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Berks County PA

In September of 2015, the Berks County dog bite attorney received permission from a Berks County Judge to settle a Berks County PA dog attack claim for $201,000.00. A girl was visiting relatives in Fleetwood, Berks County when their mixed breed dog attacked her.

The surgeons at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Reading used stitches to close the dog bite facial wounds. The Berks County dog bite lawyer advised her parents to have their daughter evaluated by a plastic surgeon one year after the dog attack. Fortunately, the initial facial surgery was so successful that follow-up plastic surgery was not necessary.

Once the medical care had concluded, the Berks County dog attack lawyer obtained all of the medical records, as well as current photos of the permanent facial scar. The Berks County dog bite injury attorney was able to obtain the $201,000.00 Berks County dog attack settlement payout without having to file a Berks County dog bite lawsuit.

The Berks County dog bite accident lawyer maximized his client’s recovery by obtaining a tax free structured settlement annuity plan. This guaranteed the Berks County dog bite victim payments totaling over $177,000.00 – all without having to pay a penny in taxes!

$ 151,000.00                                  Berks County PA

In June of 2016, your Berks County dog attack lawyer settled a Berks County dog bite claim for $151,000.00. In June of 2013, a daughter was going on vacation with her boyfriend and asked her mother to take care of their Cane Corso. After doing some light house cleaning and feeding the dog, the Reading PA woman started to leave her daughter’s home. Suddenly, and without any provocation, the Cane Corso attacked her.

The Berks County dog bite victim sustained severe facial wounds which required immediate treatment at Reading Hospital. A plastic surgeon identified a 12.5 centimeter long laceration from her cheek into her neck, as well as a 1.5 centimeter long wound to her lip. Dead tissue was cut away and the physician performed surgery to repair and close the dog attack wounds. Due to the length of the facial laceration, multiple injections of Lidocaine were required.

Soon thereafter, a tetanus shot was administered and CT Scans were taken of the woman’s face and neck. Various medications were given to her via an IV. Upon her discharge, she was provided with specific instructions as to how to care for the facial wounds, particularly in reference to fighting off infections. Unfortunately, her problems worsened over the next two days and she returned to Reading Hospital. The Berks County dog bite victim was admitted for several days in order to receive treatment for the cellulitis which had developed in and about her dog attack wounds.

Once it became clear that she did not possess the legal acumen to represent herself, the Reading PA resident telephoned the attorney for dog attacks in Berks County Pennsylvania. Attorney Thomas J. Newell promptly provided a free home consultation for the innocent dog attack victim. He contacted State Officials in Harrisburg to see if there were any prior complaints of attacks by this particular Cane Corso.

The Berks County dog attack injury lawyer also hired an expert in the field of dog training and dog ownership. Through the expert’s research, it was discovered that the owners of the Cane Corso did not properly train/raise their adult male dog and that this negligent conduct undoubtedly played a major role in creating an aggressive, attack-minded dog.

Once the expert’s report was finalized, your lawyer for dog attacks in Berks County PA sent the report, medical records, bills, photographs and a 14 page “demand letter” to the defense analyzing his client’s injuries. In addition, he detailed the legal theories he was prepared to present to the Berks County Court of Common Pleas on behalf of the Reading dog bite victim. In response, the defendants’ homeowners insurance company agreed to pay a $151,000.00 settlement.

$ 50,000.00                             Berks County PA

In May of 2018, your Berks County dog bite injury attorney concluded a Berks County dog attack case for a $50,000.00 settlement. A young lady had been invited to a friend’s party in Kutztown PA. As she was walking up the steps from the basement, she opened the door to the hallway and was attacked by a male Akita. The unprovoked dog attack took her completely by surprise.

The medical treatment provided at Lehigh Valley Hospital included irrigating and cleaning the dog bite wounds, a tetanus shot injection and antibiotics. The Berks County dog attack victim was given a prescription for Augmentin and was advised to follow-up with her family physician. The doctor noted that her right hand was stiff, she had decreased range of motion and could not make a full-strength grip. He then referred her to a specialist.

Five days later, she was examined by a plastic surgeon. Her right hand was swollen, she couldn’t move her fingers very well and there were complaints of numbness in her right palm and wrist. Physical therapy was recommended and she attended all 11 visits scheduled over the next two months. Various modalities were used to both reduce pain and promote motion. The injuries to her right hand also prevented her from working at a hair salon for the four weeks post dog bite attack.

In the meantime, your lawyer for dog bites in Berks County received a telephone call from the dog attack victim and provided a free home consultation just four days after the dog bite attack. Attorney Thomas J. Newell sent a letter of representation to the dog owners’ insurance carrier. He also filed a Right-to-Know request with PA state officials in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to see if there were any previous attacks on record by this vicious Akita.

Three months later, the homeowners’ insurance company representative wrote a letter to the Berks County dog bite injury lawyer denying any legal liability on the part of their insured and refused to make any settlement offer pre-litigation. Thereafter, Attorney Newell filed a 10 page Complaint versus the property owners in the Court of Common Pleas of Berks County. Discovery was exchanged, including Interrogatories and Requests for Production of Documents. Next, Depositions of all parties were held in Kutztown, PA.

The Berks County dog attack injury attorney then drafted a detailed 9 page settlement demand letter and sent the same to the defense lawyer. This document itemized his client’s injuries and demanded appropriate financial compensation for her. After a series of telephone calls, Thomas J. Newell, Esquire was able to persuade the dog owner’s liability insurance company to pay a $50,000.00 Berks County dog bite settlement to successfully conclude the litigation.

Berks County PA

In August of 2015, your Berks County dog attack attorney negotiated a $41,000.00 Berks County dog bite settlement for a Berks County Pennsylvania resident. A man was walking near his home in Fleetwood PA when a pit bull and pit bull mix escaped from their home and attacked him.

The unleashed pit bulls bit him in the hand as he threw up his arms to protect his face. Two stitches were used to close one of the dog bite wounds and he was given antibiotics to prevent infection by the doctors at Lehigh Valley Hospital. The Berks County dog bite victim also received a tetanus shot.

The Berks County dog attack attorney filed a Right-To-Know request with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture in Harrisburg PA. He uncovered the fact that the Berks County pit bull owners had been cited several months earlier for violating the PA Dog Law. Their pit bulls had gotten loose and went after animals at a nearby farm. The Berks County Dog Warden, Edward Bunt, had filed a complete report on June 20, 2014 regarding the prior unprovoked dog attack by the defendants’ pitbulls.

Shouldn’t you expect this high level of service and expertise when choosing from among Berks County dog bite lawyers? Call the Berks County dog bite accident attorney today at 800-980-4842. Attorney Newell will come to your home in Berks County PA if you have a viable Berks County dog attack claim.

$ 15,000.00                                 Berks County PA

In June of 2013, the Berks County dog bite lawyer obtained permission from Berks County Orphans’ Court Judge Peter W. Schmehl to settle a PA dog bite claim for $15,000.00. In December of 2010, a nine year old girl was sledding in an alley in Reading Pennsylvania with her brother and sister. An adult male pit bull jumped over a fence at 215 Birch Street and attacked the Berks County Pennsylvania resident.

The Berks County dog attack victim was taken to Reading Hospital and Medical Center where doctors treated her dog bite wounds. The Reading PA resident was placed under general anesthesia so the surgeons could cut away the necrotic tissue and repair the dog attack lacerations to her right arm and right leg. She also underwent a series of rabies injections on four separate trips to the Reading Hospital & Medical Center.

The Berks County dog attack attorney was hired within a week of the Reading dog attack. Attorney Thomas J. Newell immediately sent letters of representation to the reckless pit bull owner, as well as the out-of-possession landlord. The pit bull owner was an uninsured renter who abandoned the property after the dog attack because she was being evicted for allegedly failing to pay her rent.

The insurance company for the landlord initially informed the Berks County dog attack lawyer that they would not be making any settlement payments to the Berks County dog bite victim. Their legal position was that the tenant had exclusive control over her two pit bulls and, therefore, the landlord could not be responsible for her negligent conduct.

The PA dog attack lawyers representing the landlord and the dog bite victim agreed to take sworn statements of the little girl, her mother and a witness. Information was gathered regarding this unprovoked Reading PA dog bite attack and allegations were made regarding the knowledge by the landlord’s workers that this tenant had two pit bulls at the residence. Eventually, the Berks County dog bite attorney convinced the landlord’s insurance company to make a $15,000.00 settlement offer in lieu of Attorney Newell filing a Berks County PA dog attack lawsuit.

The dog bite claim was officially concluded on July 25, 2013 when the lawyer for dog bites in Berks County PA filed a Proof of Deposit with the Berks County Court of Common Pleas Orphans’ Court Division. This established that a restricted minor’s account had been set up for the exclusive use of the Berks County dog bite victim.


What attributes should a Berks County dog attack lawyer possess?

  • Experience: The lawyer for dog bites in Berks County has over 36 years of litigation experience regarding Pennsylvania personal injury lawsuits.
  • Personal Service: When choosing from Berks County dog attack lawyers, shouldn’t you call the PA dog bite lawyer who will come to your home in Berks County Pennsylvania?
  • Expertise: How many Berks County dog attack attorneys can claim that dog bite victims from 29 different PA Counties have hired them to handle their PA dog attack case?
  • Personal Guarantee: Unlike a large firm where your PA dog bite claim can be shuffled from one lawyer to another, your Berks County dog bite lawyer is a solo practitioner. Your Berks County PA dog attack case will always be handled by Attorney Thomas J. Newell.
  • Dog bite case referrals: The attorney for dog bites in Berks County PA receives calls from other PA lawyers who want Attorney Newell to accept their PA dog bite claim referrals.

What cities and towns in Berks County will the Berks County dog bite attorney visit?

  • The Berks County dog bite injury lawyer will come to your home in:
    • Reading (19601, 19602), Wyomissing (19610), Exeter (19606)
    • Shillington (19607), Birdsboro (19508), Kutztown (19530)
    • West Reading (19611), Fleetwood (19522), Boyertown (19512)
    • Sinking Spring (19608), Laureldale (19605), Mount Penn (19606)
    • Exeter Township (19606), Muhlenberg (19605) and Amity (19518).



The PA dog attack lawyer has aggressively represented PA dog bite victims in 29 Pennsylvania Counties. The content of this website is for informational purposes only and is NOT legal advice for your specific Pennsylvania dog attack claim. Settlements/verdicts in other PA dog bite claims were based upon the unique set of liability and damage facts of each case, as well as the law that existed at that time.

The PA Dog Law and the legal decisions regarding Pennsylvania dog bite lawsuits can change at any time. Attorney Newell strongly advises you to immediately consult with an experienced Pennsylvania dog bite lawyer to review the facts of your dog attack and the injuries you sustained. The PA dog attack attorney provides free home consultations to all PA dog bite victims whose cases he believes have legal and economic merit.

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Berks County
Dog Attacks


Berks County Dog Attack Attorney Consulted

On 8/27/18, your attorney for dog bite injuries in Berks County was contacted by a woman who was bitten by a pit bull in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. The Berks County dog bite victim sustained injuries to her arm which required stitches to close. She followed-up with her family physician.

There are allegations of past dog bites that may prove prior vicious propensities. The Berks County dog attack lawyer reminds all dog bite victims to promptly obtain mental health treatment if they are suffering from nightmares, flashbacks and other psychological trauma after a PA dog attack.


Berks County Dog Bite Attorney Deposes Dog Owners

On 3/13/18, your lawyer for dog attacks in Berks County, PA deposed the owners of an Akita that attacked one of Attorney Newell’s clients. The depositions were held in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. A young woman was bitten several times by this aggressive Akita. Medical care was provided at Lehigh Valley Hospital, as well as by her family doctor and a Berks County physical therapy treatment center.


Berks County Dog Bite Injury Attorney Provides Free Analysis

On 1/2/18, the attorney for dog bite attacks in Berks County, Pennsylvania provided a free consultation to a woman who was attacked by her neighbor’s unleashed pit bull. The Morrisville PA resident was in her backyard with her Jack Russell Terrier when the blue nose pit bull invaded their property.

As she held the family pet over her head, the pit bull bit her. Medical care was rendered at a Berks County area Urgent Care Center, as well as by her family doctor. Unfortunately, the pit bull attack victim had hired a local lawyer who had not resolved the case in over 3 years. Attorney Newell supplied her with some guidance.


Morgantown PA Woman Contacts Berks County Dog Attack Lawyer

On 11/14/17, your Berks County dog bite attorney spoke with a woman whose dog was twice attacked by her neighbor’s unleashed and unsupervised dogs. In September of 2017, the lab mix and pit bull mix got loose and mauled her Shih Tzu mix so badly that a vet had to perform surgery to repair the dog attack wounds.

Despite the owner’s assurances that it would not happen again, the mixed breed dogs again pursued and tried to bite the tiny dog as it was being walked on a leash by its owner. The Berks County resident sustained back injuries while trying to protect her dog.


Berks County Dog Bite Attorney Provides Free Consult

On 8/13/17, the Berks County dog attack lawyer provided a free consultation to a man who was mauled by a mixed breed dog in Douglasville PA on 8/12/17. This vicious dog attacked the pedestrian and his family pet while they were walking near his home. The attacking canine was not leashed nor under the control of its owner when it launched its assault.

The Berks County dog bite victim received medical care at the Pottstown Memorial Hospital ER. He sustained dog attack wounds to both hands. Your lawyer for dog attacks in Berks County anticipates that PA Dog Law charges will be filed vs. the negligent dog owner.


Berks County Dog Bite Lawyer Files Lawsuit

On 4/4/17, your Berks County dog attack attorney filed a Writ of Summons versus two negligent defendants whose Akita attacked an innocent Berks County resident. The adult male Akita had a history of past aggressive acts and frequently fought with other dogs owned by the defendants. Their normal practice was to keep it outside housed in its kennel. Inexplicably, on the day in question, the Akita was allowed to roam in the house without any restraint. The woman had no idea that this vicious dog was in the house and had no way to defend herself from this unprovoked Berks County dog bite attack.