle also lived there with his pit bull. The young man was savagely attacked by the vicious and unrestrained pit bull that had a history of prior vicious propensities.

The pit bull owner was charged with Harboring a Dangerous Dog. The Armstrong County dog bite attorney attended the Hearing before District Justice J. Michael Morris. Attorney Thomas J. Newell helped broker a plea deal that the defendant pit bull owner would plead guilty to the PA Dog Law charges in return for Attorney Newell pursuing out-of-pocket expenses in the civil litigation case.