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$ 100,193.50                                     Harrisburg PA

In the spring of 2017, the lawyer for dog bites in Harrisburg PA obtained a $100,193.50 settlement for a Dauphin County dog attack victim. In early 2015, a teenager was visiting a residence near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The homeowner had a mixed breed dog with a history of prior vicious propensities. The aggressive animal had nearly bitten another person in the face a short time prior to this fateful day.  As a result of this earlier incident, the dog owner prudently initiated a protocol by which he would keep the mixed breed dog in a crate upstairs to ensure that it was segregated from his invited visitors.

On the day in question, the young woman was sitting downstairs on a couch working on her laptop. The defendant decided not to leash his vicious dog after removing it from its crate. The unleashed dog raced down the stairs, ran into the room where the teenager was sitting, jumped up and bit her on the cheek. Once they pulled the dog off her, they put her in a car and rushed her to Hershey Medical Center. The Emergency Room physician injected her cheek with Lidocaine, thoroughly cleansed the facial dog bite wounds and instructed the ER nurse to fit the young woman with an IV which administered antibiotics.

Upon her discharge, she was given prescriptions for medicine designed to fight off infections and reduce her pain. Around a week later, the teenager returned to the hospital to undergo plastic reconstructive surgery in order to repair the significant facial wounds. After giving her an injection to anesthetize the area, the surgeon removed dead tissue and used approximately 40 stitches to close the facial dog attack wounds. She was instructed to use an antibiotic cream, wear a hat outside and avoid any direct sunlight for at least the next six months.

Once her granddaughter’s injuries had stabilized, the grandmother researched numerous PA dog bite law firms to hire the best Harrisburg dog attack lawyer. Approximately two weeks later, the Harrisburg dog bite accident attorney met with the dog attack victim and her grandmother at a Dauphin County PA location. Attorney Newell explained the medical process many of his other dog bite victims have undergone to treat facial dog attack wounds. He also reviewed the various types of cosmetic surgery options available after a year’s time and encouraged his client to strictly follow the recommendations of the plastic surgeon.

In late spring of 2016, the PA dog attack victim was evaluated by a plastic surgeon. He recommended a dermabrasion procedure to smooth out irregularities visible in the scar and attempt to “blend in” the damaged tissue with nearby facial skin. Unfortunately, this procedure was deemed by her health insurance company as “elective plastic surgery” and, therefore, not covered under the health plan. Neither she, nor her family had the funds to pay for the surgery out-of-pocket prior to a settlement.

As such, the Harrisburg dog bite injury lawyer ordered a copy of his client’s medical records and bills. The young woman sent him current photographs and, he reviewed the PA Dog Law to see what application of it could be made to this matter. Ultimately, Attorney Newell sent to the defense adjuster a 14 page evaluation of this unprovoked dog attack case, along with all relevant evidentiary documents. The attorney for dog attacks in Harrisburg Pennsylvania was pleased to have negotiated a $100,193.50 settlement without having to file a legal complaint against the dog owner – a friend of the family.

$ 51,609.25                                   Harrisburg, PA

In August of 2021, your Harrisburg dog attack attorney successfully settled a Dauphin County dog bite claim for $51,609.25. A woman was walking on the sidewalk in her Harrisburg neighborhood. An unmuzzled, unrestrained, uncontrolled and unsupervised German Shorthair Pointer ran off of its property and pursued the innocent victim.

The Dauphin County resident put up her left arm to block the attack.  The vicious dog bit her left arm and tore open her skin. She was knocked down onto the concrete sidewalk injuring her back and knee. The Harrisburg PA woman kicked and screamed at the relentless canine. No one from the dog owner’s home came out to assist her or stop the unprovoked dog attack.

Medical treatment was rendered at UPMC Harrisburg. Since the Defendant’s dog was not up-to-date with its vaccinations, the woman received 7 rabies vaccine injections at the Emergency Room. Two follow-up visits to the hospital were required to get shots #8 and #9. Eleven visits to the chiropractor were needed due to her low back injuries suffered when she hit the sidewalk. Mental health treatment was also necessary. She endured difficulty sleeping, nightmares, flashbacks and feared being attacked by the same dog again.

The attorney for dog bites in Harrisburg PA traveled to her Dauphin County residence to give her a free home consultation. Once all of the medical treatment had concluded, Attorney Thomas J. Newell obtained a complete copy of the medical records and bills. He forwarded a detailed analysis of the case to the dog owner’s homeowners insurance carrier. The Harrisburg dog attack injury lawyer stressed that he would pursue Punitive Damage Claims if the case were not settled.

Confidential Settlement                   Harrisburg PA

In the fall of 2014, the Harrisburg dog bite attorney concluded a Dauphin County dog attack lawsuit after participating in a lengthy mediation session in Harrisburg PA. Two years earlier, a Fed Ex employee was delivering a parcel to a Dauphin County resident. The homeowner’s three unrestrained, unsupervised and unleashed boxers ran down the defendant’s driveway in full pursuit of the Federal Express worker.

The boxers initially surrounded her and one of them ripped the package out of her hands. The woman tried to quietly slip away as the dogs fought over the parcel. Unfortunately, they again turned their attention to her. The boxers encircled her and two or three of them began to bite her. She kicked at them and yelled for help. Finally, the owner of the boxers came out of the house and called the dogs off of the Dauphin County dog attack victim. At the scene of this animal attack, the property owner admitted that his boxers had pursued another Fed Ex delivery person a month earlier.

Since this negligent dog owner had a history of not confining his boxers, the woman was very concerned for her safety. She wanted to have the best Harrisburg dog attack lawyer represent her legal interests. The lawyer for dog bites in Harrisburg PA traveled to Dauphin County and met with the PA dog bite victim nine days after the animal attack. Soon thereafter, Attorney Thomas J. Newell spoke with the Dauphin County Dog Warden and an attorney working for the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. Ultimately, the Harrisburg dog bite accident attorney convinced them to file multiple charges versus the negligent dog owner, including Failing to Confine his boxers in violation of the PA Dog Law.

In January of 2013, the Harrisburg dog attack injury lawyer attended a Hearing in Dauphin County Pennsylvania before District Justice Margerum. The dog bite victim, Dauphin County Dog Warden Mike Zeigler and the dog owner all testified under oath. The District Justice permitted Attorney Newell to address the Court regarding a relevant Pennsylvania Superior Court decision concerning Section 305 of the PA Dog Law. The Harrisburg dog bite lawyer noted that dog owners are required by Pennsylvania’s dog laws to have their dogs restrained and under control regarding those parts of their property that are open to the public.

Since the dog owner ordered a package to be delivered by Federal Express, the delivery person was entitled to use his driveway and sidewalk in safety and without the fear of being attacked by unleashed and unsupervised dogs. The reckless dog owner was convicted of all counts. The lawyer for dog attacks in Harrisburg specifically heard the District Justice admonish the dog owner to restrain his dogs in the future and to fully comply with the PA Dog Law, as well as the Rabies Prevention and Control Act.

Regarding the personal injury claim of the dog attack victim, the Harrisburg dog bite injury attorney tried to work out a pre-litigation settlement with the defendant’s homeowners insurance company. No agreement was reached. In December of 2013, Attorney Thomas J. Newell filed an 8 Count Complaint with the Dauphin County Court of Common Pleas in Harrisburg PA. The attorney for dog attacks in Harrisburg requested both compensatory and punitive damages be awarded to the Dauphin County animal attack victim.

The defense attorney filed Preliminary Objections challenging five of the eight counts in Attorney Newell’s Complaint. In the spring of 2014, a Hearing was held in Harrisburg before Judge Tully of the Dauphin County Court of Common Pleas. The judge reviewed legal briefs filed by the attorneys and presided over Oral Argument. In June of 2014, Judge Tully issued an Order permitting the Harrisburg dog attack lawyer to proceed to a jury trial on seven of the eight counts.

The Mediation Conference was then scheduled with a preeminent Harrisburg personal injury attorney. After several hours of negotiations, the defense offered a final settlement proposal which the Harrisburg dog bite accident lawyer counseled his client to accept. Given the terms of the settlement, Attorney Thomas J. Newell did not object to a mutual confidentiality clause regarding the amount of the compensation the Dauphin County animal bite victim was due to receive.


What traits should I consider when choosing a Harrisburg dog attack injury lawyer?

    Dog attack victims from 38 different Pennsylvania Counties, including Dauphin County, have chosen Attorney Newell to represent them. Why not call the Harrisburg dog attack lawyer who fights homeowner insurance companies every day on behalf of his PA dog bite clients?
    Telephone the Harrisburg PA dog bite attorney now at 800-980-4842. Attorney Newell will personally review all of the liability and damage issues with you. He will explain the relevant sections of the PA Dog Law and how they may apply to your Dauphin County PA dog attack claim.
    Mike Zeigler is the Dauphin County Dog Warden. Your Harrisburg PA dog bite lawyer has worked with Mr. Zeigler in the past. In January of 2013, Attorney Newell attended a Dauphin County District Justice Hearing on PA Dog Law charges brought by Mr. Zeigler. At the request of the Dauphin County PA Dog Warden, the attorney for dog bites in Harrisburg PA provided the court with a PA Superior Court decision that helped to obtain a conviction.
    If Attorney Newell believes that there is sufficient legal merit to move forward with your Dauphin County dog bite claim, he will schedule a free HOME consultation. Usually, the Harrisburg Pennsylvania dog attack attorney can arrange to meet with you in the comfort of your residence within 1-3 business days.
    Attorney Thomas J. Newell concentrates his law practice in representing Pennsylvania dog attack victims. Fighting for PA dog bite victims is what he does every day. Put his passion to work for your Dauphin County dog bite claim.
    Doesn’t your Dauphin County dog attack case deserve to be handled by the Harrisburg dog bite accident lawyer with 36 years of personal injury litigation experience? Call Attorney Newell today at 1-800-980-4842. You only have one opportunity to maximize the value of your Dauphin County dog bite claim.
    Settlements obtained to date by the Pennsylvania dog attack attorney have been based upon the specific liability and damage facts of each case. The PA dog bite lawyer has obtained verdicts of $100,000.00 or more in many counties throughout Pennsylvania including: Adams County, York County, Lebanon County, Northumberland County and Berks County.
    The Harrisburg PA dog attack lawyer uses the Failure to Confine Statute (Section 305) and the Harboring a Dangerous Dog Statute (Section 502-A) from the PA Dog Law to successfully prove the negligence of irresponsible Dauphin County Pennsylvania dog owners.
    Dauphin County PA dog attack victims could choose to obtain legal representation from among a group of well-established Dauphin County law firms. There is no guarantee that the lawyer who is initially assigned to your case has ever litigated a PA dog bite claim before.It is extremely unlikely that you will receive an explicit promise that your case will begin and end with the same attorney.Your Harrisburg dog bite injury attorney is a solo practitioner who has represented dog attack victims in 38 PA Counties and has obtained over a dozen six-figure case settlements in the last several years alone.

My family was chased by an unleashed mixed breed dog that ultimately bit my wife on the leg in Harrisburg PA. Who should investigate this unprovoked dog attack?

  • The attorney for dog attacks in Harrisburg PA believes that Pennsylvania Dog Wardens are normally more aggressive in investigating dog attacks than the police.
  • Typically, police departments focus their attention on investigating violations of the PA Crimes Code and pursing potential criminals.
  • The Dauphin County Dog Warden is Mike Zeigler. You can call him @ 717-480-9737.
  • Attorney Newell has worked with Dog Warden Zeigler on a number of cases in the past with successful resolutions in Court.
  • The lawyer for dog bites in Harrisburg Pennsylvania strongly believes that the reckless dog owners should be prosecuted for any and all violations of the PA Dog Law.
  • An important element in obtaining a conviction pursuant to Pennsylvania’s Dog Laws is the full cooperation of the PA dog attack victim.
  • Dog Warden Zeigler may need your dog bite wound photographs, medical bills and/or medical records.
  • If you receive a subpoena to attend a District Justice Hearing, please confirm you will attend by notifying the Pennsylvania Dog Warden.
  • Normally, the Harrisburg dog bite injury attorney attends District Justice Hearings involving his clients. He will fully prepare the dog attack victim for all possible questions they may face while testifying.
  • It is commonplace for a PA Dog Law conviction to change the conduct of negligent dog owners. It is Attorney Newell’s experience that they become more responsible and take greater care to leash their vicious dog.
  • In addition, the Harrisburg dog bite accident lawyer uses the finding of guilt versus the defendant as a critical bargaining point when negotiating with the dog owner’s homeowners insurance company.
  • Don’t delay in obtaining an experienced PA dog bite lawyer to represent your wife’s legal interests. Call Attorney Newell today @800-980-4842.
  • If the Harrisburg dog attack injury attorney believes her case has legal merit, Thomas J. Newell, Esq. will immediately schedule a free home consultation in your Dauphin County home.

I was bitten by a dog while jogging along the river. When should I contact a Harrisburg PA dog bite attorney?

  • Your first priority after the Harrisburg dog attack is to promptly obtain medical attention for your dog bite wounds.
  • Harrisburg area medical providers:
    • Pinnacle Health – Harrisburg Hospital
      111 S. Front Street
      Harrisburg, PA 17101
    • Holy Spirit Wound Care Center
      4033 Linglestown Road
      Harrisburg, PA 17112
    • Concentra Urgent Care
      4200 Union Deposit Road
      Harrisburg, PA 17111
    • Patient First Urgent Care
      5125 Jonestown Road
      Suite 105
      Harrisburg, PA 17112
  • If the unleashed attacked dog broke your skin, the treating physician may give you a tetanus shot and/or a rabies vaccine shot.
  • You will most likely be given a prescription for anti-infection medication. Please take all of the pills to maximize your ability to fight off infections.
  • It would be helpful to obtain rabies vaccine information from the negligent Harrisburg PA dog owner.
  • Try to take pictures of the dog attack wounds both before and after receiving the medical care. Do NOT assume that you can easily obtain photographs that may be taken by medical staff.
  • ASAP, call the Harrisburg dog attack attorney at 800-980-4842.
  • Attorney Thomas J. Newell will personally review the facts of your Harrisburg PA dog bite claim.
  • If your Pennsylvania dog attack claim has legal merit, the Harrisburg dog bite injury lawyer will schedule a free home consultation in the comfort of your Dauphin County PA residence.
  • Telephone the Dauphin County Dog Warden – Mike Zeigler at 717-480-9737.
  • The attorney for dog bites in Harrisburg PA has worked with Mr. Zeigler regarding previous PA dog bite cases. Attorney Newell believes you will find the Dauphin County Dog Warden to be a dedicated public servant who will prosecute negligent dog owners for violating the PA Dog Law.
  • If you or a friend have the ability to safely and legally photograph and/or videotape the animal that attacked you, please do so.
  • The Harrisburg dog bite lawyer suggests that you speak with anyone you know who lives near or frequents the area where you were bitten. Maybe one of them has information concerning prior attacks by this reckless dog.
  • The Harrisburg PA dog attack attorney will file a formal request with the DOA regarding evidence of prior attacks by this vicious animal.
  • Specific information regarding the unprovoked dog attack, the dog owner/dog owners, their canine and your dog bite injuries are needed by your Harrisburg PA dog attack lawyer. Please forward them to Attorney Thomas J. Newell ASAP.
  • A state of local governmental agency will be in contact with you regarding the mandated 10 day quarantine period imposed on the attacking dog. The attorney for dog bites in Harrisburg PA reminds you that Pennsylvania laws regarding dog bite attacks do not require the negligent dog owner to house his dog at a kennel or dog shelter during the quarantine period.
  • Please email photographs of your dog bite wounds to the Harrisburg dog attack injury lawyer at
  • Prior to any settlement negotiations beginning, your Dauphin County dog bite lawyer must order and pay for a copy of all of your medical records. Please promptly forward to your Harrisburg dog bite accident attorney names, addresses and phone numbers of all of your medical providers.
  • If the Dauphin County Dog Warden does decide to file PA Dog Law charges versus the negligent dog owner, it is critical that you provide Mr. Zeigler with your full cooperation. If you are subpoenaed to attend a District Justice Hearing, Attorney Thomas J. Newell will be there to prepare you for your testimony.
  • Please send your lawyer for dog attacks in Harrisburg PA receipts for your medical out-of-pocket expenses, including co-pays and deductibles.
  • Attorney Newell takes great pride in providing top-shelf personal service to all of his Pennsylvania dog bite clients. Beginning with a free HOME consultation through his personal communications with you during the litigation, you can feel confident that your Harrisburg PA dog attack injury attorney will always keep you updated regarding your Dauphin County dog bite case.
  • Information exchanged between a lawyer and a client is only protected by the “attorney-client privilege” if it remains private. Your Harrisburg dog bite accident lawyer strongly urges you to keep all of your communications with Attorney Thomas J. Newell private.

Is there a difference between a Dauphin County personal injury attorney and a Harrisburg dog attack injury lawyer?

  • There are many experienced Dauphin County car accident attorneys who represent Harrisburg PA car crash victims.
  • Knowing the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law does not provide anyone with the specialized knowledge necessary to be a top-flight Harrisburg dog bite accident attorney.
  • The PA Dog Law does not have anything in common with the PA Motor Vehicle Code. Your lawyer for dog bites in Harrisburg PA should have many years of experience in successfully applying the Pennsylvania Dog Law to PA dog attack cases.
  • The lawyer you hire to handle your child’s Dauphin County dog attack claim shouldn’t be learning on the job.
  • Your Harrisburg dog attack injury attorney has years of experience in fighting for Pennsylvania dog attack victims each and every day!
  • Attorney Thomas J. Newell is honored to have been chosen to represent Pennsylvania dog bite victims in 38 different Counties.
  • Do you really think that a lawyer who represents medical malpractice clients has the necessary experience to serve as your daughter’s Harrisburg dog bite injury lawyer?
  • Oftentimes, the defense adjuster for a new case that Attorney Newell accepts has been a person who has settled dog bite cases with the Pennsylvania dog attack lawyer in past years.
  • Your attorney for dog attacks in Harrisburg PA has earned a reputation among homeowners insurance companies as a hardworking, knowledgeable and forceful advocate for Pennsylvania dog bite victims.
  • Attorney Thomas J. Newell has 36 years of litigation experience. Why not put that expertise to work for your child’s Dauphin County dog bite case?
  • There is only one opportunity to have your daughter’s PA animal attack claim litigated to achieve maximum economic value. Call the lawyer for dog attacks in Harrisburg PA at 800-980-4842.
  • Free HOME consultations are provided to all of Attorney Newell’s clients. He looks forward to speaking with you today.
  • The Harrisburg dog bite injury attorney has represented many Central Pennsylvania dog attack victims over the course of his legal career. Attorney Newell has worked with the Dauphin County PA dog Warden, Mike Zeigler, to successfully prosecute negligent dog owners pursuant to the PA Dog Law.





The PA dog attack lawyer has aggressively represented PA dog bite victims in 38 Pennsylvania Counties. The content of this website is for informational purposes only and is NOT legal advice for your specific Pennsylvania dog attack claim. Settlements/verdicts in other PA dog bite claims were based upon the unique set of liability and damage facts of each case, as well as the law that existed at that time.

The PA Dog Law and the legal decisions regarding Pennsylvania dog bite lawsuits can change at any time. Attorney Newell strongly advises you to immediately consult with an experienced Pennsylvania dog bite lawyer to review the facts of your dog attack and the injuries you sustained. The PA dog attack attorney provides free home consultations to all PA dog bite victims whose cases he believes have legal and economic merit.


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Harrisburg Pit Bull Attack Victim Calls Attorney Thomas J. Newell

On 12/8/22, a woman from Harrisburg telephoned your Dauphin County Dog Bite Lawyer after she was attacked by a pit bull in Steelton, Pennsylvania. She was bitten all over her body before the vicious dog was placed under control. Medical care was provided at UPMC Harrisburg.

The Attorney for Dog Bite Injuries in Harrisburg requested that she identify the property owner and speak to other renters about possible vicious propensities of the pit bull/PA Dog Law violations.


Mother Contacts Harrisburg Dog Attack Lawyer

On 8/9/22, a resident of Harrisburg Pennsylvania contacted the PA dog attack attorney regarding a recent vicious Dauphin County dog bite. The woman and her 2 children were helping a man move. While the kids were eating in the kitchen, the Defendant’s dog approached the young girl.

Suddenly and without any warning, the dangerous dog jumped up and bit her on her face. Reconstructive facial surgery has been recommended. Shockingly, the reckless dog owner has shown minimal remorse.


Harrisburg Dog Bite Lawyer Settles Case for $51,609.25

On 8/4/21, the Harrisburg dog attack injury attorney obtained a $51,609.25 settlement for a Dauphin County dog bite victim. A dangerous dog had gotten loose in September of 2019 and had attacked 3 different people. Attorney Thomas J. Newell was pleased to have obtained this significant dog bite settlement even though his client’s injuries did not require any stitches nor hospitalization.

Bitten in Harrisburg? Call The Dauphin County animal bite lawyer today at 800-980-4842.


Free Consultation Given By Harrisburg Dog Attack Attorney

On 7/21/21, your attorney for dog bites in Dauphin County, PA provided a free consult to a woman who was attacked by a pit bull just 2 hours earlier. The Harrisburg PA resident was visiting a neighborhood friend. As they were talking on the front porch, the defendant’s children opened the front door.

The vicious pit bull began an unprovoked attack that resulted in serious injuries to the innocent victim. Harrisburg‘s Animal Control Office is investigating and, hopefully, PA Dog Law charges will be filed. Attorney Thomas J. Newell learned that this dog owner had previously been cited for past incidents regarding  her dogs.


Harrisburg Dog Bite Attorney Hired

On 9/21/19, your lawyer for dog bites in Harrisburg, PA gave a free consultation to a Harrisburg area woman who was attacked by a neighbor’s large mixed breed dog nine days earlier. The aggressive dog was not on a leash. It ran off its owner’s property and pursued the woman as she was walking on the opposite sidewalk.

Medical treatment was rendered later that day at Pinnacle Health-Harrisburg Hospital. The dog bite wounds to her left arm were cleansed. Because of the uncertainty regarding the dog’s shots, she has received a total of 8 anti-rabies injections to date.


Harrisburg Dog Attack Lawyer Finalizes $76,796.00 Settlement

On 5/2/17, the Harrisburg dog bite lawyer filed an Affidavit of Annuity Funding with the Orphans’ Court of the Court of Common Pleas of Dauphin County.  Attorney Newell had received court approval for the $76,796.00 Dauphin County dog attack settlement which included the purchase of a tax-free structured settlement annuity. The guaranteed payout for the Pennsylvania dog bite victim will be $76,130.19. The Annuity Contract was issued by USAA Life Insurance Company, rated A++ by A.M. Best Company.


Harrisburg Dog Bite Lawyer Speaks With Owner of Maimed Dog

On 5/5/17, your Harrisburg dog bite attorney provided a free consultation to a Dauphin County man whose dog was mauled by a mixed breed dog. The Harrisburg PA resident had his dog safely secured on his property. A neighbor’s unleashed, unsecured and unsupervised animal ran onto the victim’s property and viciously attacked his family pet.

Inconceivably, the negligent dog owner has refused to pay the man’s vet bills. Attorney Thomas J. Newell suggested that he call the Dauphin County Dog Warden, Mike Zeigler. Hopefully, PA Dog Law charges will be filed against the irresponsible dog owner.


Harrisburg Dog Attack Attorney Analyzes New Dog Bite Case

On April 6, 2017, the attorney for dog bites in Harrisburg PA gave a free consult to a man who had been bitten two days earlier by a vicious mixed breed dog. He had arrived at a Harrisburg area home for a scheduled HVAC appointment. When he first saw the dog, it was secured in a dog cage and barking viciously. He went to the basement to start working. The serviceman then walked up the steps to go to his truck for additional materials. In the meantime, someone made the decision to take the mixed breed dog out of its cage. The unprovoked dog attack then ensued.