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$ 80,000.00                       Lackawanna County PA

In January of 2018, the Lackawanna County dog bite attorney filed an Affidavit of Annuity Funding pleading with the Court of Common Pleas of Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania to conclude the legal requirements to finalize an $80,000.00 Lackawanna County dog attack settlement. A young girl had been bitten by a German Shepherd on the left arm while visiting a family member in Pike County, PA. She was rushed to the nearest hospital. A 3-1/2 centimeter laceration was identified on her left forearm. A 2 x 2 centimeter dog bite wound was noted on her left elbow, as well as small puncture wounds throughout her left forearm.

The ER physician gave her 2 injections of Lidocaine before using 5 stitches and 3 stitches to close the most significant dog attack wounds. Multiple x-rays on her left forearm were taken to rule out any fractures. Augmentin was administered at the hospital and her mother was given a prescription to fill for that medication. Unfortunately, infection set in and the child was taken back to the hospital for additional medical treatment.

The Pennsylvania dog bite victim was given another shot of Lidocaine, the wound site was opened and the infected tissue was flushed out. One stitch was removed and blood work was taken. A follow-up visit was scheduled with an internal medicine specialist. The dog bite wound still was draining and the oral antibiotic prescription was continued. A week later, the child’s pediatrician removed 4 sutures and thoroughly examined all of the dog attack wounds.

Four weeks after the dog bite, the pediatrician removed the remaining stitches and concluded that all signs of infection had dissipated. Instructions were provided regarding avoiding sunlight and the use of scar treatment ointment. Two years after the attack, the remaining scars were raised, discolored and visible. There are no current plans for future plastic surgery intervention.

The young girl’s mother originally attempted to represent her daughter. After realizing that expert legal representation was necessary, she telephoned the top Lackawanna County dog attack attorney. Thomas J. Newell, Esquire immediately set up a free home consultation at their residence in Scranton, PA. After being hired, the attorney for dog bites in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania ordered the medical records, medical bills and current photographs.

Once all of the documentary evidence was assembled, a 12 page settlement demand letter was authored by Attorney Newell. The evidence and correspondence was then sent to the adjuster hired by the defendant’s homeowners insurance company. Negotiations took place over the course of the next few months. Ultimately, the $80,000.00 payout was agreed to by all parties.

Pursuant to Pennsylvania Law, the Lackawanna County dog bite lawyer was required to obtain court approval for the minor’s settlement. Thomas J. Newell, Esquire filed a 10 page Petition for Minor’s Compromise Settlement under PA Rule of Civil Procedure No. 2039 with the Lackawanna County Court of Common Pleas. Attorney Newell requested that the court approve a structured settlement annuity that would guarantee a total tax-free payout of $74,703.91.

On November 3, 2017, The Honorable Thomas Munley signed the proposed Order giving his consent to the $80,000.00 Lackawanna County dog bite settlement. Attorney Thomas J. Newell ensured that all of the proper documents were executed and supplied proof to the court that the annuity was funded. The Lackawanna County lawyer for dog bites was pleased to have settled the case without having to sue the family friend who owned the dog.


When should I call a Lackawanna County dog bite injury lawyer?

  • Attorney Thomas J. Newell receives calls from Lackawanna County and Luzerne County dog bite victims within 1-2 days after the unprovoked dog attack.
  • The earlier you contact the Lackawanna County dog bite accident attorney, the faster he can file a request with Harrisburg to identify potential prior vicious propensities.
  • The Lackawanna County dog attack injury lawyer provides free home consultations. Call him today at 800-980-4842. Put Attorney Newell’s 39 years of experience to work for you.


The PA dog attack lawyer has aggressively represented PA dog bite victims in 38 Pennsylvania Counties. The content of this website is for informational purposes only and is NOT legal advice for your specific Pennsylvania dog attack claim. Settlements/verdicts in other PA dog bite claims were based upon the unique set of liability and damage facts of each case, as well as the law that existed at that time.

The PA Dog Law and the legal decisions regarding Pennsylvania dog bite lawsuits can change at any time. Attorney Newell strongly advises you to immediately consult with an experienced Pennsylvania dog bite lawyer to review the facts of your dog attack and the injuries you sustained. The PA dog attack attorney provides free home consultations to all PA dog bite victims whose cases he believes have legal and economic merit.


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Scranton Dog Bite Lawyer Gives Free Consultation

On 10/21/22, your lawyer for dog attacks in Lackawanna County PA provided a free analysis to a Moscow Pennsylvania pit bull attack victim. The previous day, he was walking outside in his neighborhood when an out-of-control unmuzzled pit bull initiated an unprovoked attack. The gentleman was bitten on the back of both legs.

Medical treated was rendered at a local urgent care center. The PA Dog Warden will be filing PA Dog Law charges vs. the negligent pit bull owner.


Lackawanna County Lawyer Advises Dog Attack Victim’s Mother

On 7/9/22, your Lackawanna County lawyer that handles dog attacks gave a free consultation to a Scranton PA mother. Her young daughter had been at a pool party when the host negligently let 2 vicious Rottweilers out of the house . The unchained, unrestrained and unmuzzled dogs pursued and attacked the helpless child.  One of the Rottweilers bit her back and leg.

Attorney Thomas J. Newell advised her to contact the Lackawanna County Dog Warden to commence criminal charges per the PA Dog Law.


Free Consultation Provided by Lackawanna County Dog Bite Attorney

On 8/3/21, your Scranton dog attack lawyer gave a free consult to a Scranton PA woman. Several days earlier, her beloved Shih Tzu was playing on her driveway. A large Bichon Terrier was being walked by its owner. The little dog playfully approached the big dog and was viciously mauled.

Her family pet suffered a broken leg, a broken jaw and multiple skull fractures. Attorney Thomas J. Newell analyzed all of the legal issues and provided a detailed perspective on the applicability of the PA Dog Law, in particular “Failure to Confine” – Section 305.


Lackawanna County Dog Attack Attorney Files Right-to-Know Request

On 2/9/21, your Scranton dog bite attorney emailed a Right-to-Know demand to the PA Department of Agriculture after a Jan. 22, 2021 unprovoked dog bite attack. A USPS mail carrier was working her rounds in West Scranton PA (18504). After placing letters in the mailbox attached to the house, she suddenly heard the front door open with an aggressive dog bounding out of the house.

The negligent owner did not have the dog on a leash, nor under control. Nothing was done by the property owner to stop this vicious dog attack. The Scranton dog attack lawyer provided a free home consultation and reviewed with the mail carrier the PA Dog Law.


Your Attorney for Dog Attacks in Lackawanna County is Hired

On 1/29/21, your lawyer for dog bites in Lackawanna County provided a free HOME consultation to a woman in the comfort of her Scranton, Pennsylvania home. She works as a mail carrier for the United States Postal Service. After dropping off mail at a West Scranton residence, she was attacked by their unleashed dog.

Physicians at Moses Taylor Hospital examined the open wound on her leg and determined that rabies shots were required. To date, she has received 10 rabies injections with more to come. Your Lackawanna County dog bite lawyer will obtain justice for her.


Lackawanna County Dog Bite Lawyer Gives Free Consultation

On 1/10/20, your attorney for dog bites in Wilkes Barre PA provided a free consultation to a delivery man who was attacked by an unleashed and unmuzzled German Shepherd. A week ago, the gentleman was dropping off a package at a Wilkes Barre residence. As he was standing on the front porch, the aggressive dog came thru the front door and bit his right thigh.

Medical treatment was rendered at Wilkes-Barre General Hospital. He was given a tetanus shot and the dog bite wound was cleaned. Your Lackawanna County dog attack attorney obtained all of the details and supplied the Carbon County resident with a complete analysis.


Lackawanna County Dog Attack Lawyer Provides Free Consult

On 3/30/19, the Lackawanna County dog bite lawyer provided a free consultation to a Clarks Summit PA man whose daughter was recently attacked by a neighbor’s dog. The little girl was playing in her front yard when a man walked by with his dog on a leash. She asked permission to pet the dog.

The dog owner said his dog was “friendly” and assured her it was okay to interact with his canine. As she approached the dog, it jumped up and bit her on the face and neck, breaking the skin. The Lackawanna County dog attack lawyer advised the father to immediately take his daughter to receive medical treatment. Dog attack wounds can easily develop infections if not properly cared for. At this point, it does not appear that the dog owner violated the PA Dog Law.


Lackawanna County Dog Attack Attorney Consulted

On 3/30/19, your attorney for dog bites in Lackawanna County was contacted by a father whose daughter had just been attacked by a neighbor’s dog. The child was playing in her front yard when a man walked by with his dog on a leash. She asked if she could pet the canine.

The dog owner claimed that the dog was “friendly” and invited her to interact with the dog. As she approached the dog, it jumped up and bit her on the face and neck. The Lackawanna County dog bite lawyer advised the father to immediately take his daughter to a local hospital and/or Urgent Care Center for medical treatment.