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Archive for July, 2014

Does Leashing Your Dog Bring You in Full Compliance With PA Dog Law?

Posted on: July 28th, 2014  padog

A July 24, 2014 article in the York Daily Record discussed a recent dog attack just outside of the City of York.  A man and his grandson were walking their Yorkshire Terrier on a leash. A woman was walking her leashed 2 pit bulls.  Without any warning, one of the pit bulls attacked the Yorkie and had it in its jaws.


The Yorkshire Terrier owner punched the pit bull multiple times before it released its grip.  The Yorkie was rushed to an emergency animal hospital. The terrier suffered w/ broken ribs, a collapsed lung and possibly a punctured liver as a result of this York County dog attack.

Springettsbury Township Police Chief Thomas Hyers claimed that no crime was committed because all of the dogs were leashed, licensed and “the owners allowed the dogs to approach each other.”  Unfortunately, it is the opinion of your PA dog attack lawyer that the police chief got it all wrong.

Section 502-A of the PA Dog Law is the “harboring a dangerous dog” statute.  A dog owner is guilty of the offense if their dog inflicts serious injury on another dog without provocation while off the defendant dog owner’s property.

There is no defense to the crime under the statute based upon the dog being on a leash.  Attorney Newell hopes the case is re-opened and appropriate charges brought.  Injured in a dog attack? Call Thomas J. Newell, Esq. at 1-800-980-4842 for a free HOME consultation.   Visit his website:  Follow Attorney Newell on Twitter @

Allentown Dog Attack Victim Hires Attorney Newell

Posted on: July 22nd, 2014  padog

On July 18, 2014, Lehigh Valley dog bite lawyer, Thomas J. Newell, was hired by an elderly man mauled by a pit bull in Allentown, PA. On 6/16/14, the gentleman was helping his son perform some repair work at a rental property in the 700 block of Chestnut Street in Allentown.


Suddenly, a neighbor’s unrestrained and unsupervised pit bull came charging after the 72 year old man. The vicious dog bit him multiple times on the leg before his son was able to physically stop the attack by striking the pit bull several times.  Surgery was performed at a local hospital and 30 stitches were needed to close the dog bite wounds. Attorney Newell met with the PA dog bite victim and his family in their Lehigh Valley home.

Call Attorney Newell today at 1-800-980-4842 to set up your free HOME consultation. Visit his website:  Follow Attorney Newell on Twitter @

Dog Owner Strictly Liable For Medical Bills of Dog Bite Victim

Posted on: July 17th, 2014  padog

On 7/12/14 & 7/9/14, Attorney Newell reviewed in his blogs the precedent setting 7/1/14 decision he obtained from the Dauphin County Court of Common Pleas regarding Punitive Damages. Another important aspect of this judicial decision was the issue of medical bill reimbursement for PA dog attack victims.


Previously, the only way a PA dog bite victim could make a claim for medical expenses was pursuant to a “negligence” claim. Your PA dog attack lawyer presented a legal claim to the Dauphin County Judge based upon “strict liability.” Judge Tully accepted Attorney Newell’s theory. This legal ruling now permits the Dauphin County dog bite victim to obtain medical bill reimbursement without having to show that the owner of the 3 boxers was negligent or reckless on 11/21/12.

The PA Dog Law has now been interpreted to allow victims to recover payments for medical expenses under 2 separate legal theories. Bitten by a dog? Set up your free HOME consultation with Attorney Newell at 1-800-980-4842. His 33 years of experience is detailed at  Follow Attorney Newell on Twitter @

Groundbreaking Legal Decision for PA Dog Bite Victims (Part 2)

Posted on: July 12th, 2014  padog

On July 9th, Attorney Newell discussed a 7/1/14 Dauphin County court decision that was an unprecedented victory for his client, as well as for all PA dog attack victims.  Attorney Newell looks forward to having a Dauphin County jury hold the reckless dog owner fully responsible for the injuries his boxers inflicted upon a Federal Express worker.


After Oral Argument by Attorney Newell and defense counsel, Judge Tully permitted a punitive damage claim to proceed to trial based upon “prior vicious propensities.”  This ruling took place even though there were no allegations in Attorney Newell’s Complaint of a prior physical attack on a human or animal.

Attorney Newell is unaware of any other PA judicial opinion permitting a punitive damage claim to proceed without physical injury.

Injured in a dog attack?  Call Attorney Newell today at 1-800-980-4842.  He provides free HOME consultations to all PA dog bite victims.  To review his qualifications, visit his website  Follow him on Twitter @

Ground Breaking Legal Decision For PA Dog Bite Victims (Part 1)

Posted on: July 9th, 2014  padog

On July 1, 2014, Judge William T. Tully issued a legal decision that greatly expands the rights of PA dog bite victims to fully hold negligent dog owners accountable. On Dec. 19, 2013, your PA dog attack lawyer, Thomas J. Newell filed a 27 page Complaint in the Dauphin County Court of Common Pleas – No. 2013-CV 11100.


The PA dog bite attorney alleged that his client was entitled to pursue 8 separate legal theories of recovery versus a negligent dog owner.  The defense filed Preliminary Objections alleging that 5 of the 8 legal claims should be immediately dismissed by the Court.

Judge Tully decided that 7 of the 8 legal claims presented by Attorney Newell could proceed to trial in Dauphin County.  Over the next several days, Attorney Newell will discuss the specific positive impact this decision has on all PA dog bite claims. Attorney Newell’s expertise is discussed at Follow him on Twitter @

PA Police Officer Kills Attacking Dog

Posted on: July 3rd, 2014  padog

On June 27, 2014, a North Middleton Township Police Officer shot and killed a pit bull after it attacked him in Cumberland County, PA. According to the Sentinel News, the officer was assisting the Pennsylvania State Police in a search of a fleeing criminal.

NMPD - Badge

As the officer was interviewing a potential witness, the pit bull charged him and tried to bite his left arm. The police officer shot the pit bull twice. The Cumberland County dog bite victim was treated for dog bite wounds at the Carlisle Regional Medical Center.

Attacked by a dog? Call Attorney Newell today at 1-800-980-4842 to schedule your free HOME consultation Visit his website:  Follow him on Twitter @