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$ 401,000.00                                         Easton PA

In the fall of 2019, the Easton dog bite accident attorney obtained permission from a Northampton County Court of Common Pleas Judge to settle an Easton dog attack claim for $401,000.00. Three years earlier, an Easton PA woman and her young son were invited guests of a family in Whitehall PA. It was an opportunity for the children to play together.

The defendants rented the property and housed inside their residence was an adult male pit bull that was “rescued.” It was running around the house loose and without any restraints. One of the residents assured the mother that the dog “didn’t have any issues with anyone.” Their claim was proven to be false. After the pit bull attacked the little boy, its owner admitted that it had previously charged at a little girl at a bus stop. She bizarrely blamed it on the child because she was “eating a pop tart.”

The vicious pit bull bit off most of the child’s left ear. He was rushed to Lehigh Valley Hospital in Bethlehem. The Easton PA resident was promptly transferred with the severed ear to CHOP in downtown Philadelphia. Unfortunately, the surgeons could not save the severed earlobe. After 3 days in the hospital, the boy returned to his Northampton County home.

Soon thereafter, the boy’s parents concentrated their energy on researching Lehigh Valley area attorneys to choose someone whom they believed to be the top Easton dog attack attorney. They telephoned Attorney Thomas J. Newell who immediately provided them with a free consultation. His most immediate concern was the fact that the pit bull owners were renters and most likely not insured for an amount that would fairly compensate the pit bull attack victim. There was no dispute that the pit bull would frequently jump up and onto guests when they arrived at the defendants’ house.

Attorney Thomas J. Newell obtained information that the renters’ daughter and the landlords’ daughter were friends and were often together at the Whitehall location. The attorney for dog attacks in Easton PA argued that the property owners were clearly aware of the pit bull’s aggressive tendencies and they should have ordered the renters to adopt a policy of separating their dog from any guests. There were 2 easy and harmless options – locking the pit bull in a cage or securing it in a separate room. The renters chose not to take this most minimal of precautions and the Easton PA resident paid the price for their negligent decision.

Attorney Thomas J. Newell obtained the renters’ insurance policy limit of $100,000.00, as well as the property owners’ liability limit of $300,000.00, along with their med pay coverage of $1,000.00. The $401,000.00 Easton dog attack settlement was a complete victory for the Easton animal bite lawyer and was completed without the need to file a lawsuit versus the parents of the young victim’s friend.

$ 76,000.00                                           Easton, PA

On July 31, 2020, your attorney for dog bites in Easton PA obtained approval from Northampton County Court of Common Pleas Judge Stephen G. Baratta to settle an Easton pit bull attack lawsuit for $76,000.00. Attorney Thomas J. Newell had presented to the Court a 10 page Petition for Minor’s Compromise Settlement under Pennsylvania Rule of Civil Procedure 2039.

Five years earlier, a young boy from Easton went over to his classmate’s home to play. After opening the gate into the backyard, he was attacked by the homeowner’s pit bull. The child was rushed to the Easton Hospital ER. Surgery was performed to repair facial lacerations. Fortunately, the dog was up-to-date with its rabies vaccinations and the anti-infection medication worked to perfection.

When the Easton dog attack injury lawyer could not reach a pre-litigation settlement with the homeowners insurance company, he file a lawsuit in Northampton County. Attorney Newell successfully fought off attempts by the defense attorney to reduce the number of legal claims being presented in the litigation. After receiving a favorable court ruling from Judge Morganelli, the Northampton County dog bite attorney negotiated a settlement which would be paid via a tax-free structured settlement annuity.

$ 39,000.00                                           Easton PA

In the summer of 2009, the Easton dog attack lawyer settled an Easton dog attack case for $39,000.00. In March of 2008, a woman was walking her husky with a leash on her front sidewalk just outside the City of Easton. Suddenly, and without warning, two unleashed and unsupervised dogs ran onto her front lawn and began to maul her Siberian Husky. The pit bull and German Shepherd knocked her family pet down and she feared for its life. As the woman tried to save her husky, she was bitten by the attacking dogs on her left hand and fell onto the sidewalk.

Ultimately, she was able to grab her dog and escape into their home. The husky was taken to a vet who stitched up the dog bite wounds. The Easton dog bite victim was driven to Lehigh Valley Hospital. X-rays showed that she had sustained a fracture to her left pinky finger. The Freemansburg PA resident was fitted with a splint and given a tetanus shot. She received follow-up care from a Lehigh Valley orthopedic surgeon.

The negligent dog owner was charged with multiple PA Dog Law violations, including Harboring a Dangerous Dog and Failing to Confine the pit bull and German Shepherd. The Northampton County resident knew it was critical to hire the top Easton dog attack attorney to maximize all aspects of their Lehigh Valley dog attack claim. The attorney for dog attacks in Easton assisted the Northampton County Dog Warden in her prosecution before a Lehigh Valley District Justice. The dog owner was convicted on all counts. His appeal to the trial court was unsuccessful and he was again found guilty in November of 2008.

The husband of the Easton dog bite victim spent over $2,000.00 to erect a fence in the backyard as a result of the fears his wife had regarding being attacked again by these vicious dogs. She also underwent approximately six months of mental health counseling. Once all of her medical and mental health care ended, the lawyer for dog bites in Easton PA ordered and obtained all of the medical documentation, veterinary records and photographs of the dog bite victim, her dog and the fence her husband had built.

The defendant dog owner was a renter. Attorney Newell acquired records that proved that he was previously cited for allowing his dogs to run loose. The Easton dog bite lawyer made an additional legal liability claim versus the property owner for failing to take appropriate measures to ensure his renter would follow the PA Dog Law. In the spring of 2009, the lawyer for dog attacks in Easton forwarded a seven-page legal analysis position paper to the defense adjusters. This document itemized the injuries sustained by the Lehigh Valley resident, as well as identified the various legal theories of recovery versus the dog owner and his landlord. The Easton dog attack claim was quickly settled without Attorney Thomas J. Newell having to file an Easton dog bite lawsuit.

$ 29,987.10                                           Easton PA

In June of 2020, your lawyer for dog attacks in Easton, PA settled a dog bite claim for a Northampton County resident for a total payout of $29,987.10. Two years earlier, a young man had been jogging in Honesdale PA when he was attacked by an unleashed Caucasian Mountain Shepherd. The Lehigh Valley resident put up his left arm to shield his face. The vicious dog lunged at him twice.

A family member drove him to Wayne Memorial Hospital. The Lehigh Valley resident was treated for multiple dog bite wounds to his left arm. Three x-rays were taken. An injection of Lidocaine was administered and then 3 stitches were used to close the lacerations. His was prescribed Augmentin to fight off infections. The PA dog bite victim returned to the hospital several days later to have the sutures removed.

The jogger knew that it was essential to hire the top Easton dog attack attorney. The Easton resident contacted Attorney Thomas J. Newell shortly after this unprovoked Poconos dog attack. Your attorney for dog attacks in Wayne County realized that it was important to immediately speak with neighbors of the negligent dog owner. Two different neighbors had experienced multiple events where the unleashed, unmuzzled and unsupervised vicious dog had run onto their property and pursued them.

After receiving this critical information, the Easton dog attack lawyer obtained his client’s medical records, medical bills and photographs of permanent scarring. The attorney for dog bites in the Lehigh Valley put together a detailed 15 page analysis applying the PA Dog Law and case precedents to this fact situation. Attorney Newell threatened to file a Complaint with a Punitive Damage count.

Ultimately, the defendants’ homeowners insurance company decided to provide a generous settlement amount in order to avoid litigation. The Northampton County resident was eager to settle the case and be able to move forward with his life. If you live in Easton and are attacked by a dog, call Attorney Thomas J. Newell today.


I was walking my poodle near the Karl Stirner Arts Trail Dog Park on Bushkill Street in Easton PA when my pet was attacked by an unleashed pit bull. Who is our PA Dog Warden?

  • The attorney for dog bites in Easton PA urges you to promptly call the Northampton County Dog Warden – Kathy Andrews @ 610-909-5720.
  • Attorney Newell believes that negligent dog owners should be fully prosecuted to the highest degree pursuant to the PA Dog Law.
  • Your Easton dog bite injury lawyer has worked side by side with Dog Warden Andrews to prosecute Northampton County dog owners who have failed to abide by Pennsylvania’s Dog Laws.
  • It is the experience of Thomas J. Newell, Esq. that PA Dog Wardens are usually more aggressive in providing justice to dog bite victims, as opposed to local police whose resources are prioritized to investigate and arrest criminals.
  • An essential element in the successful prosecution of a dog owner is the complete cooperation of the Pennsylvania dog bite victim.
  • The Easton dog attack injury attorney recommends that you forward to PA Dog Warden Andrews photographs of your dog, as well as the vet bills you have incurred.
  • It may be necessary for you to attend a District Justice Hearing in Easton if the pit bull owner pleads not guilty to failing to confine his dog and/or harboring a dangerous dog.
  • If Mr. Newell does not have a court conflict, the Easton dog bite accident lawyer will attend the D.J. Hearing and will prepare you for your testimony.
  • Thomas J. Newell, Esquire has seen that successful prosecutions of negligent dog owners cause them to be much more careful in the future regarding properly restraining their dog.
  • An additional positive benefit of a Dog Law conviction is that it allows your Easton PA dog bite injury attorney the opportunity to use that legal fact versus the dog owner when negotiating with his homeowners insurance carrier.
  • Feel free to call 610-258-6470 today for a free home consultation in the comfort of your Easton PA residence.
  • Attorney Newell always personally reviews each potential Lehigh Valley dog attack case that is brought to the attention of his office – whether by phone or email contact.

I was bitten by a dog at the Easton Dog Park. What criteria should I use when choosing from among Easton PA dog attack attorneys?

    Your Easton dog bite lawyer looks forward to receiving your call at 610-258-6470. Attorney Newell will personally review the facts of your Lehigh Valley dog attack. He will make a thorough review of the potential dog bite claim versus the negligent Easton PA dog owner.
    If the Easton dog attack lawyer believes there is sufficient evidence to support a Northampton County lawsuit versus the Lehigh Valley dog owner, he will set up a free HOME consultation. Normally, the Lehigh Valley dog bite lawyer can visit you within one to three business days of your initial telephone call.
    Your Easton dog attack attorney advocates for PA dog bite victims every day. It is the centerpiece of his legal practice. Attorney Newell receives calls from personal injury attorneys throughout Pennsylvania for advice regarding dog bite cases they are working on.
    Doesn’t your Easton dog bite claim deserve an experienced litigator who has been fighting for Pennsylvania personal injury victims since 1981? The Easton dog bite injury attorney is eager to put his 36 years of experience to work for your Lehigh Valley dog bite claim.
    Kathy Andrews is the Northampton County Dog Warden. The Easton PA dog attack attorney has worked with the PA Dog Warden in her prosecution of negligent dog owners who have violated the PA Dog Law and/or Rabies Prevention and Control Act. On November 12, 2015, Attorney Newell provided Ms. Andrews with his legal expertise at a District Justice Hearing in Bethlehem Township, Northampton County PA.
    There are many fine Lehigh Valley personal injury law firms whose attorneys litigate medical malpractice claims, product liability cases and file civil rights lawsuits. Hiring a large law firm does not guarantee that the attorney originally assigned to your dog attack case will be the same one that concludes it.It is also not a certainty that your attorney will have ever litigated a PA dog bite case before your lawsuit. The Easton PA dog bite injury lawyer is a solo practitioner eager to begin his aggressive legal representation on your behalf.
    Dog bite victims from 38 different PA Counties (including Northampton County and Lehigh County) have placed their faith in Attorney Newell to expertly handle their Pennsylvania dog attack claims. The Easton PA dog bite lawyer will use his 39 years of experience to maximize the value of your Lehigh Valley dog attack claim.
    Attorney Thomas J. Newell has obtained settlements of $100,000.00 or more in the following Counties: Lehigh County, Monroe County, Carbon County, Bucks County, Montgomery County, Berks County, Northumberland County, Lebanon County, York County, Adams County and Erie County.The lawyer for dog attacks in Easton PA reminds you that each Pennsylvania dog bite claim is ultimately evaluated based upon the liability facts and specific injuries sustained by that particular dog attack victim.
    The Bethlehem dog attack injury attorney aggressively uses the PA Dog Law to prove liability on the part of negligent Lehigh Valley dog owners. Whether it’s Harboring a Dangerous Dog (Section 502-A) or Failure to Confine (Section 305), Attorney Thomas J. Newell believes that Pennsylvania’s laws regarding the duties of PA dog owners provide him with an excellent legal resource to win your Lehigh Valley dog attack case.

When should I call an Easton dog bite accident attorney?

  • If you have been bitten by a dog in Easton Pennsylvania, you should first obtain appropriate medical care for your dog attack injuries.
  • Easton Hospital is located at 250 South 21st Street, Easton PA 18042.
  • If the attacking animal broke your skin, the emergency room doctor may administer a tetanus shot, rabies vaccine injections and medications to fight off potential infections.
  • Take photos of your dog bite wounds both before and after receiving the medical care.
  • Call the Northampton County Dog Warden, Kathy Andrews, at 610-909-5720. The Easton dog bite attorney has worked with Ms. Andrews on many Lehigh Valley dog attack cases.
  • Telephone the lawyer for dog bites in Easton as soon as possible at 610-258-6470.
  • If your Northampton County dog attack case has legal merit, the Easton dog attack injury attorney will come to your home to provide you with a free consultation in the comfort of your residence.
  • If you or a friend can safely and legally photograph and/or videotape the attacking dog, please do so.
  • The Easton dog bite injury attorney suggests that you speak with neighbors that you are friendly with to see if any of them may have been pursued and/or attacked by this vicious dog.
  • The attorney for dog bites in Easton will contact the appropriate government office in Harrisburg to see if there are any reports of prior attacks by the dog that bit you.
  • Your Easton dog bite accident lawyer welcomes any information you can provide him regarding the dog attack, your injuries, the dog owner(s) and the aggressive dog.
  • The attorney for dog attacks in Easton PA strongly urges you to immediately fill the prescriptions recommended by your doctors. Please read the discharge instructions you were given at the hospital/urgent care center. It is critical that you closely monitor your dog attack wounds to avoid infection setting in.
  • If you prefer to receive follow-up medical care at an urgent care center, here are some facilities located in and around Easton Pennsylvania:
    • Patient First Urgent Care
      2450 Butler Street
      Easton, PA 18042
    • Easton Hospital Health Center
      250 South 21st Street
      Easton, PA 18042
    • Redi-Care Medical Center
      2461 Easton-Nazareth Highway
      Easton, PA 18045
    • Folks Urgent Care
      1500 Uhler Road #1
      Easton, PA 18040
  • If you can, the Easton PA dog bite injury lawyer suggests you obtain rabies vaccination information from the negligent Northampton County dog owner.
  • You should receive in the mail literature from the Pennsylvania Department of Health regarding the 10 day quarantine period imposed on any dog after it attacks a person in PA.
  • The Easton dog attack injury attorney reminds you that the dog owner can quarantine his animal inside his home for those 10 days. It does not have to be sent to a shelter or an outside agency.
  • Please email photographs of your injuries and the defendant’s dog to your Easton dog bite accident lawyer at
  • The Northampton County dog bite attorney strongly recommends that his Lehigh Valley dog attack clients give their full cooperation to the Pennsylvania Dog Wardens in their prosecution of dog owners via the PA Dog Law.
  • It is critical that you frequently update your Easton dog bite injury attorney with details of your doctor appointments and the contact information regarding each of your medical providers.
  • Forward receipts of your co-pays and deductibles to your lawyer for dog attacks in Easton.
  • Attorney Thomas J. Newell guarantees that he will promptly return your telephone calls and emails. The Easton dog bite accident attorney is eager to show you what type of personal service you should expect from your legal counsel.

Is there a difference between a Northampton County personal injury lawyer and an Easton PA dog bite attorney?

  • There are many qualified Northampton County car crash attorneys who represent Easton auto accident victims daily.
  • Knowing the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code does NOT qualify someone to be an Easton dog bite lawyer.
  • The PA Dog Law has nothing in common with the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law. Your attorney for dog bites in Easton PA should have years of experience in using Pennsylvania’s dog bite laws to win PA dog attack cases for his/her clients.
  • The Easton dog attack injury lawyer fights for Pennsylvania dog bite victims every day.
  • Attorney Newell has represented dog attack victims in 38 different PA Counties.
  • Do you really believe that a lawyer who litigates product liability claims or civil rights cases has the necessary expertise to serve as your Easton PA dog bite attorney?
  • Many of the defense adjusters who Attorney Thomas J. Newell currently works with have paid him settlements in past Pennsylvania dog attack claims. They are very familiar with his experience and knowledge of the court decisions interpreting the PA Dog Law.
  • Your Easton dog bite accident attorney has 39 years of litigation experience that he is eager to use in fighting for your legal rights.
  • You only have one chance to have your Northampton County dog attack claim litigated to achieve maximum financial value.  Call your Easton dog bite accident lawyer today at 610-258-6470 to schedule your free HOME consultation.
  • The attorney for dog attacks in Easton Pennsylvania has represented many Lehigh Valley dog bite victims over the course of his lengthy legal career. How many Northampton County lawyers are on a first name basis with PA Dog Warden Kathy Andrews? Attorney Newell is!
  • The Easton dog attack injury lawyer does not believe that your Lehigh Valley dog bite case should be used as on-the-job training for a young associate at a large law firm. Attorney Newell is a solo practitioner – you will always be represented by this legal advocate with over three decades of experience.
  • The attorney for dog bites in Easton PA has obtained Pennsylvania dog attack settlements of $100,000.00 or more in 11 Counties, including two such settlements in the Lehigh Valley. Keep in mind that past results in other animal attack cases do not guarantee a specific result for your dog bite claim. However, Thomas J. Newell, Esquire does aggressively use his past results to strongly advocate for his current dog attack clients, thereby maximizing their settlement value.
  • Please take photographs of the scars remaining from the dog bite wounds at the end of your medical care. Your lawyer for dog bites in Easton Pennsylvania will need to send them to the defense adjuster with his settlement demand packet.




The PA dog attack lawyer has aggressively represented PA dog bite victims in 38 Pennsylvania Counties. The content of this website is for informational purposes only and is NOT legal advice for your specific Pennsylvania dog attack claim. Settlements/verdicts in other PA dog bite claims were based upon the unique set of liability and damage facts of each case, as well as the law that existed at that time.

The PA Dog Law and the legal decisions regarding Pennsylvania dog bite lawsuits can change at any time. Attorney Newell strongly advises you to immediately consult with an experienced Pennsylvania dog bite lawyer to review the facts of your dog attack and the injuries you sustained. The PA dog attack attorney provides free home consultations to all PA dog bite victims whose cases he believes have legal and economic merit.


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Easton Dog Attack Victim Calls Attorney Thomas J. Newell

On 2/25/23, your Lawyer for Dog Bites in Northampton County gave a free analysis to an Easton area woman whose dog was attacked by an unleashed, unrestrained and unsupervised dog. She was walking her beloved family pet when the vicious canine pursued her and her dog.

Attorney Thomas J. Newell suggested that she call the Northampton County Dog Warden – Kathy Andrews.


Easton Dog Bite Attorney Contacted

On 9/30/20, the attorney for dog bite victims in the Lehigh Valley provided a free consultation to a Montgomery County resident. Three months earlier, she had visited a friend in Easton, PA. As she sat down by an airbed, the homeowner’s nursing mixed breed dog attacked her. She was bitten twice on her right leg.

The Northampton County dog bite victim received treatment at Abington Lansdale Hospital, including a tetanus injection and antibiotics. In the meantime, the Northampton County Dog Warden, Kathy Andrews, is investigating this unprovoked Lehigh Valley dog attack. Attorney Thomas J. Newell gave his analysis regarding the PA Dog Law to the Hatfield, PA resident.


Pit Bull Attack Victim Calls Easton Dog Attack Attorney

On 3/15/20, your lawyer for dog bites in Easton, Pennsylvania received a call from a woman who visited a local animal shelter the day before. They were looking to adopt a pit bull mix. Her fiancee was walking the pit bull on a leash, received permission to remove it from the leash and, soon thereafter it attacked.  She was bitten on the hand and her son received pit bull attack wounds to the face and wrist.

Your Easton dog bite injury lawyer reminded her to take all of the medication prescribed to reduce possible infection problems. Attorney Thomas J. Newell provided his legal insight re: the facts and the applicable statutes of the PA Dog Law.


Easton Dog Bite Lawyer Files Lawsuit Versus Pit Bull Owners

On 11/22/19, your attorney for dog attacks in Easton PA filed  21 page Complaint versus pit bull owners in the Northampton County Court of Common Pleas. A young boy was invited by his classmate to come visit on Memorial Day. The pit bull owners knew that their dog had attacked a child before and was prone to jump up/onto people. Despite their knowledge, they did not put the pit bull away when guests arrived, nor did they segregate it in any way to protect the safety of their social invitees.

The Easton pit bull attack victim suffered severe facial wounds which left permanent scars.


Easton Dog Bite Lawyer Provides Free Consultation

On 5/23/18, your lawyer for dog attacks in Easton, Pennsylvania received a telephone call from an Easton, PA resident whose 8 year old son was attacked by an unleashed pit bull earlier that morning. The boy was walking his Yorkie on a leash when the unsupervised pit bull went after both of them. The investigating police officer told the father that the pit bull “has a history of attacking.”

Northampton County Dog Warden Kathy Andrews will be reviewing the matter and deciding which PA Dog Law charges will be filed. The Easton dog bite lawyer provided the father with a detailed analysis of his son’s personal injury claim.


Easton Dog Attack Lawyer Gives Free Consult

On 1/25/18, your attorney for dog bite attacks in Easton, PA provided a free consultation to a man who was attacked by a Cane Corso in Easton. The gentleman had visited his friend’s home in Northampton County, Pennsylvania. The facial wound required immediate surgical intervention at a nearby hospital.

The Easton dog bite attorney has represented many Lehigh Valley dog attack victims during his 3 decades of personal injury litigation. A free analysis of your Easton dog attack claim can be obtained by calling Attorney Newell at 610-258-6470.


Easton Dog Bite Attorney Advises Dog Attack Victim

On 10/12/17, your lawyer for dog bites in Easton Pennsylvania provided a free consultation to a man whose wife was attacked by a dog a week earlier. She was a patron at an Easton laundromat when another woman could not control her small dog.

The aggressive canine bit the Easton PA resident on her left thigh. Medical care was rendered at Easton Hospital. A tetanus shot was given and antibiotics were prescribed. A follow-up appointment with the family doctor took place on October 12th. The Easton Animal Control Office is investigating re: possible PA Dog Law violations.


Easton Dog Bite Lawyer Provides His Legal Expertise

On 6/2/17, your attorney for dog attacks in Easton PA gave a complete legal review to a man whose mother was bitten in an Easton Pennsylvania animal shelter. The elderly woman was mauled by a pit bull and suffered serious injuries to her left arm which required multiple surgeries at St. Luke’s Hospital. Attorney Newell discussed the impact that the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act has on this potential Easton dog attack claim. The PA dog bite victim is still out of work, even though the attack took place 4 months ago.


Easton Dog Bite Injury Attorney Hired

On 9/1/16, the lawyer for dog attacks in Easton, Pennsylvania was retained to serve as legal counsel for a six year old boy who was recently mauled by a pit bull. Attorney Newell met with the little boy and his parents near their Easton, PA residence.

On the day of the unprovoked dog attack, the boy’s mother was dropping off a woman at her Whitehall, PA residence. They were invited into the woman’s house and accepted the invitation. The defendants owned a blue nose pit bull which launched an unprovoked attack upon the young Easton PA resident. His left ear was bit off and he also sustained dog bite wounds to the head.

13 Year Old Girl Bitten

On 6/5/16, a thirteen year old girl was bitten by a pit bull as she was about to enter a friend’s home in Easton, Pennsylvania. The pit bull was unleashed and unrestrained. The Easton PA dog attack victim was treated for leg wounds at a nearby Lehigh Valley Hospital.

Your Easton dog bite lawyer hopes the girl’s family has contacted the Northampton County Dog Warden, Kathy Andrews. Attorney Newell has worked with the PA Dog Warden to successfully prosecute negligent dog owners pursuant to the PA Dog Law.