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Archive for February, 2014

Nominee For Dumbest Dog Owner of 2014

Posted on: February 25th, 2014  padog

What a Schuylkill County PA man did with his adult male Chinese Shar Pei on 2/4/14 may qualify for the dumbest decision made by a dog owner in 2014. His wife wanted to go grocery shopping. What should he do with the Shar Pei?


  1. Leave it at home with ample food and water;
  2. Bring it along and sit with the Shar Pei in the SUV while his wife was grocery shopping;
  3. Put the dog on a leash and take the Shar Pei for a walk; or,
  4. Park in a busy and full parking lot, tie the Shar Pei to the bumper of your SUV while you sit inside the vehicle?

An 84 year-old woman parked her car in that same lot and began walking past the parked cars on her way into the grocery store. Suddenly and without any warning, the adult male Shar Pei jumped up, knocked her to the ground and bit her. The Luzerne County dog bite victim suffered multiple bite wounds to her left arm which were treated at the Geisinger Health Clinic.

By tying the dog to the bumper of the vehicle, the dog owner now artificially created a situation where the Shar Pei would naturally protect its new found “turf” and attack anyone who came too close to the SUV. To do so in a crowded parking lot with many pedestrians is unfathomable. The PA Dog Law can’t prevent a dog owner’s complete lack of common sense.

Attacked by a dog? Call Attorney Thomas J. Newell for a free HOME consultation:  800-980-4842. He has represented dog attack victims in 19 different Counties. Visit his website: Follow him on Twitter:

Luzerne County Dog Attack

Posted on: February 17th, 2014  padog

On 2/15/14, Attorney Newell spoke  with a Luzerne County dog bite victim who was attacked by a Chinese Shar Pei.  She was walking thru a grocery store parking lot when she was surprised to encounter the dog tied to a car’s bumper. She instinctively through up her left arm to protect herself. She sustained multiple dog bite wounds to her left arm & left wrist.

Shar pei

The PA dog attack victim is currently taking medication to prevent infections. Her family doctor is monitoring the effect of the antibiotics. Attorney Newell will be providing a free home consultation, as well as obtaining photographs documenting the dog bite wounds.

Call Thomas J. Newell, Esquire to set up your free HOME visit @ 800-980-4842. Detailed information regarding Attorney Newell’s 32 years of experience can be found @ Follow him on Twitter:



Mastiff Attack Victim Retains Thomas J. Newell, Esq.

Posted on: February 11th, 2014  padog

On February 7, 2014, a Berks County dog attack victim was given a free home consultation by Attorney Thomas J. Newell.  Your PA dog bite lawyer traveled to Reading, PA to meet with a woman in her 60’s who was mauled by a Mastiff in 2013.  Attorney Newell described the steps he would take to aggressively move forward with her personal injury case.

MASTIFFThe Mastiff attack victim was house sitting for a relative in Berks County, PA when the dog suddenly, and without warning, jumped up and bit her in the face.  Emergency facial surgery was performed at Reading Hospital.  Future plastic surgery seems to be a certainty.

Attorney Newell recently successfully resolved another Reading dog bite claim.  He looks forward to using his 32 years of experience to obtain the best possible result for this innocent victim.  Bitten by a dog?  Call 800-980-4842 today to schedule your free HOME consultation.

Visit Attorney Newell’s website:   Follow him on Twitter @

Tips For Dog Owners to ID Stress in Their Dog

Posted on: February 5th, 2014  padog

The American Humane Organization has offered some tips to dog owners to minimize the possibility of a dog attack.  When dogs are stressed, they are at a greater risk of acting aggressively.  These are some of the signs that indicate your dog may be stressed:

dog* Panting or rapid breathing
* Pacing or excessive movement
* Charging forward, batting or snapping
* Dilated, large pupils
Hunched-up body posture
* Fluffed-up fur

An observant dog owner should be able to detect unusual activity by their dog and react promptly to diffuse a possible dog attack

If you have been bitten by a dog in Pennsylvania, call Attorney Thomas J. Newell @ 800-980-4842.  He provides a free HOME consultation anywhere in PA.  Visit his website:  Find him on Twitter.